How Juliet Found Love And Death

~Chapter Two~

~British Boys~

Sorry it took me soooooooooo long to write the second chapter. Dearest apologies to everyone (if anyone reads this stories) :|

"Well? Lucian?" I whisper. Trying to avoid his chocolate eyes. Why were they so inviting? Why did I just want to stare in them for the whole night?

"Argh… I can explain.." I stutter, looking away from Juliet's flickering eyes… How could I explain to Juliet that I'd been following her? And attempting to tell her about who I was… 'Hey! Juliet! I has something to tell you! I'm a blood sucking demon that wants to take you away from the dangers in this lurking town!' No. That sounded wrong just in my head. As if I could tell her the truth… I can't tell her the truth! She'd think I were crazy!

Lucian was shaking his head back and forth, mumbling words to soft for me to hear. Words that I wanted to hear. Words that whispered from his sweet voice. Words that I wanted to listen to till the sunrise. Words that could only be as sweet as his chocolate-brown eyes. "Lucy?" I ask softly. Trying to look in his hidden face.

A lie! Yes, I'd have to make up something! Something like… "I wasn't following you Juliet… I was… I was making sure you got home alright." I lie to her sweet, sweet golden-green eyes.

"Oh." I gasp, looking back up into Lucian's eyes. Why would he do that? I mean… That is… So sweet! I don't think I've ever been so, so warm inside before! A smile escapes my lips, and I feel my checks filling up with blood, making them warm and making me blush.

She brought it! Thank God! I'd thought for sure she'd she right through me. Wait… why did I hear her pace quicken for? "A-are you okay?" I ask, placing one of my hands on her shoulder, her face was looking down to her feet, but shot right up back to mine. She was smiling, her bleach white teeth shining in the moon's light.

"Yes… I'm okay." I whisper, straighten up my body, trying to relax it. Lucian's arm drops back to his side. No! Keep it there! I shake my head slightly, "I… I should be getting home." I whisper, crossing my arms over my chest.

I nod, looking down the black street, "I can walk you home. If you'd like?" I ask, looking back to Juliet, who was still looking up in my eyes.

His eyes… Was it a British thing? I mean… His eyes were so beautiful… No other Australian had eyes like his. Well. His Brother does have eyes kinda like his. But- "No… Uh… I can walk home… By myself… Thank you though, for asking." I stutter. No! I should have said yes! Argh. Curse my mind!

I straighten my lips, "as you wish." I take a step back, and point my arm in the direction she has to walk to. She nods, and smiles, before slowly walking down the street. While I stand there, looking around, hmm. And in a flash, I had reached Juliet's backdoor. I quickly found the spare key, and unlocked the door.

I quickly found my way down the street, and slowly looked back around my shoulder. Lucian was already gone, maybe he went home, or something. I smiled at the thought of him, British boys are a lot… Nicer, then Australian boys. I mean, besides his brother. Who still haunted my memory.

Her house was clean. I could run my finger along the kitchen bench, and it would come up clean.
I walked down to her bedroom, and grabbed the book I head bookmarked from the last time I was here, waiting for her to get home. And started to read again.

I walked down my street quiet quickly, looking over my shoulder a few times. You know the feeling you get, when you're walking home in the dark, and nothing to light your path but just the full moon? Well, I get very paranoid. I know, I know. I can't help it.
I grab the keys from my clutch, and quickly unlocked my front door, closing it loudly and relocking it.

I hear the front door slam, and I could hear her mumbling to herself. I place the book back into the spot it was last time, and listen to her.

"First thing's first. Gotta get the washing done." I mumble to myself, walking into the bathroom, and grabbing out the few dirty clothes out of the hamper, and walking back out into the wash room.

I hear her walking around the house, mumbling words like; 'gotta wash these.' I never knew humans to be so, so funny. I mean. They are very strange beings aren't they?

I turn the washing machine on, and lean again wall, and closed my eyes. I see Marc. Argh! See what I mean! He's always there! Whenever I close my eyes. Or try to go to sleep of a night, I all ways see him!

I better get going, I mean, if she sees me, well, I doubt she'll be happy about it. And she'll just ask questions. Questions I don't want to answer just yet… I look around, making sure everything's still how she left it. Mhmmhm. Just the same. I walk down the hall, and open the front door quietly, and shut it loudly.

I hear a door shut, and I jump, looking out the door. "Who's there?" I stupidly ask. I poke my head around the corner and have a look around. No one was there.

It takes only a second to get back to the coven. Or what little members we had left of it. I mean. There is Mercy and Cynthia. Cynthia is all right I guess. She can be annoying at times. But, is very smart and wise. And she's sneaky. But, then there's Mercy. Greedy, foul and filthy Mercy. She's the covens leader. Oldest out of all of us. Actually, she's the oldest of are kind that I know of.
Then, theres my older brother Marcellus. Best friends with Mercy of cause. Her and him would be lovers if it weren't for the fact that Mercy was a lesbian.
Then, theres me, Lucian moon, the one and only, and, the only one to be mentioned in the legends of the golden wolves. Don't ask me 'what are these golden wolves you speak of.' Because. In fact, I don't even know what or who they are.
Oh, and there's Ezra, he wanted to be the covens leader… But Mercy wasn't so thrilled to hear that he wanted her spot as leader. So, Mercy and Marcellus threatened him, so he left. Well so I heard.
And… There was Saskia, but… Just after Ezra left... She left the coven. Well, she didn't leave it. Mercy kind of… Banished her from the coven. I think Mercy did it, because Saskia and Cynthia were getting kinda close… Like 'close, close.' And, between you and me, I think Mercy was jealous of Saskia.
Then, theres Lenora, she and Ezra are pretty close. She's nice I guess. I mean like, she's the only vampire I trusted back then. And when I say 'back then' I mean about fifty years ago. But when Ezra was threated and he had to leave, she couldn't just let him go. So she left, and I haven't seen her since then.
And there we have it. That's our little, shattered coven. In which three of us (Ezra, Lenora and Saskia) have be banished. Mercy, the leader and oldest vampire of are coven. Cynthia, the quiet one, the one who's past is a mystery to all but Mercy. And then theres Marcellus, the one who's always wanted to be leader. And me, Lucian moon. The only vampire to be mentioned in the legends of the Golden Wolves.
I open the door, and find a chilling figure waiting down the hall. Mercy.

I hear him shut the door, and wait till hes in the living room to begin. "You've been out for a while" I whisper with a smirk, turning my back to him.

"Sorry, I forgot I had to ask your permission again." I snap, walking over and sitting on the small sofa, and crossing my arms.

I smirk. "I need you to do something for me." I whisper, pulling back the curtain a little to look at the stars.
"And what would that be?" He asks, as I frown.
"They're back in town. Ezra and Lenora. But. You already knew that. Didn't you?" I ask. Stupid little pureborn.

"Where is this going Mercy?" I ask. She already knew that I knew. And I knew that.

I turn around to look at him. Stupid British boys. "I need you to deal with them." I snap, scratching my bottom lip.
His eyes widen, and my eyes flicker at his features. "Is that going to be problem?" I ask.

"Yes. It is." I try to stay calm. But I clench my fits, and I try to control my breathing. I knew she was just doing this out of mere self-amusement. She knows how close the three of us were. And she's using it against me.

I frown. Narrowing my eyes into his. But then I smile, my evil, flashing smile. "How's Juliet?" I ask, and that takes it impact, in a matter of seconds, Lucian off the sofa, and charging at me, grabbing me by the throat and using all his force, smashed my head back against the wall, and trying his best to try and choke me.

I lost control, lifting her off her feet and tightening my grip around her throat. But instead of her begging me to stop, she smiles. "Is that all you got?" She croaks. The out of nowhere, theres a blow to my stomach, Mercy's knee hit it once again, before I let my grip go from around her neck.

He topples over onto his chest, holding his stomach as I smirk. "You didn't answer me." I whisper, kicking him in the stomach again. He groans, but doesn't answer me. "Weak." I spit at him. Before turning around and walking back down the hall.

She leaves and I don't go after her. She's over seven hundred years older than me, and… There's no point in even trying to beat her.

I smirk as I walk down the street, Lucian had made me hungry, and with the fact that I don't have any blood in my body, leaves more room for the adrenaline. So at the moment, I was very, very powerful.
So, which down shall I wipe out tonight?