"The Eight Director" by Neo Nazi, April 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: Ultrasound pictures are formed using sound waves. A machine sends sound waves through the body, which are then reflected back and converted into an image that is visible on a screen. Ultrasound has revolutionized the care of women during pregnancy.

The Eight Director

Eva Sandler knew that ultrasound is used during pregnancy to check the baby's development and to help pick up any abnormalities such as Down syndrome. But her seventh visit to Dr. Philip Rowen's office raised some suspicions.

Her stomach protruding, rubbed with special gel that enables better signal reception, Eva politely asked doctor why ultrasound is so important for pregnancy.

"Ultrasound is used for different reasons at different stages in pregnancy." Doctor continued to roll that ticklish hand held scanner over her belly, images of phoetus visible in black and white on a small computer-like screen. "In the first stage of the pregnancy, usually before 14 weeks, ultrasound scanning is used to check whether the foetus is alive and whether it is alone or one of twins or triplets."

Suddenly Eva felt sick and some sixth sense told her that in front of her there is a monster of a man, an illegitimate doctor that may as well be an incarnation of the Devil himself!

Not wishing to believe what her mind just offered to her, she pretended some more and then suddenly snapped … not wishing for her future son to be some weakling.

"Doctor Rowen …" She withdrew and then covered her stomach. Dr. Philip blinked in confusion, making her hesitate for a moment.

"Yes, Ms. Sandler?" Philip could sense some unusual development within his patient.

"Who exactly are you?" Her icy tone of the unmistakably trained voice of the Jewish Nazi hunter made him pretend no more. He slowly rose to his feet and, to Eva's sudden disbelief, started to take off his doctor's white mantel.

Soon underneath it there was, to Eva's further horror, a fully pledged black German SS Nazi uniform with the black swastika sign on his left arm.

"Why pretend any longer? …" Her doctor started in some demonically grave and distant tone of the voice. "My true name is not Philip Rowen …" Eva could now almost hear her heart thumping wildly, part of her mind separating from the room, Dr. Rowen and even herself.

"I am Albert Rudolph Heim, grandson of Aribert Ferdinand Heim of whom you, or perhaps that Ukrainian Jew Simon Wiesenthal probably have heard so far …" His rasping laughter sounded like some metallic shriek in a tunnel, echoing all over the small room. "We have been using this ultrasound equipment for almost thirty years now … deceiving thousands and thousands non-Aryan mothers that wished to trick the true power of this world and bring to life baby that is definitely not meant to be born at the first place!"

Eva had to pinch herself in secret to check whether she was dreaming.

"No my dear Eva … it is not a dream!" Dr. Rowen, who was actually Dr. Heim now, laughed sarcastically, making her stiff to her bones. "Little by little our Nazi Party managed to introduce this equipment, fooling governments around the world and earning millions of precious dollars to finance our beloved ideology." He smiled in an evil way at Eva, offering her a glass of water. Eva accepted it first and then smelled it, suddenly realizing he could have been poisoning her for months now!

"What … what have you done to my baby?" She placed the glass of water at her side, almost dropping it to the floor, her hand now shaking. Some spasms in her stomach made her realize she was still responsible for that child within her.

There was a buzzer and Dr. Heim pressed the button, letting his assistant, Ms. Maria Fink in. To Eva's even greater shock, Ms. Fink was now also dressed in that black Nazi uniform, with the black swastika on white circle and red bandana on her left arm. Instead of calling the police, that always smiling and polite young lady, to Eva's now frantic disbelief, saluted Dr. Rowen with her hand raised high and her heels clicking together.

"We have security cameras, my dear Eva Sandler …", Dr. Heim continued, Eva feeling sick, her mind swirling. "But ... contrary to your egotistical Jewish beliefs ...", he examined the report Maria just gave him, "... it is to protect us – the Aryan nation representatives on this planet from being hurt by brutal animals like … you …" He turned his attention to Eva again, overlapping one leg over the other, playing with his high heeled black leather boots that always looked like cowboy boots underneath those black trousers for some reason. Maria left, clicking her heels once more.

"All right … I want to hear it all then …"

"About our Party or …", he tapped laconically at the electronic equipment, "… about the true nature of these ultrasound … services? …"

"About the latter … please …" Eva's throat was now dry, tightening, remembering those horror stories she heard from her grandmother about the brutality and the demonical disguise of those slick "German knights" in the black uniforms.

"From 18 weeks onwards, it is possible to examine the foetus in more detail." He grinned at Eva, obviously amused by that sudden switch of patient-doctor relationship. "Most organ systems can be examined to ensure that the foetus appears to be developing normally. The spine, skull, brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, arms and legs can all be seen. If the mother is overweight, then the quality of the examination may be poor." He smiled viciously and Eva knew that not only him but rather thousands upon thousands of doctors around the world did the same!

"In your case … if you have paid me more … there wouldn't be any damage to your baby's spine, skull, brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, arms and legs …" Eva froze again, her brain rushing, trying to recollect all those pills and tests she did on Dr. Rowen's advice … His superior laughter made Eva hate him all over. He continued in that metallic robot-like way.

"From 30 weeks onwards, ultrasound is often used to estimate how well the baby appears to be growing. It is difficult to be precise about this but it is often useful if the woman has had a small baby in the past or has a condition that may affect the baby's growth, such as pre-eclampsia." He made a slow nod at Eva and she somehow knew that all those tests that were made to her believe that her condition of a genetic disorder was actually … fake!

"Up to 1 in 10 pregnant women develop raised blood pressure accompanied by the appearance of protein in the urine and retention of excessive amounts of fluid in the body …"

"Edema!" She wished to scream but realized she felt more like a trapped mouse than a fully grown woman.

"That's right …" Doctor made a slow nod, almost applauding to Eva. "It is not usually seen before the sixth month of pregnancy and most women develop the condition at the end of their pregnancy."

"Like me!" Eva concluded, almost wishing she had no stomach just in order to be freer and flee from this developing nightmare.

"Yes … just like you …" Demonic voice continued and she wished she could call someone for help. Oh how badly she needed a comfort now!

"However, only 1 out of 100 women will have the severe form of the condition." Dr. Rowen watched Eva through half-closed eye lids. "Yes, Eva. You have guessed already! That 1 out of 100 other, probably healthy women as well … is you!"

Eva could no longer feel her arms and legs and her whole body was somehow, alien to her now. She could almost feel her soul detaching itself from its pregnant women's host and hovering above her, watching the whole ordeal as if it was happening to someone else.

"But … why?" Eva could hear her own voice that was thin and unearthly now, trying to make some sense of the situation that her mother probably feared for all those years of raising her in the free world. Dr. Heim continued, still grinning like some self-assured Grim Reaper.

"An ultrasound scan can provide a good overall impression of the foetus, but even the finest examination cannot detect all possible problems." He turned at Eva, his vicious mind alluring to all possible problems that the medications and tests may have caused to her. "If you have not been selfish and invested more into our medical services here …"

As Dr. Heim looked sideways for a moment, a heavy blow to his left part of the head knocked him down to the floor. While blood covered his face, weak and semi-conscious, he managed to turn his head slowly back and see Eva standing with a crystal ashtray in her right hand. Hair was covering her face now and her heavy breating indicated she was in a stupor. An ashtray that he used so many times before was now smudged with blood. His own blood.

"But … why? …" Dr. Heim produced some weak croak and Eva slammed him once more, door opening behind her with Ms. Maria Fink and two other "security guards" following behind.

"Oh, I believe damn well that you know WHY!" She yelled and dropped heavy ashtray on already broken skull of that disguised Nazi doctor, parts of his brain spilt all over the septic floor.

Then the "security" took her away.