The black pitted eyes of stone
stare at me through frosted glass
attempting to discover
why I continue
to be distant
and wander away

Masked from truth
we all seek to find answers
to bleak, messed up lies

And from where I stand
I can see cold glares
curious of knowing
how the world works
why it works
and the fact that it can be
so unfair

And I try and try
to find a place where I can reach my conclusions
but without any resolution
I have found none

I'm constantly turning around
like the basketball spinning on some
NBA eight and half foot player
teasing me about all the things
I will pursue and fail at

But I'm not going to give up
I'm not going to be push around like that
oh no
because I can't let these questions
be unresolved and poked with the pretense
of filthy lies

Oh not I

And the next time I see a pair of stone eyes
through frosted glass
taunting me, teasing me
I'll laugh
and continue to move through life
my way