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-18- Fading Bonds

Water dripped down from the tree outside of Katsuo's house as the melted snow would fall. The snow that had fallen a month ago was now all gone, snowy weather while at this time of the year was abnormal was now taking its leave. Outside stood Eri and Katsuo as he walked her off to the bus stop, "Are you sure you don't want me to come all the way?" he asked her as she nodded. Reaching the bus stop she gently put her bag down and said, "You've to take care of your body first, just because you're out of the hospital doesn't mean you're home free from recovering still" and Katsuo knew she was right. This was it, the parting moment between the brother and the sister. "Take care of yourself and don't hesitate to call me in case you need someone" Eri said with great concern knowing her brother was still not in tip top condition to take care of himself. But the circumstances surrounding her studies didn't allow her any more time with Katsuo; her holidays were coming to an end, more like she had taken a bit too much time off of her studies. Something she neglected to mention to Katsuo knowing he would forcibly send her back without a second though if he knew. The bus that would take her to her desired stop within the city was now in sight and approaching. Katsuo looked at it with a sad expression as he didn't want her to go but also understood that this needed to happen. Why? Because its the type of society people have created along with the lifestyle.

Eri looked at her younger brother and smiled proudly to see him standing firm at their parting. She curled her arms around him and gently hugged him. Confused at first but decided not to question and simply hugged back. She smiled whispering into his ears, "I'm sure with time if you keep trying, she will come to you" as she winked at him breaking the hug. Katsuo know whom Eri was referring to, and he also knew the difficulty of that happening right now. He had set up something, a re-enactment of a fond memory for him; this was meant to be something of a last bet for him. It was all or nothing with this bet; otherwise he wouldn't know what to do after that. "Thanks" he said as he watched his sister board the bus,, this would be the last he would see of her for a long time to come. He waved his hand as the bus started to depart, she waved in return but could feel loneliness of not being able to stay with her brother settling in already. Katsuo walked back to the house and closed the door behind him. He removed his shoes and looked at the hallway in front of him. The hallway where Eri used to do little cleaning chores, it was now empty. He went upstairs to look at the washroom where two toothbrushes laid, but now there only remains one. Katsuo walked out and into her bedroom where all the clothes were gone, her personal materials were gone only leaving the dust behind. The house now felt so empty, Katsuo felt so empty now being in this house as he sighed sitting on the bed. He hoped to have things improve in his life with Nakami at the very least.

His clock alarm went off as it was his usual time to wake up; he went into his room to turn it off and got ready for school. The bus he took came one time like normal; sitting by himself he looked out the window at the passing cars. Ones that pass by him like passing thoughts in his mind, and yet in the midst of all those thoughts all he can think about is one person, Nakami. She was the only single shard of thought that would remain sticking to his mind throughout the whole bus ride as his heart would race thinking about her warmth. His heart would race harder and harder thinking about her sitting by his side, being there to support him in his ventures and dreams and him doing the same in return, to be able to live their separate lives yet live as one being at the same time, love. Other students on the bus looked at him with concerns growing on their faces; while at first when Katsuo made his change, they only approached him because of his changed looks, but now they stay by his side because of his personality. They came to learn that not everything is as it would seem on the outside, they learned to never judge a book by its cover. Some tried to approach him but Katsuo was too far off into his own thoughts, such distancing seemed lonely to them. It was evident to them all he was going through a depression and they wanted to help him overcome it. Yet alas if only were they able to gain his attention to do just that.

The bus arrived at the school, Katsuo got off the bus to find a commotion happening on school grounds. It was a fight, 'Why aren't the teachers stopping it?' wondered Katsuo as he looked around to find none, 'Could it be that they don't know about it?'

He walked past the crowd and found Teicho to be surrounded by a group of senior students. "You think you can just walk away from it all?!" shouts one of the sempais as Teicho glares at the one talking. "Don't think of showing those eyes and walking away scot free!" spoke another grabbing Teicho's attention. Teicho knew just how bad the situation was for him, he was about to go up against four of his sempais, all of whom belong to his previous gang "The Outcasts", one he left without a word and in the process created more enemies. "I don't want to fight" he said trying to back them all off. "You think you've a choice? We can't let you walk away from The Outcasts without any consequences."

"Yeah, you know too much" said one sempai looking at his partners, who nodded and jumped at Teicho. He avoided the four sempais by jumping to his side and watching them all fall to the ground. They let anger take over as Teicho could feel a dangerous aura coming off of them. They were serious to the point of murder was what Teicho could tell. "Please stop!" Teicho begged as he blocked a punch from one of the four. It was heavy; it had impact as he lost his balance slightly resting against the school wall. His harm he used to defend hurt real bad as he quickly rubbed it.

"Just stop this all!" shouted Teicho as another sempai ran towards Teicho, raised his fist to attack which Teicho managed to dodge in time. That sempai's fist hit the school wall hard to the point of bleeding. The glare the sempai showed was dangerous, Teicho backed away more in fear of doing something both the Sempai and he would regret. "Don't you freaking run away!" the sempai attacking him shouting as he swing his arm to the side nearly hitting Teicho. The other sempais jump at the opportunity of seeing Teicho backing away, one by one they each attack him continuously. Teicho while in the hopes of defending and running away from the attacks starts to tire out, huffing from being out of breath he looks at his sempais again who each now take out a knife. 'Seriously? How the hell am I supposed to avoid that many knives?' Teicho thought as frustration grew. One of the sempais attacked screaming, "For The Outcasts I'll show everyone that you don't mess with us people!" and swing his knife, Teicho ducked beneath his sempai's arm and hit his wrist hard causing the knife to fall to the ground. Teicho then kicked it away and pushed the sempai against the school wall knocking out that sempai. The other two sempais of the three remaining followed the same outcome. Teicho stood surrounded by their unconscious bodies, in front of him stood the one who let him into The Outcasts. That sempai swung the knife nearly grazing Teicho who stepped back and threw a kick up the air. It made contact with the sempai's face as he goes hitting the ground hard. Teicho again pleas, "Please stop this!" and the sempai get up. Points out the knife, runs towards Teicho in for a final blow with a deadly intent.

A bag hits the ground. Pair of feet rush out of the crowd. The sempai closes in on Teicho who backs away against the wall, jumps to his side but the sempai catches up to his movements. Teicho quickly curses in his mind as he sees death coming. 'First Aimi and now this, maybe this is my punishment for the mistakes of my past' he thought closing his eyes preparing to take the stab. "Please stop!" shouted a familiar voice as it held sempai's hand. Teicho looked up to find Katsuo standing there protecting Teicho. 'Why would he protect me after all that I had done to him and his friends?' he pondered. "Please stop" Katsuo repeated a little more calm this time.

"This doesn't concern you kid, walk away unless you want to get involved" the sempai warned.

"If you're hurting my friend, I already am involved then" Katsuo stated as Teicho's face turned to surprise, 'Friend, he said friend. So he has really forgiven me...' and he felt even more of a responsibility to make his change happen. "Plus look around you" Katsuo continued, "There are several witnesses to your crime."

"Then I'm sure I can shut them all up" the sempai said glaring at one of the girls who jerked at the cold sweat running down her back. "And what about me?" Katsuo said as though he was challenging him. "If I kill you right now then there will be nothing to worry about" the sempai said as he jumped for Katsuo from his spot. "What's going on here?!" a teacher's voice came from in front of the crowd. Katsuo stood still smiling at his victory as the sempai stopped himself from striking Katsuo. They were caught in their own crime, the sempai backed away as he started to run. A group of teachers joined the one in the group and chased after him while a few remained behind to survey the situation. Katsuo explained everything he saw along with Teicho's testimonial, while Teicho's was questionable, they overlooked it due to the face Katsuo vouched for him. The two were let go off while the rest were taken into the principal's office for an intense interrogation and lecture as soon as they woke up.

While there was still some time before the classes began, Katsuo and Teicho sat in the backfield. Teicho walked towards him with a can of green tea, Katsuo took it thanking Teicho for it. "I'm the one who should be thanking you" Teicho replied recalling the brave moment Katsuo jumped in to help him. Katsuo drank the green tea remembering the same similar taste he had gotten from Aimi's lips when she forced a kiss on him. He rubbed his hands over his lips as to try and destroy those memories, but they will never go away causing him to question, 'Do I deserve to be with Nakami? No matter how much of a resolve I create to rectify our bond, I still don't know if I deserve to have these feelings for her rewarded.'

"What you thinking about?" Teicho asks as he takes out a cigarette, his last one he looks and sighs. He takes out his lighter when Katsuo suddenly grabs both and dumps the cigarette in the garbage and gives the lighter back to Teicho. "What are you doing?" asked Teicho clearly confused.

"You promised Matsuri-san didn't you?" and Teicho gulped knowing she had talked to Katsuo about his attempts to quit. "Well its harder than it looks to quit you know" he tried to argue.

"But don't you have nicotine gum or something?" asked Katsuo making his point firm as Teicho took out a packet, "Then eat those" Katsuo said pointing at them. They sat back down again as the two boys stared up at the sky. "Hi Teicho-san-" Katsuo started when he was interrupted by Teicho, "You can just use my name you know."

"Alright, Teicho; how did your relationship begin with Matsuri?" Katsuo asked surprising Teicho.

"Well, it just sort of happened I guess" Teicho answered and Katsuo pushed for details, "I just don't know how is it that relationships happen, I mean our relationships go through the up and down momentum in life but they still happen. How can it all start with just like that?"

Teicho considered on telling Katsuo, he deserved that much after all. "It started on the day I saved Matsuri and her friends from a bunch of thugs this one time. They were walking in the main part of the city and came across some thugs who wanted to fool around with the girls. I happened to be passing by and noticed them to be in trouble, one of them had called out my name and the only reason I could think of was that they were from my school" Katsuo listened attentively as Teicho continued, "So I jumped in and beat the living crap out of them. Of course everyone around me was scared to see me beating all those punks senseless, but only one reached out to stop me, it was Matsuri. She hugged me tight from the behind, thanked me for saving her and asked me calm down and rest" Teicho smiled to himself remembering those memories. "That was our first meeting, one that for some reason created an instant attractive magnetic force between us; that force led me to be more than just some punk that I used to be before meeting her" he said. Katsuo felt happy listening to Teicho's memories, 'Would I feel anything more if I were to even be able to be with Nakami?' wondered Katsuo.

"What do you think about a person wanting to be with someone but they get stained by someone else first?" asked Katsuo.

"I don't quite understand" asked Teicho and the idea finally clicked, "Are you talking about Nakami and you?" which caused Katsuo to blush a little. He nodded as Teicho found it quite funny to see Katsuo blush, a strong and brave kid like him blushed in front of a kid who used think he was a punk, but was now correcting himself. "By any chance did Aimi make a move on you?" Teicho questioned as Katsuo nodded. Teicho held back his surprise and asked, "What did she do?"

Katsuo ran his hand over his lips and Teicho understood. She forced a kiss on him against his will, Katsuo's eyes showed disgust as he ran his eyes over his own lips. "Didn't she kiss you against your own will though?" Teicho asked surprising Katsuo as how perceptive Teicho was. "I mean it's not like you consented to it all the while having feelings for Nakami, so how can you say you're stained?" asked Teicho. Teicho made a point, one that Katsuo needed to understand but still chose to believe in being stained. "But what would Nakami think about it?" Katsuo asked as Teicho felt he was put on the spot. He was never really good with people's feeling talks to begin with, this was just adding to his inabilities in this area of talks. "I don't know" he gave a straight up answer, an honest and a sincere one; Katsuo looked at Teicho and knew that perhaps there really was no hope of Nakami and him becoming anything more than just friends. People live life to strive for happiness, but some also do it through selfish methods for their own personal gains by corrupting themselves, other people as well as breaking bonds.

'Just what kind of an existence is that?' wondered Katsuo as he looked back up at the skies finishing the last of his green tea. From a far off distance Aimi watched from some bushes. She gritted her teeth at the sight of Teicho and had hoped that he would get his due today in that fight earlier. But she felt other matters took priority, the place and the plan was all put into motion, she would strike Nakami in broad daylight. In order to get the information she needed for Nakami's personal schedule, she threatened and enlisted the help of one of her classmates. She stepped back walking to her home, her parent hadn't even noticed that she was coming back home, she would sneak in through the backyard and then through the window whenever no one was around. She would then leave before anyone arrived home; Aimi took whatever she needed and took all her clothes with her. She had set up camp below the bridge where she once contemplated her predicament. This would be the last visit she would ever pay to her own home knowing that taking all the clothes is a give away to someone's presence being in here. Aimi quickly packed it into her travel bag along with all the other things she would need, as for food she had been rummaging it off of guys here and there through random hook ups on the street. She would get them drunk as she eats the food and then leave for the guy to pay the bill. Aimi had fallen very low into the deep abyss, she was becoming what a parasite may refer to someone as a parasite. She would live off of other people's money for food while living as a wild human beside the river below the bridge. Her plan however was coming together, all she needed was a time and a location to strike her prey.

After the morning announcements of the school summer festival, the school went about with its daily classes. All of which Nakami avoided Katsuo's gaze through and yet felt a heavy ping at her heart at the same time. Katsuo felt more distant than ever from people, in a sense Nakami was his connection to others as well. It was because of her suggestions that helped him be more open to others and that helped others come to know Katsuo better, now that link was also breaking. He was not only distant from Nakami but the world as well. He could only place his last bet waging everything on it on the little thing he had been setting up with the help of his classmates. They all looked at the boy and the girl whom both seemed to be far off into distant lands, at least far away from school.

The final school bell rang as everyone gathered in the homeroom class and began work for their summer festival. Katsuo sat in his spot staring out the window. He noticed the wind blowing quite hard and saw the football club coming out for practice. At the benches he saw the face of a familiar girl, Nakami sat alone at the benches observing the players. She looked lonely and he looked lonely, maybe both of them just needed to share one another's warmth thought the boy as he got up to leave the class room, as he left one student nodded at him, meaning it was ready. He opened the door and felt a huge gust of wind hit his face hard. It was chilly; Katsuo let his arms down walking forward into the field with his coat over him.

They sky wears an atmosphere of gloom, clouds settles in. Long hair blows in the chilling breeze, the slim shoulders of a girl shake with the cold breeze. She stares up at the sky standing in a short grassy field; she stares up at the sky as a distant bell rings. School is over, after school clubs begin as the football team rushes past her. They begin their practice and she walks off to the side benches, walking out of their way. She looks at each of them, active, fit and so filled with life in their passion for football. The image of the boy rushes past her mind as she remembers his brown, partially spiky hair sticking out to his right side. The boy's facial feature, his dark brown eyes, a strong yet soft face; one that of someone looking for a chance, a chance for change. She shakes the thoughts out of her head as she knows now that he is but a distant shell now. Her connections with him, her bonds with him were slowly disappearing away. And all she wanted to do was to walk back into time and fix that one mistake of her, so that she could prevent their bonds from ever weakening, so that their lives could continue like they used to be. Tears swell in her eyes as she rests her head against her hands, closing her eyes and letting them fall out. 'Why did it all turn out like this? I should've been there, I should've stood my ground' are the thoughts which race through the girl's head as the tears race down her cheeks. And one boy stands witness to this all standing and watching from afar. He sees a girl in despair and regret, he sees the friend who once tried to keep him on the clean path to life; but the darker path won in the end, and their connection, their bonds began to weaken. The boy begins to make his way towards the girl.

She sits there crying suddenly interrupted by the firm grip of the boy on her shoulders. He lays his coat around her shoulders, a warm gesture from a somewhat cold friend to the girl. "What are you doing here by yourself Nakami?" asks the boy.

"Nothing" replies Nakami wiping away her tears in a hurry. Yet she craved for more tears to escape, she craved for this heavy sadness to escape her along with all her tears.

"Doesn't look like nothing to me" again speaks the boy as he wipes a falling tear from Nakami's cheek.

"Why would you care Katsuo?" asks the girl as the Katsuo sits down beside her. He moves in a little closer to her letting their shoulders touch. A touch she once didn't mind was now a distant feeling, now these actions of kindness were no longer of a friend but of a stranger to Nakami. "I just wanted to talk to you Nakami, is that wrong?"

Nakami looks towards the football team now hard at work. She nods yes; she thinks it's wrong, she thinks it's wrong to continue on any further like this. "And why is it wrong?" asks Katsuo.

"Because there is nothing left...there is nothing left between us. Our connection we once bore is now fading, everything is going downhill."

"Our connection...yeah...maybe it is fading" replies Katsuo putting Nakami a bit on the edge. "Why did our connection begin to fade?" asks Katsuo.

Nakami is quiet.

"Was it because of something I did?"

Nakami is quiet.

"Probably something I did, righ-" and Nakami interrupts Katsuo saying, "No, it was something I couldn't do."

"What?" asks Katsuo in confusion.

"I couldn't stand by your side, instead I ran away. I ran away leaving you for the sharks, I ran to save myself and abandoned you, I am the reason...that our connection is fading" Nakami speaks in silence as a new tear falls down her cheek. "But I also made my choice that put you in this position" speaks Katsuo reaching for Nakami's hand. He takes a gentle hold of it as he puts his other hand on top of hers, slowly moving it up to his face and pressing it against his cheek."What are you doing?" asks Nakami trying to resist, her strength fails her as she also yearns for his touch. "Why is it connections make us who we are today? Why?" asks Katsuo leaving Nakami without words, she has no response.

"Do you know Nakami?" asks again Katsuo.

Nakami nods no, Katsuo releases her hand as she retrieves it immediately. "It's because, without our connections to others, there will be no bonds, and without bonds, we can't even begin to fathom the lonely life we could lead" speaks Katsuo. The boy now turns to face the girl, "You reached out to me, and I reached out to you, we both made a connection. So why don't we get that bond back? Why do we hesitate?" asks Katsuo.

Nakami thinks about the questions Katsuo posed and says, "Because we're just...we're just humans". Katsuo looks away from Nakami out towards the practicing football team and then asks, "But why is our nature so? Why is human nature so full of imperfections? It caused the downfall of our bond; it causes the weakening of our connections..."

"It just is" replies Nakami and a moment of silence settles in between them. "I wish...I just wish I could go back in time and change what happened between us" says Nakami.

"Don't we all? I wish so to" replies back Katsuo thinking, 'Had I made any other choice than the one I made that night, will things have been different? Had I chosen to break my connections with Aimi-chan on the first day we met, would Nakami and I have ended up like this?' yet Nakami wonders her own thoughts of what could've been different and how things could've occurred differently. She looks back in time pondering her time with Katsuo together to the present.

Katsuo felt the cool wind rush through his air as he took its coolness in, his lungs feeling rejuvenated and his mind pushing him more and more to fix things, he gets up. Katsuo then takes Nakami's arm who tries to resist a little but still can't as his strength overpowers hers. He guides her into the school gym where she finds a stereo set up with a remote beside it. Katsuo gently took the coat off of Nakami's shoulder; she looked at the stereo in curiosity as Katsuo then took the remote and played the disc inserted into the stereo. This tune, this melody, it was so familiar to Nakami, "Do you remember?" Katsuo asked taking Nakami's hand. He got into a dance stance and if clicked in, "This is the music from the winter cultural festival" Nakami said as Katsuo nodded. He started to move his feet as Nakami's unconsciously followed his. She remembers the happy times the two spent together during the festival, the little obstacles they came over together. Nakami blushes slightly as she remembers the embrace Katsuo had taken her into during the fireworks to thank her. She feels happy being here, she wants to be here and simply disregard all the worries of the world right now.

He steps to his left as she follows feeling the air rush through her silky hair. Katsuo gently lifts Nakami up in the air as he spins her around; a smile starts to make its way across her face. This carefree feeling was so uplifting for her, she let the smile break free as Katsuo noticed and smiled in return. If she was happy he felt happy to. He was happy to see his gamble paying off, 'Perhaps there still is hope of fixing things' he thought as he gently put Nakami down and the two continued to dance. She slowly started to take the lead as Katsuo was the one to become her follower soon. He smiled at her aggressiveness in this situation, this was the Nakami he knew, the one to take the lead and see them through to the end. Nakami saw Katsuo's smile and felt her heart skip a beat as she averted her eyes away from him, intensely blushing underneath her complexion. He turned her head back towards him, "Really, thank you" he whispered.

"For what?" she asked.

"For being here in my life and for being alive" said Katsuo.

"Isn't this the same thing you said on the night of the festival?" Nakami questioned. Katsuo nodded, "I just wanted to say it again, I wanted to let you know that this much hasn't changed."

'Changed' Nakami thought as her smile was now slowly fading. That's right; things have changed for the worse. "Nakami, you were always the one to be there for me, you were there to encourage me and push me out from my shell. I can't stand looking at the person who inspired me so much to be so down like this" Katsuo added.

"But that's how things are" Nakami now spoke with her smile gone and turned into a lonely expression. "We can change things if we want to" Katsuo desperately tried to change her view for the better.

"How?" asked Nakami.

"I don't know, but together we could find a way."

"How long do you think that would take? Our bond may fade away completely by then anyways. So why even bother trying?" she spoke pessimistically to the point of enraging Katsuo, 'This is the same girl I've known all this time?!' but he held it back. "You don't know that, if we don't try then aren't we just giving up on it like a bunch of quitters?" asked Katsuo and Nakami looked up at him with disparity in her eyes. Even though she knew he was right, her depression was greater than his logic. It was a dark cloud blocking all light from coming through, Nakami immediately stopped Katsuo from dancing any further. "Nakami?" he questioned.

She broke of their stance as she backed away, walked towards the gym door and whispered, "Sorry, I'm so sorry" as she left. Katsuo stood with his head down, "She said sorry, what the hell has she got to apologize about" Katsuo pondered out loud as he punched the wooden floor. The pain coursed through his fist as he cursed his inability to fix this situation over and over again, pain is meant to help us grow but at the same time it hampers our progress. Just which one is it we take into account is what can increase our growth, do we think of it as a positive or a negative thing? Katsuo wondered which one he thought of it as. He rubbed his fist but knew that the pain in his fist is nothing in comparison to the mental pain he is going through right now; perhaps the same was applicable to Nakami. She ran through the hallways with tears building up. 'I'm so useless; I can't even try to fix things between us, I'm just being selfish all the while ignoring Katsuo's feelings' she thought reaching her locker, she took her bag and changed her shoes in the shoes room. She then left the school leaving Katsuo alone in the gym to ponder over his failure with her, and to cry in his own depression as a few tears fell down his cheeks.

Nakami reaches home as she rushes inside past her brother. A gloomy expression covers her face as he catches it. Becoming curious he decides to investigate. Nakami changes into her home clothes and goes downstairs to the living room. Turning on the TV she sits there with a pillow stuck by her chest. 'That's not a good sign' thought her brother as he saw her from a distance. He enters the living room catching the eye of Nakami. "What are you doing?" he asks.

"Nothing" she says.

"You look kinda dazed out" her brother spoke giving a sheepish smile. Nakami ignored that comment thinking back to the dance. "Hi Nii-san" she asked for his attention and he gave it to her. "Why do we create bonds?" she questioned. He was used to coming across these types of questions from her but not as intense as this one. "Hmm...well, um...that's a tough one" her brother admitted as he scratched his head. Nakami thought about the way she left the gym and how much it must've hurt Katsuo. "Are you thinking about him?" her brother questioned surprising Nakami.

"What? Never underestimate an older brother's intuition" he said as Nakami smiled and nodded.

"I haven't been fair with him lately, it's been going on for months in fact" she confessed.

"What's his name?"

"Katsuo" she replied.

"Well what was it exactly that turned this situation into a mess for you?"

"Quite a lot of things or maybe like a lot of feelings..."

"Want to talk about those feelings?" her brother offered as Nakami slowly nodded. He sat beside her and she started to talk. "I guess it all started with a messed up love you can say. There was this girl who liked, perhaps still likes Katsuo and confessed to him, but him not feeling the same way was unable to answer her feelings" Nakami held back Aimi's name out of respect for her.

"And that's when the trouble started, that's when my need to distance myself from him started" Nakami stated as her brother picked up on it.

"But isn't this because you're just afraid of being rejected?" he asked as Nakami nodded surprised at how fast he was to pick it up on his own. "If you don't take the chance, won't you regret it later on in life?" he posed the question which Nakami had been contemplating for so long. Her head jerked upwards as she finally answered it, "Yes". She rested her head backwards as a tear built up, it took someone else to make her realize the answer, it took so long for her to step out of her limbo and into the reality she sits in. "But how do I stop these feelings of pain from rejection then?" asks Nakami covering her eyes. Her brother put a hand on his little sister's head as he spoke, "You don't, and it's a part of who we are. It's better to face these feelings than to regret them."

"But regretting this choice is so much easier than doing it" Nakami muttered.

"Nakami, it you make the choice to regret, who do you think would be hurt most by that option?" he asks.

Nakami remains quiet. "It would be you Nakami" her brother answered the question. She knew he was right, her brother was always sensible in these matters; after all he was studying psychology. "But how do I go about it?" she asked still feeling somewhat pessimistic about this whole thing.

"That's up to you to decide, but also remember this, imagine how he feels right now?" her brother left as he asked that question to her own thoughts. 'How he feels...probably depressed' Nakami thought. Suddenly the switched clicked on in her head, it was about time for action. She has had enough time for thought, now it's time she takes action and does what she can to fix their bond. Katsuo tried his best, so now it's Nakami's turn. She wipes her tears as she looks at the phone with determination.

Katsuo sits alone at home, doing homework all the while trying to overcome today's failure. Suddenly his phone rings as he retrieves it.

"Hello" he answers.

"Katsuo, it's me, Nakami" and Katsuo's mind immediately falls into a mess. "I wanted to talk" she says.

"Why?" he asks knowing there was nothing more to be said after her rejection like that today. "Because I think we both can use a little confession session with one another, its best we talk our feelings out together rather than suffer with them alone right?" she said. Katsuo stood in awe, this was the Nakami he knew, she was starting to turn around as he could feel, he gripped his chest feeling warmth spreading, and this was the Nakami he has come to admire. "Yes, I think we both could use one of those sessions" he replied. Both smiled as they agreed on the time and the place, they put down the phone as each stood with a smile on their face. This was the first step towards the strengthening of their bond even more so, Nakami gripped her chest hoping it would go well, and Katsuo hoped he can fix it all. Nakami looked out the window imagining Katsuo's face as she felt a slight blush come on. Katsuo looked out the window imagining Nakami's face as he felt his heart rush. To people stuck in the confines of reality yearning to reach out to one another so desperately.

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