-Len- 5.30 a.m.

I woke up with a sudden start. The world was spinning around me. There was this really weird feeling in my stomach that prevented me from being able to think clearly. Everything was happening all too fast. Maybe I would wake up and realize that everything was a nightmare, after all, that would be for the best. Soon enough, I slipped out of consciousness as fast as I slipped in.

-?- 5.31 a.m.

A single spear made up of black smoke split into two and crashed into a lone dot in the sea.

-Clarisse- 5.33 a.m.

There was smoke everywhere. It was hard to breathe and I could barely see anything. I need to get out of here.

Looks like the plane crashed. This is bad. Really bad. There was something about explosions in plane crashes in that National Geographic show, right? Wait. There's someone lying on that seat over there. Why isn't that guy moving? I can't just abandon him.

I rushed over to that person's seat in a hurry.

Oh, good he's breathing. I need to get him out. Now. But, I don't have the strength to carry him out… What to do? What to do?

I slapped him really, really hard. Perhaps this would have been hilarious in some other context, but unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. Anyway, it appeared as if he was slowly coming back to reality. Once it looked as if he was able to walk, I quickly grabbed his arm and dragged him around in search of an exit.

What the- The entire back half of the plane is gone. Not like it matters anyway. I need to get both of us out of here before something else happens.

-Len- 5.34 a.m.

OUCH! Who the heck did that?

And before I knew it, someone suddenly gripped my hand and started running about.

I swear, once I stop feeling so drunk, you're going down. Huh? Why did you stop? Wait! Where's the rest of the plane? You… You're not thinking of jumping are you?

And once again, before I knew it, I was dragged by the arm down to sandy ground with a thud.

Hey! Where are you taking me?

"No time to explain."

For the third time today, I was suddenly dragged around before I could collect my thoughts. This time, I was being taken away from the crash site. Anyway, I could now see that the person dragging me around was Clarisse.

How does she keep running? Well… I guess there's a reason why she's known as the "Unattainable Miracle".

She's the school's fastest runner, but she refuses to join the Running Team and take part in competitions because she finds them boring. Instead, she'd rather spend her time in Tea Appreciation Club, which is in reality, a group of girls that chit-chat over tea and cake. Apparently, it was because "it's the only NEET thing to do". I don't see how that's related, but she's the type of person that says things just for the sake of it. In other words, she likes to make references to anime and the like, even if the other person doesn't understand and it doesn't make sense in context. What makes her weirder is that she changes her hairstyle every day. As the days progressed, the number of ponytails would increase. After resetting on Monday, it would increase by one every subsequent day until Sunday. In fact, everyone just refers to her hair whenever they're unsure of what day it is.

-Clarisse- 5.36 a.m.

Need to run. Need to run. Need to run. That thing's going to explode! That show said so! And even if it doesn't, there's a lot of smoke in that area. It's best to get some fresh air first.

I continued dragging him by the arm. I didn't have a choice. He's too slow! Without me, he might get caught in the explosion!

"Hey! Where are we going?"

No time to explain.


-?- 5.38 a.m.

The deafening sound could be heard from all over the island. Metal fragments flew in all directions. A wall of smoke and fire expanded around the epicenter of the explosion and dispersed into the air, darkening the purple sky. Birds flew into the air in a frenzy. The trees around the explosion were flattened to the ground. All that was left was a mess of toppled trees. The tranquility of the island had been totally obliterated.