The poem, in my head, was set to the music of the song, The Trial of Lancelot by Heather Dale.

Laws of God

The laws of God confound me

and of that I am sure.

How can a being who does not live our lives tell us what is right?

He only likes to see how much by His rules we can abide.

And when we falter, He punishes without regret.

You call Him a loving god and yet,

You say to fear Him just as well.

What of all those prayers He never answers?

Is there a reason for all the suffering?

In the end it will all become clear,

They say that but it's only a cold comfort.

For mistakes not our own, we all have to beg forgiveness.

In our miserable lives, we do what we can,

Only to have a few moments of free of strife.

Is it our own fault we suffer thus?

We are supposed to be His children,

Why then does He allow it to continue?

Does He weep seeing His children suffer?

I refuse to call Him Father,

And yet I will still be His daughter.

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