Do not tell me that my struggle is invalid because others struggle harder. Do not tell me that my demons are invalid because yours are scarier. You do not have sole ownership on hardship, on suffering. If the things that ail me seem petty in comparison to yours fine. But don't shame me for my feelings. I am through with that. I am through apologizing for my life, for circumstances I cannot control.

Human emotion is human emotion. When a child is crying for a dropped toy is she less upset than an adult crying over a lost job? No. her problems may be fixed more easily but her distress is as real as anyones. Perhaps she is even more upset because she does not yet realize that bigger hurts are coming. She cannot see beyond her own hurt. But don't you go over there and blame her for her lack of experience, for crying out her sadness, for letting the world know theres a problem she'd like fixed. Do not tell her to shut up because someone else lost his job and that's more important or more valid. Go try to fix the problems you can. Give her another toy. Maybe the man can make her one now that he's out of work

AN: this was in response to someone who told me basically that as a Jew I have it easy so shut up and stop complaining because black people have it worse. The same day the last chapter was written.