Author's Note: Parts of this story are actually true, just the super cute guy in the bus with the Bible. Needless to say I couldn't stop staring at him and even when I exited I stared at him through the window like a weirdo. He looked back at me, I'm sure I freaked him out. I was so inspired to finish it I did in one day.

Yes, it is rather long for a oneshot so I'm thinking about changing it to make her visions longer, but for now: Enjoy!

"What is your problem lately?" James pushed my head away from him.

I gained a grunt of pain when I turned around and slapped him in the face with my hair. I glared at his idiotic expression. I couldn't help but think—this is my best friend? His shaggy blonde hair partially covered his stunned greenish blue eyes.

He frowned and rubbed his cheek which had small pricks of red, "Seriously, you're so lame now. All you do now is lie around and watch TV. What happened to the Bree I secretly wanted to go on killing sprees with." He joked.

I just looked at him, when he ceased to keep my interest I turned back to the TV like a zombie.

"C'mon let's go to umm… that girl with the bow in her hair, she's having a party. I just can't seem to remember the name."

"Jessica." I humored him; my voice was croaky I hadn't talked in a while.

"So you do want to go!" his voice immediately brightened.

"Why would you think that?" the mechanical tone to my voice was starting to dissipate, talking just takes practice.

"Well you see." He started, I sighed I knew he was going to rant, "I already knew her name, but I just wanted to see if you cared enough to say her name. And if you had not cared about anything then you would not have known what her name was in the first place, an- Are you even listening to me?"

"Nope." I replied not caring, "And besides, the only reason I know is because these bitches in my math class wouldn't shut up about it."

"So you were eavesdropping." He triumphantly said like it was a major point he was going to back me into a corner with.

"I wasn't trying to. Hell I bet even the teacher thinks he is invited." My vice was normal again, but monotone.

"C'mon you're eighteen years old now, live a little. Let's go throw rocks at kids like we usually do. Or pee on a building, I mean we never did that before but there's a first for everything."

"No." I left no room for discussion.

"Bree." The concern in his voice made me turn around, his eyes were sad, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just don't feel like doing anything anymore." I lied down again and rolled over making a strange noise emphasizing my boredom.

"Bree. Please." He sounded desperate now.

"Look James," I got serious, "There's nothing wrong with me okay. I swear you're just so overprotective and it's all because you li-"

I regretted what I was about to say. I swallowed; we both knew what I was going to say.

"What." His eyes narrowed I shuddered, "Because I like you?" I flinched at the coldness of his voice.

"Fuck Bree. I wouldn't have told you if I knew you were going to bring it up every fucking time I got worried about you." He started heading for the door, "And I'm the only one who said anything because face it Bree, I'm the only fucking one here that gives a shit about you." He slammed the door. His words cut me with great accuracy. I think the reason I became like this was the fact that no one really cared. Everyone, even my parents just smiled at me and had some meaningless conversation and we went on with our lives. Only James realized there was something wrong and of course I'm an idiot and made him hate me.

"Fuck me." I groaned and collapsed defeated. I really did bring it up a lot, but with good reason! Because it was really weird when he first told me, so to make it not weird I brought it... up... every chance... I got... Okay, it felt a lot smarter when I didn't really think about it, but in my defense I never said the reasoning was good. Wait...

I sighed, I made a pact to apologize later, but in that moment nothing could tear me away from being lazy. I brought my laptop closer to me. Ahh, the internet, it was always there in my worst moments. My first broken arm, my first boyfriend that dumped me, and you know, the time I was an asshole to my best friend. It's kind of depressing that the internet was what comforted me instead of an actual human being, but I try not to think about it too much.

Usually when I'm upset I can immediately think of something to look up and forget about said problem, but today I sat on my internet search engine for about twenty minutes; I had no idea what I wanted to do. I could literally find or do anything through the internet, but apparently nothing came to mind.

I typed in with my index finger lazily, b-o-r-e-d.

A million sites popped up. I scrolled through them ridiculously uninterested.

"Play these addicting games." I mocked the description under each site.

"Funny pictures."

"LOL pictures."

"Ridiculous pictures." I frowned. What is up with the internet? Why does it think that I want to look at pictures when I'm bored? And if I didn't click on the first one why would I click the second or third one?

"Disgusting pictures." I raised a brow, "Now you're just trying to piss me off."

"Porn cures all, even boredom." Okay, that one made me laugh, cures boredom, like it was a disease or something. "Boy is that not true."

Just to prove my point I clicked on the site and looked through the different types of porn.

"Topless babes. Mom porn. MILF porn." I cringed at the latter two, "Asian porn, Indian porn, Mexican porn, Black porn. White porn. Well that's comforting, there's equality in at least one area of the world."

"Bear porn." I looked at the words long and hard. (it's funny because the next section was called long and hard.) "What the fuck is bear porn?" I clicked on it.

"Oh look. I get a story with it." I noted as the title splashed on the screen. "This should be good," I said sarcastically.

"Only you. I only love you." The humongous man, humongous to the point of repulsion latched his face on to the other equally gigantic hairy man.

I scoffed, "Booo! He's lying to you. He just wants a cheap fuck." I threw some of the popcorn I made at my screen. So I found out what bear porn was, apparently it is porn with the presence of disgustingly big hairy men. And people actually found this attractive.

I heard the front door open and close shut. I ignored it; I knew it was either one of my parents.

"Hey." My mom called out to me.

"Sup." I impolitely said back, they gave off a façade that they cared, but the way they look at me and look at the clock when I talked to them, I knew they thought I wasn't worth anything.

"Sweetheart, you know I don't like when you talk to me like that."

"Sorry" I said not meaning it; it would be easier to not say anything anyways.

"What are you doing now?" she asked, I told you, meaningless conversations.

"Watching porn."

Her phone started to ring. She looked at it and squealed, she addressed me again, "Okay have fun." She answered animatedly like one of the girls that went to my school, "Oh hey. Yeah I know. Half-price margaritas tonight, Sheila's buying." Her voice quieted, she was walking to her room and changing. I knew she was going to leave again soon.

I laughed humorlessly, she wasn't really listening. I turned my attention back to the computer screen; the two men were ramming each other, whispering sweet nothings in one another's ears. I crinkled my nose with disgust and fast-forwarded to the ending.

"Thanks, I'll call you." One of the big men, (I couldn't really tell the difference between the two), walked away.

"Aha! I told you Robert slash Jon! I knew Robert slash Jon just wanted that unspeakable action." I said forgetting their identities.

"Well then." I went back on the browser and laughed, that was such a terrible movie, but it was slightly entertaining.

I looked at my phone, zero calls and messages. "Ugh." I groaned, James still didn't call, that meant he was supremely pissed off.

'Couple more sites, and then I'm going to James' house.' I promised myself.

I read one of the sites that piqued my interest, "Are you bored? Find the right girl or boy today. Oh." I rolled my eyes, an internet dating website. My eyes double-taked, it said in bold print: Not an internet dating site.

"I swear that wasn't there two seconds ago." I contemplated clicking it, "It's probably just fake anyway."

Another note popped up again in bold print: Not fake.

"What the fuck?" I was creeped out a little.

Another note: Just click.

I shrugged whatever, but first I went on my computer screen and made a sticky note: If I die for some mysterious reason, blame the internet. "There." I smiled with satisfaction and went back on the site: You're not going to be killed.

I tried to ignore the creepiness of the computer knowing what I typed on my computer and asked a question of my own, "What do you even do?" as silly as it sounded I asked the website.

It went on an information screen. "Find your match today, with this site after answering a few questions you will be able to see ten years into the future of a relationship with someone you see yourself attracted to. At the end of every vision you will be unable to remember what happened, but feel a gravitational pull or repel towards a person." I laughed skeptically; whatever I might as well humor this stupid little thing.

"Okay what I do you creepy website."

As a reply the site went to another page there was a survey for me to fill out.

"Sex. Birthday. Blood Type. Vision Acuity. Ways to describe self. Normal thoughts. Sexual Orientation." I filled in everything, it wasn't asking for an address, so why the hell not?

Done, good luck.

I frowned confused, "That's it? What does that even mean? I barely did anything." My web browser just exited by itself. I restarted it and tried to look for the site again, but it just disappeared.

"What the fuck?" I creased my forehead.

"Brianna." My mother's icy tone filled the room, "You know I don't hate when you say awful things like that."

"Sorry mom." I looked at her. She had a sequin shirt on; it glimmered with every movement she made and a skirt that was too short for words. Or another way to put it, one of her daily outfits.

I guess I was looking for too long, she smirked while she put on her matching earrings, "Look honey, this is how you're supposed to wear clothes." She was always insinuating that I had no idea how to dress since I always chose to sport a comfortable tank top and an efficient pair of jeans.

"You're right mom. By the way, you have a little stain right there." I cattily smiled, I went to the door, "Oh and those shoes makes your toes look-ah never mind, I mean I have no idea how to dress right?" I shut the door behind me, but of course waiting a second to see her fuming face.

I was pleased to see she didn't immediately come outside, which means that she was going to change. Score a point for me.

I looked at my phone: six. It was about time I apologized, it would seriously bruise my pride, I mean who like apologizing? But, it would be well worth it, James was always there for me, for once I wanted to be there for him.

I grumbled stomping my way to the bus stop with my brows furrowed. Sure it was for the better, but it didn't mean I had to like it.

There was something about the bus stop that always made me feel like I was going to get run over by a car. No idea why. It could either be the fact that it was so close to the actual road or that people in this town drove like maniacs. Probably both.

But this time, it was much different. There was a homeless person there. I mean this especially dingy bus stop always had at least a couple homeless people hanging around, but this guy was different.

I hated when people stared so I was being a gigantic hypocrite, but I couldn't help it. He was actually quite good-looking. He had dirty brown hair, maybe it was brown from all the dirt, I would never know. His caramel brown eyes were warm; he didn't ask me for money, which surprised me actually. His clothes were wrinkled and muddled with, well… mud. He looked like he was at most twenty.

"Hi." I said.

His eyes grew; he was taken-aback that I actually talked to him, "Hello."

"Sorry if I sound rude, but you don't seem like the type to-" I stopped trying to find a polite way of saying that he was somewhat disgusting. "Ummm, well...uh…" I fingered the card that was in my wallet, gently touching the crisp edges of it. It was advertising a homeless shelter from over a year ago, so I wasn't even sure if it was still around. I wasn't sure if I should give it to him.

He saw my desperate expression and smiled warmly, "It's fine. I know. I don't look like I should be homeless like this right?"

I nodded and looked at him apologetically. The bus I was going to take was coming towards us.

"Here." I decided on giving him the card on the risk of looking like an asshole if it was gone already, but I also pulled out half my money, ten dollars, "I'm not sure what happened, but go to this address and I promise I will come find you. Just tell me your name." I was holding onto one of the handle bars of the bus, everyone peered out impatiently waiting for the last passenger to board.

His eyes shined and his smile was brilliant, "Zack Jens."

My heart fluttered, "Brianna."


I looked down; I was wearing a flowing black evening gown. I looked in the fabulously decadent mirror in front of me; you know how people look uglier with age? They get all wrinkly and gross. I was totally the opposite, I looked awesome. Maybe it was the make-up, maybe it was the dress. Maybe it was the fact that my boobs looked and felt like they were a whole cup bigger.


"What?" I shouted turning around ripping my hands away from my boobs, Zack greeted me with a surprised look.

He smiled a little confused, "Our table?"

"Oh sorry, I just zoned out for a little bit."

The waiter led us to our table. When he sat in front of me, the candle light reflected perfectly off his face. I couldn't help but notice that he was spotless and extremely well-dressed. His curly brown hair went down to the bottom of his ear; I felt the urge to pull one of them to make it bounce like a spring. So I did.

His laugh was adorable, "I love you."

Wow. So I guess we were already at that point in this relationship, "Ditto." I half-smiled. Me in this dimension/reality/universe apparently didn't exactly love him, but really liked him.

"Umm. Okay?" I could tell he was unsatisfied with my reply, but he changed the subject anyway, "So how was work today?"

"Work?" I asked biting my lip.

"Yes?" he tilted his head, "Is something wrong? You're acting a little strange today."

"No!" I almost yelled, "Sorry nothing's wrong. I guess I'm just a little wired from working with all those… people today?"

"You always are." the joy in his eyes came back, "But I'm surprised, lawyers, you hardly call them people, well besides you I guess."

I giggled, so I guess I was a lawyer then. Weird. I always imagined me being something unstable like a photographer, author, or an actress.

"So how about you?" I asked. "How was work for you?" I asked as the garçon poured our wine for us.

"It was the usual, except this guy came in today with a shotgun wound right in the chest."

I choked on my wine a bit, "Wow."

"Sorry, I should lead into stuff like that a lot smoother." He chuckled at my reaction.

"So you're a doctor," I marveled, "That is quite the feat."

"Well I couldn't have done it without you." He put his hand over mine and squeezed lightly. I blushed.

"Hmmm. Brianna Mills is that a blush I detect?"

"No." I laughed playing along.

"I tend to have that effect on women." He coughed acting smug.

"Please." I looked at him challengingly.

"So you're saying I can't?" he looked at one of the waiters.

I almost spat out my wine again, I was laughing that hard, "If you tried you would literally die." We were in an argument regarding his strength.

"What should I do then?" he leaned in to whisper, "Here's twenty dollars, let me pick you up?"

"I'm sure the monsieur would let you pick him up if you did."

"Alright then, after dinner." He swirled the crimson water and downed the rest of it. "Look." He held my hand gently. "There is a reason I asked you to the most luxurious restaurant."

"Is there." I noticed the change in his demeanor, it made me kind of nervous.

"I love you Brianna." The candle light gleamed off his pupils. He paused and took a breath, I noticed the small shake in his hands, he got down on one knee, "Brianna Mills, will you marry me?"

My throat clenched up and I couldn't breathe. "Stop!"

I was back on the bus. I looked around wildly, everything was the same. I felt my boobs, "Oh good." I sighed with relief, "They're the same size." I looked at my phone: 6:05, I just got on the bus.

The people on either side of me shifted a little to make sure they weren't touching me. I couldn't believe what just happened to me. I had to write it down I had to find a pen and paper. I had to remember.

Fuck. Fuck. "Fuck!" I looked around, whoops the last one I said out loud. I was on a fucking bus, what paper was I going to find here?

Everything was slipping; I couldn't remember the restaurant or what I was wearing. By the end of the bus ride I sort of wanted to go to the homeless shelter and see that guy I just met. What was his name? Zack? Wonder if it was short for Zachary. I felt for my wallet for the address and I remembered I gave it to Zack.

"I'm sure I have another one somewhere." I shrugged it off, it wasn't that important.

I stopped on the last step of the bus letting the delicious breeze blow on my face.

"Get off you crazy bitch." The bus driver yelled at me.

"You really need a vacation you know that?" I walked off shaking my head at the rudeness in this town.

The wind licked my body, goose bumps formed, but not in a bad way. It was the perfect weather for me. This was exactly why I loved the way to James' house; he was pretty rich so there was a lot of space in between the houses. Those spaces were filled with wildlife, trees, and lush green shrubbery.

I started to do a strange interpretive dance. Yeah, nature was that inspiring. There was a bench sitting a ways from here, I knew because I always sat on it for about five minutes, just to take in everything.

"Oh hello." A surprised boy said.

"Fuck!" his voice scared me so bad. I jumped and made an awkward movement; I guess it was my fault. Note to self: stop dancing with eyes closed.

"You shouldn't say things like that." He frowned disapprovingly.

"And why is that?" I wondered aloud.

"Because it is a bad word." He offered.

"Well what do you say when you are angry?" I asked.

"Variations of those words, but I never say them." He said proudly.

"But you are meaning the same thing." I didn't understand, "Isn't the meaning what's important? Your whole judgment comes from the fact that the connotation of the word is negative. That's like saying if I say I love someone when I really don't is the same thing as if I say I love someone and I actually do."

He blinked, "That actually made a lot of sense. He held out his hand for me to take, "I'm David." he had a small grin.

"Brianna." I took his hand; he turned the position of our hands so he could kiss it. I took it back swiftly and pushed it into my mouth; I did it so hard I swear I almost broke my face. Don't blush, don't blush, don't blush, I repeated those words continuously in my head.

"You are so cute." He laughed and tenderly lifted my hand back to his. Apparently, I was blushing despite my best efforts. He was sitting so he was looking at me from below, his simple glasses sat at the end of his nose. I'm not sure why, but from my angle and the way his glasses weren't covering his eyes entirely it was extremely attractive.

A hand clenched one of mine it was the only warm part of my body. Even with all my winter clothes and scarf on I wanted to go to a damn desert where it was nice and hot.

"We're here." David grinned and walked into the café with me.

His nose was red from the cold, he breathed into his palms to keep them warm, "Two coffees please."

"Sure thing." The pretty waitress fluttered her eyelashes at him.

He held out his hand, very similar. I narrowed my eyes.

"I'm David." He grinned, and kissed her hand.

"Grace." She giggled.

"Hi, I'm Brianna." I swear it hurt to even attempt a fake smile, so I didn't even bother.

"Hello…" she mumbled, wrote down our order quickly and walked away even quicker.

"Feel good?" I rolled my eyes at David.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"Why do you have to flirt with every girl that is marginally cute?" I was so sick of his stupid innocent act.

"I already told you that I'm not flirting, I'm just being nice."

"Oh okay, let's pretend that's true." I mumbled angrily.

"Are we doing this again?" he clenched his fist in anger, "Really? In a public place?"

"It's not my fucking fault that you're an asshole." I clacked my fingernails on the table impatiently. The stupid fucking waitress came back with our coffees and winked very obviously at David. Oh, and of course she had to bend over exactly the way she did just to put our coffee on the table.

"I already told you how I feel about that kind of language."

"And what connection does that have with me? I'm not making you say it." I bit down decisively on the red straw that came with my drink.

"Because, I'm your boyfriend, so you shouldn't say that because you know it'll make me upset." He reasoned.

"Oh that's weird." I started sarcastically, "So I have to make that kind of sacrifice, but of course you don't when it concerns flirting with women. I mean I hate it when you do it, but no I'm not important so you just keep doing it."

He growled because he knew I was right, "Look can we talk about this at home?" his voice was barely a whisper.

"You know what." I saw his eyes wandering at the under carriage of our server, "Nope. That's it, I'm breaking up with you here and now." I got up not even caring about the freezing winter I was heading into.

"No come on, please let's talk about it." He grabbed my hand stopping me from leaving.

"Fuck off." I rolled my eyes. "Stop."

David still held my hand, but hesitantly now, "Uh what?"

"Nothing." I said rather rudely, and jerked my hand away from his. "I have to go." I shook my hand in the wind like it was infected.

"Uh, okay. I hope I see you again."

"I hope I don't." I muttered under my breath. The healing nature around me made me forget about my chance encounter and I kept dancing until I got to James' house.

I knocked; James' house was big and brown. That was about all I could really say about the house. Nothing else was as pronounced as the fact that the house was damn big and damn brown. A freaky shade of brown.

"Brianna." James' mom opened the door, after a lapse of shock she smiled gently, "What brings you here?"

"Hello Mrs. Baker." I peered into her home a, but just a bit, "Is James here?"

"No I'm sorry; he left about fifteen minutes ago. He said he had a study group he had to go to." I passed off my laugh as a cough. Study group, James never studied for a day in his life. Wait, he still got better grades then me though. I'm pathetic.

"I see. Excuse me then, I was supposed to be at the study session too, but I thought it was moved to a different date I see I was mistaken." I was never as cordial with anyone except for James' mom, she was ridiculously nice to the point that if you don't do the whole stand up when the woman comes back to the table thing, you feel like a complete asshole. I know, I'm a girl, I shouldn't even be doing that standing thing, but I still felt this obligation to do it.

"Okay dear. I'll see you later." She handed me a cookie. Chocolate chip, my favorite.

"Have a great day Mrs. Baker. I shall see you again later." I smiled. See what I mean? Who talks like that? I bit the cookie, the sweet chips melting immediately.

"Ugh." I wrinkled my nose with anger, I didn't even know why but when I was walking back the way I came David, the boy I just met absolutely repulsed me. He waved and I flipped him off and ran.

"What a bastard!" I screamed at no one.

'What did he do?' That was my conscience talking.

"Not sure."


I pushed the voice away and danced all the way to the bus stop again. I boarded the one that I thought was the way to Jessica's house.

I never realized there were so many characters in a bus before. There was a girl with a tutu on and she was seventeen I think. So it was kind of weird, maybe it was a style.

There was the typical grandma that sat down comfortably because of the niceness of some people.

One boy made me stare for more than a second though. He dressed completely like a skater. A beanie, pretty big gauges, a band t-shirt, and he wore some skinny jeans. And as if his clothes weren't saying 'I am skater, hear me roar', he had a skateboard right next to him. He had light blonde hair and brown eyes. It was pretty standard and not really note-worthy, but what got me was that he was reading the Bible. To say it intrigued the hell out of me was an understatement. I chuckled at my pun.

My neighbor was weirded out by my laugh to no one. Great, I was going to be the crazy one in this bus too.

The bus was at another bus stop with more passengers piling in. There was one really pretty girl, and of course because God hates me she sat right next to the intriguing boy.

I guess she thought exactly the same way I did because she leaned over and said, "Hey, what are you reading?"

"The Bible." He replied bored.

My stomach whirled, his voice was so freaking sexy and he just rejected the shit out of this bimbo bitch.

"Fix your hair." Gliff cringed at the way I looked. I laughed at my mind's ingenuity, gliff was a nonsense word and since I didn't know his name it was perfect.

"Fix the ugly on your face." I replied to his rude statement, "How's it feel? Not very good huh?"

"I'm sorry, it's just I really want my parents to like you." Gliff ran his fingers through my hair trying to flatten it.

"I don't think they are ever going to really like me." I grumbled, I was so tired of trying to impress his parents. I sat down about to give up.

"Don't say something so negative." He kissed my cheek and helped me put on my god-awful heels.

"Well I just don't know how to make sure they like me. They just hate me because I won't adhere to their insane Christian rules."

"I am begging you." He went down on his knees to match my eye level, "Please just try and act like your one of them just for today."

"I mean I'll try, but I why do I have to hide the way I am for your parents' approval." I was disgusted with the idea of locking away my charming personality. "I mean can't you just say piss off, I'm dating this girl and there's nothing you can do about it?"

He acted like he was contemplating it, "Yeah you're right, I should do that. Let's just walk over there right now and do that." He did a terrible impression of us walking there and knocking on his parents' door.

"Please. Don't be ridiculous." I shook my head.

"I'm glad you understand how bad that would be if I said that to them."

"No I mean, how would we walk there? It's like thirty miles away." I joked.

He cracked a smile, "Shut up."

"If I did you would die of boredom" I laughed putting my hair up in a bun.

"So what makes you think you are worthy of Gliff?" his mom coldly asked.

"Wow, you really don't believe in wasting time do you?" They looked at me strangely while I recovered from her astonishingly ill-mannered question, "Well I don't really think that any one is more worthy than another, so I'm not really sure how to answer your question."

"My wife is asking you why you think you are able to date Gliff?" the vein on his father's neck fed him so much blood at that point, it was creepy.

"Well. I am human, and a female." I said slowly making sure they heard me.

"Why are you being so difficult?"

"Why are you being so blatantly rude?" I challenged them. Gliff put his hand on my thigh and squeezed tightly. I looked at him and took a deep breath, I was getting pissed.

"Are you even pure enough for Gliff?" his mother accused me.

"Are you even pure enough for Gliff?" I mocked her.

"That does not even make any sense." Her voice was elevating with exasperation.

"Much like the idea that one person is better than another." I said stabbing a piece of meat with my fork, "Strange how the words of God state that every man and woman is equal." I feigned a smile shoving the steak into my face, I chewed very harshly wishing Gliff's parents' heads were being chewed on.

"Get out." Gliff's father hated having his own religion used against him. Gliff warned me about that. Oops.

"Oh now you're kicking me out. What wonderful hosts you are." I got up and walked towards the door, "What about Romans 12:13 'Contribute to the needs of saints and seek to show hospitality.' Yeah just listen to the verses that you think are worthy of following, that's noble." My last look was at Gliff's father and might I just say... ew. I could literally see the neck vein pulsing now, his face was turning purple, and his spit was flying around like water bombs.

I fumed and paced outside of their house, "Fucking assholes."

"Hey." Gliff's melancholy voice greeted me.

"Finally!" I threw up my hands, "Let's go."

I stomped to the car, but he didn't budge.

"Look Brianna, I really like you." He started looking at the floor like it was the most interesting thing in the world. "I will definitely drive you home, but I…" I shook my head not liking how he was starting his sentence, "I just don't think it's going to work out."

"Listen to you Gliff, for once in your life, choose something for yourself." I couldn't believe my ears, "Your parents don't control you. Not anymore. Do what you want. Go throw away your Bible if you want. Never come back here again, kill a fucking small animal if you want. Just decide to do it yourself, why are you letting them do this to you?"

He looked at me sadly, "I wish I could, but. They are my parents." The finality of his words hit me hard. He just didn't like me enough.


I was still on the bus, but I was on the verge of tears now. I must have looked absolutely insane, I was laughing two seconds ago and now I was about to cry, so I dried them quickly.

The dumb bitch giggled and tried to take the Bible from him.

I rolled my eyes and moved to the back, a saddening aura came from the Bible boy.

"Great" I muttered under my breath. There were some dangerous looking guys in the back. Those guys you think you would see in a devil's dance circle or something. So I sat in the absolute corner.

One of the guys took out a cigarette and lit up.

"Are you fucking kidding me? There are old people here." I pointed at the grandma towards the front, I was scared shitless but there was no way in hell I was going to admit it.

He blinked and put it out. "Do you want to sit here?" he asked the frail old lady that stepped on the bus.

"Thank you young man." She smiled and took the seat. He proceeded to ignore me after that, but the other guys in his "gang" weren't so easy-going. They stood up and huddled over me like they were going to eat me. Literally eat me.

I'm sure they were saying something else, but all I heard was: "I call her leg," "I want her face" "Brain."

"Enough," his voice ruled over all and they sat down again like nothing happened. His surprising gesture made me smile happily.

The air in the cemetery was bleak and gray. Could there have been a worse setting to go to? I shook my head and looked at the headstone at my feet.

Brianna Mills


Loving friend and girlfriend

"Oh my God! Stop! Stop! Stop!" I shouted over and over again.

The bus driver couldn't take any more of my psychotic behavior, so he kicked me off. I obeyed; the leader of that "gang" made me want to throw up in fear.

"Why is everyone in this town freaks?" I ranted to the air. It seemed that I wanted to run away from almost every guy I met today, and the worst part was, I didn't even know why.

I took comfort in the fact that at least I was already basically at Jessica's house. I looked at the time: 7:13.

The house was trashed and packed with what seemed to be thousands of people.

"Bree?" some girl that was in my Spanish class said.

"Hey." I shouted so she could hear me over the loud music.

"I didn't think I would see you hear." She said in equal volume.

"Yeah, well homework has been killing me for the past week." I lied still contemplating if I should even attempt to dance.

"Yeah, homework sucks." She frowned remembering the homework she didn't do.

"Listen." I leaned over so I could damage her ear some more, "Have you seen James anywhere?"

"What?" she motioned to her ear, "I can't hear you."

I shook my head, "What are you talking about? You could hear me two seconds ago."

"Sorry I can't hear you." She repeated the motion, like that was going to convince me.

"Whatever." I grumbled to myself. I saw she was being annoying because she saw some cute guy over by the couch, who was blazed out of his mind.

I searched the house, double-checked all rooms and bathrooms, but with no success. I went outside defeated, "This day couldn't get any worse." I was exhausted I realized why I was avoiding the outdoors. It was people. People was what hurt me. Knowing that there were people I could bare my soul to and them not loving me back. I hated the feeling. All this business with these guys I'm sure they were related to that stupid website and I was pretty sure that they rejected me in some way.

"Wow. You're actually outside." James marveled.

"James!" I practically strangled him the way I jumped into him.

"Settle down." He laughed, "That's what I call you throwing yourself at me."

"Look, I'm really sorry about what I said." I jumbled my words together, but being the amazing friend he was James decoded what I was saying easily, "You have always been great to me and I've just been ungrateful."

"It's okay." He wrapped his arms around me and let me cry on his shoulder. I cried the tears that I wasn't able to for the past week.

"I guess I was just acting strong, but my parents not caring and having absolutely no friends absolutely killed me. It was only you James." I cried even harder, "I'm just so happy I didn't lose you too."

"Look you're going to have to stop that." He let me go.

My heart stopped, "What?"

"If you don't I can't guarantee that I'm not going to kiss you." He shrugged and kicked around the dirt at his shoes.

James was a handsome boy there was no denying that. But tonight, I wasn't sure if it was the moonlight or the fact that I went completely insane that day, but he looked like a Greek god. The moonlight graced his silhouetted figure; he was wearing a white dress shirt. His blond hair was perfect even when it was disheveled down to the last bits on the sides of his face. His mostly green eyes paled in the natural moonlight and looked luminescent. He was breath-taking.

Oh my God. I was walking down an aisle. My body was completely numb and my stiff fingers gripped the bouquet like I was trying to juice the stems. I looked around, there were only a few people and flower petals showered the ground. Doves flew overhead and below, I swear one almost got to third base with me. But that wasn't the issue here.

It was James. He was more handsome than ever. His shaggy hair was kept for once and I noticed he shaved for this special occasion.

His bright green eyes were looking at me, and only me. Like I was the only person in the whole universe, and that I was the only person that would ever matter to him. Like he would gladly let the world be destroyed if it meant I survived. It was a well-known fact that there was nothing more romantic than a guy willing to blow up the world for you.

"Now it is time for you two to say your vows."

"Vows." I said. My maid of honor quickly handed me a piece of paper.

"Ah. Vows." I smiled with a completely different tone, "James Gregory Baker." I couldn't help but giggle when he cringed at his middle name, he always hated it.

"There is no one besides you that has ever held my heart and here are some reasons why. When I look into your eyes, I just know that I am all you ever think about. And when you hug me, no matter how bad a day I have had I always light up, and feel like nothing could possibly hurt me anymore. And most of all it is when you are near me, my heart beats like I was just running a marathon and every so often just to remind me that you are my soul mate my heart flutters and skips a beat. Even though it's been several years since we started dating, when I'm with you, my throat still clenches up, I still feel like I can hardly breathe from happiness, and I still wish I could always lie in arms. I can't think of any possible way to say exactly how much I love you."

There were 'Aww's' that flooded my ear. I didn't even know I had it in me to say romantic stuff like that.

James' Adam's apple bobbed up and down, he was trying so hard not to cry. It made me want to cry.

He cleared his throat and looked deep into my eyes, he didn't even have to look at the stupid piece of paper his best man was handing him.

"Brianna Hilary Mills, I love you with every fiber in my being. Even when we argue I can't help but love you. Even with your small faults I still love you. Your biggest fault being that you think you are average even though you are absolutely stunning in every way. I will be the best husband I can possibly be even when we can't agree on what color my eyes are."

I giggled, "They're mostly green."

"Mostly blue." He smiled.

"Anyway," he continued choking back some tears, "My father used to say: there are some people that you are meant to meet and be with, I thought he was crazy. But when I hold you, when you stare at me when you think I'm sleeping, and when I look at your gorgeous smile, I can't help but think everything led me to you. From the day my parents met it all happened so that I could meet you. And every scratch, every ex-girlfriend, and every embarrassing moment I have ever had, it was all worth it, and I would do it all over again if it meant I would still be standing here right now marrying the girl of my dreams."

The words were beautiful, but he made them perfect. He was so sincere in everything he said, it made me feel like I was exactly in the place and moment I was supposed to be in.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

And he did. It felt like our first kiss all over again. A few tears slipped through from sheer happiness, I was married. I love James Gregory Baker, I love him. I love him so much it hurt how much I did.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Baker." The hired photographers flashed their pictures, the crowd cheered and threw rice, the two flower girls threw the remaining flowers over us, but it didn't matter. All this money we spent on decorations and aesthetics and all I could do was stare at him.

We ran down the aisle he somehow managed to hold my hand while he held up my gown. I looked at him James' face lit up cutely, like he couldn't help but smile like he was the luckiest person in the world.

We slowed down at the end of the aisle, I stared into his eyes. Whoever said that the eyes were the windows to the soul, was absolutely correct. They said the words I already knew.

"Here." He handed me the piece of paper his best man tried to give him. I knew it was really important, otherwise he would have waited until after our honeymoon.

I looked at it, it brought me to tears.

Scrawled in his ugly handwriting it said: Don't think, just say what you're feeling right now.


"Being awesome?" James asked, "Not in a lifetime baby."

"I'm sorry it took me so long to realize." I whispered quietly, my tears finally drying.

"You should be, it shouldn't take you this long to realize my awesomeness." He laughed at his own poorly crafted joke.

"No, I'm saying, I like you idiot." I pulled him down to me and I kissed him. The same butterflies exploded in my stomach and the shivers went up and down my spine.

He fell on his ass and smiled like an idiot but he was still confused, "Bree, what on Earth happened to you today?"

"Nothing much. It was just another day." I grinned already starting to forget our wedding I knelt down to kiss him again.