Sometimes I feel like leaf in fall

Sometimes I dream to be much more

Sometimes you can understand me

Sometimes you don´t want to see

Sometimes I lie awake in the middle of the night

and sometimes just came tonight.

Somewhere it is dark among light

Somewhere it´s happening before your sight

Somewhere you can hear a mute cry

Somewhere it´s just nobody plus one

Somewhere you must end your race

and Somewhere is tonight this place.

Someone is silent when wants to speak

Someone acts hard, because he´s weak

Someone is calm and awaits the storm

Someone can´t remember the feel of home

Someone begins to doubt he´s truly real

and tonight, here this someone is me.

Somewhere in time is lost one soul

Where and why no one care for

Once upon a time life can be like sad song

Sometimes it doesn´t last that long

Some people go with life, not hearing their call

that´s what I´m afraid of the most of all.