it's funny, because around other guys
i've always come undone
because they've torn me up & down
i've had some bruises in the past
and i guess i just kind of expect it

but with you, it's like you just
you keep my feet on the ground.
i'll be going on and getting carried away
and you smile in just that
way you have, and remind me of something,
and i remember that i'm
not crazy, i don't have to apologize just because
i'm shifting position
without asking permission.

it's nice. and today you said to me
"i just didn't want to cross your boundaries"
and i was just
i was blown away. that you'd even
think of that, and feel it and say it and mean it
that's never happened before

not to me
so thank you. for the conversations
and for holding my hand, and for
being my friend, and making me laugh,
and making me think every single day,

and for saying my name
when you jinx me.