Once their lived a child with a curse
Everyone called it, but it was not
The feeling of guilt surpassed your lie
To correct the wrong, your punishment you sought
Sleep, child, sleep

Every small action was blamed on the curse
The child could never think and choose
To keep the secret underground
Your punishments condoned the hidden truths
Sleep, child, sleep

But perhaps if you had told them you
Were always yourself, no curse to blame,
You were afraid they'd think you less
And cloud your life in disgusted shame?
Sleep, child, sleep

Actions can't be blamed on labels
But it's too late to better you
Though not too late for punishment
You could have fixed it, and you knew
Sleep, child, sleep

Come, child, into my cloak
Come hither under, hear me well
It's time to meet your punishment
Down here in my home which I call Hell
Sleep, child, sleep

You can hide, but I will find you
I come through the night with my sharp scythe
You thought you'd still fix things, but it's too late
Your punishment shall now end your life
Sleep, child, sleep