Space is an interesting thing.


NASA will tell you that space is the absence of everything, no light, no noise, no sound.

For me, space holds everything. It's the space between words that tells you the truth, the space before her words when she tells you she loves you ad you doubt her. That minute of time, that pause, its all the space you need. Filled with a thousand unsaid things, a thousand half-truths and room for a thousand doubts.

The space between them. A carefully maintained distance that crackles and churns, a living thing, that space between them, so loud that no one dares to sit between them, on the couch, in the basement. As they carefully look anywhere but at each other

But maybe NASA was right. That void of nothingness, that space that's cropped up between us. That darkness and silence that lurks in the spaces where our palms don't quiet match up when we hold hands now and pretend that everything is okay.

That space inside me that she used to fill with her laughter and her warm smile, enough to light me up from head to toe. But she doesn't smile for me anymore. My sun has gone away, turned her brilliance and warmth on some other lucky bitch. And now I feel it, the cold of space; dark, cold, lonely, and silent. Starting from that empty space deep inside, and radiating out. Numbing me, eating me, a cold burn.

It won't be long now until I hear those words.

"I just need some space"