April, 1860

Mobile, Alabama

"'We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.' All men, Papa." 14 year old Jenny Holland was on her soapbox again. "If we as Americans believe this to be true, then why do we hold slaves? It goes directly against everything that Americans say they believe! Even if that wasn't an issue, which it is, it would still be wrong! People shouldn't own other people!"

"Stop!" Mr. Holland commanded Jenny, halting their ever-continuing argument. "We've been over this. Say anything more about it and you'll be eating your breakfast in your room."


"I mean it."

"But, Papa –"

"Leave the table."


"Now. I am tired of listening to you constantly blabbering about this. It's not the woman's place. Now go. You'll be brought a tray in a few minutes."

Jenny stood from the table, ignoring her siblings as they watched her.

When she was out of sight of the dining room, she heard her mother remark, "I don't know how she's going to be a proper southern belle.

Jenny smiled and hastened her step. Some days it was too easy to get excused from the table.

She was no southern belle. She was freedom's belle.

Now I should have time to make a few anti-slavery pamphlets for the meeting next week before school, Jenny thought.

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