The contents of what you are about to read are completely and utterly almost true, and anything that seems really dangerous actually did happen, I have the videos.


Chapter 1

Nick's POV

I was having that dream again. No, not the one that involved the talking anteater and the paperweight that was allergic to gravity. No it was THE dream. The one me soaring through the air, blue wings dancing with the different air currents. It was peaceful at first, as it always was. But then it ended. Not in bad way, mind you, but in the best way to begin any story: with a sudden surge of adrenalin.

I went from cruising speed of about 65 to 200 faster than formula 1 car. Going from 10,000 feet to 3,000 in seconds. For those of you bound to the ground, try bungee jumping or skydiving if you would like the same experience. As the wind whipped past my face, I could see the shimmering white wall of the sound barrier start to bend around my body. This was it, I was maybe a second away from finally breaking the speed of sound. But as good of a dream as this was, all dreams come to an end. My eyes shot open as my alarm clocks siren like noise ripped my consciousness from its slumber.

Something was wrong. Isn't that a great opening thought to start out a day? I awoke not on my slightly lumpy college mattress, but on a rough sand paper like material. A quick glance around showed I was on the roof of my dorm, in nothing but athletic shorts.

"Well this is certainly unexpected..." I had slept walked before, but this was taking things to a new high. Pardon the pun. Looking around for a way down, my mind started to wonder how exactly I had gotten up on the roof in the first place. It was a slanted roof, so no access door, and all the windows above the second floor were locked shut.

This is reeeaaaaallllllyyyy bad. I have class in probably an hour, and I was stuck on a roof. This was physically impossible. I would know, I tried to climb to this roof many times before, but I couldn't because there are now hand holds on the wall. Jus solid brick. Peering over the edge I noticed that my window was wide open... two stories below me on the second floor. As I contemplated which way down would lead to the least amount of inevitable injury, my hand reached around my back to scratch my shoulder blades.

A chill went down my spine, and I immediately thought of the dream I had just enjoyed. I was still dreaming, that could be the only exception. But that couldn't be, my side was sore, and the bottoms of my feet were scraped up from the roofing material.

Ever so slowly, I looked over my shoulder to see a pair of blue wings, their feathers fluttering ever so slightly in the gentle morning breeze.

The chill went down my spine again, as I was mesmerized by how they were folded against my back. The middle of the wings were a more darker blue, while the wing tips went from dark blue to a startlingly bright white color. While folded, the tips extended just to the top part of my lower back, short enough to be covered with a shirt. My excitement got the better of my and I extended them...

...and almost fell of the roof. I wasn't expecting the wind to pull at them, but at 16 feet long, they tended to catch the air quite well.

"If this is a dream, I am going to be so fucking pissed." In awe I continued to stare at the feathers, until a sudden gasp from below seized my attention. I snapped my wings against my back as if to protect them from the world, and gazed below to the source of the gasp. A girl, not one I recognized (can you blame me? there are like 20,000 people going to my college) stood with her hand over her mouth and a look of fear mixed with awe shinning in her eyes.

With no better ideas coming to me, I sprinted over to the other side of my building and jumped. A fleeting thought reminded me that I don't know how to fly before instinct took over and I soared upwards. I have had that dream for years, and it was paying off because I knew exactly how to maneuver the air streams. I gracefully banked east, although how I knew it was east, I have no idea. I flew straight over to Ian's dorm. (One of my good friends) I remember his window being on the 6th floor of his dorm. The reason I knew this is because I often told him my plans for rappelling out his window, which for some strange reason, he prohibited. A short laugh escaped my mouth. Who needs rappelling when you have wings.