Darkness now,
city lights.
Sirens screaming,
drunken fights.

Hopeless people,
lost dreams.
Life is pointless,
no matter how it seems.

Mourning mothers,
lost sons.
Death everywhere,
killing with guns.

Newborn baby
in her mothers arms.
Fire burning a building,
screaming alarms.

Murders and rapes,
blood on hands.
Funerals and mourning,
ruined plans.

Words left unsaid,
gone too soon.
Empty promises,
a broken moon.

Broken hearts,
silent cries.
Dark nights,
dancing fireflies.

Rotting bodies,
prison cells.
Hating life,
living hells.

This is the world
that we live in.
So full of hatred,
so full of sin.

So full of life,
so full of death.
So full of people
taking their final breath.