Kept alone in confinement
I held the dust particles in my hand
and believed that every speck of dust I touch
would one day go viral on the world
and discover people like you and me

I never really gave much thought
to the life outside my box
but for one reason or another
the mere fact that I've put this poem on paper
is proof of all that I've accomplished
so far

All the chains I have bound to myself
every tear drop stain I have yet to wash from my face
are presented here
to commemorate the strength I had lost
and have now found

Pressed with the smooth lines and curves on my fingers
my thumbprint has left its mark
and thanks to the openness of people's minds
my words reside in an environment that is eager to listen
patient and considerate
and so warm to the touch

So yes, I may be held within concrete walls,
false lies, iron ball and chain
but I'm certain that life will go on without much notice
to see my hand outstretched
and briefly skim across
clear blue skies.