I stepped into a world of white,
where the tiles that compiled the floor
were of a bleach cream color
and reflected the Omni-florescent light bulbs
too perfectly

Surrounded by white washed walls
and the smell of rubbing alcohol
that flooded the halls with its
indistinguishable stink
I was immobilized
from the moment I took my first steps
into the confinement wing

The one sign that still plagues my mind
was of a small child running towards an armed door
with the bold lettering that screamed
"Watch out, children will escape"

My stomach twisted,
sick with knots,
eagerly waiting the time,
the perfect time,
to bolt out the door

But no, I couldn't
I wouldn't,
I had to visit him
at all cost
but the sight I saw
was heart breaking

A broken spirited human
with eyes painted red,
with the teardrop stains
still crawling down his face,
this was the torn soul of my baby brother

His mind was shattered
like the microscopic glass residue
left from dropped picture frames
that accidentally clashed with the iron floor below

But you should have seen him
how his body was fragile
and his distant cries
still ached in his voice
every time he would speak

I can still hear the sobbing pleads
that begged me not to leave,
the ever tightening embrace
while his tears drenched my shirt

My brother was left there all alone
and there was nothing I could do
to save him
to hold him
and tell him that everything
was going to be okay

But you really should have been there
when I took him home,
when his soul was healed
from the darkness
of his mind