On The Battlefield

Dedicated to those of the Armed Forces for helping many lifes and many countries.

I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.

-Nathan Hale

The putrid odor of gunpowder filled the air as cannonballs collided with the earth beneath soldier's feet, sending debris and men into the air.

The words of Washington filled many soldiers souls with hope, still knowing many shall not survive in their fight for freedom against the King.

Nurses tending to the wounded, put their own fears behind them and continued to bind the contused hope of many.

Angel's took many men from the battle, giving them a place among others; doing their duty for the greater good although many were just admitted themselves.

Leaders watched in fear for others as men walked out into the field of departure, then were filled with dread and uncertainty as the numbers dwindled before their eyes.

Patriots anticipated with dire spirits the worn out color of red coming to annihilate them from the battle they devoted their lives to, then nearly welcomed it when it came.

Cold overcame many and they collapsed with wishes needed to be fulfilled, loved ones needed to be eloped in warm hugs, parents need not given the note that would change many forever.

Many died, but none died without being remembered by more as were lost.