For the billionth time the clock strikes twelve,

The black car pulls up,

and she arrives.

A black veil covers her tear stained face

her dress stained by the storm,

no longer white.

A single red rose supplants her bouquet.

This was meant to be her wedding day.

But as she walks down the aisle, she's utterly alone,

The hushed church stands,

however this time there's no applause.

Just hushed whispers and apologetic mumbles

'I'm sorry for your loss'

She sees the black drapes adorning the alter,

they were meant to be white.

She pauses where her husband should be,

this time he's missing,

not like they planned.

Her unkissed lips begin to speak.

'I do' she whispers,

And she kisses the wooden casket,

'I did' she corrects.