Chapter 1

"Tollere in auras." I repeated forcefully, hand reached out.

The ash tray that sat on the table shook and rose an inch or two then fell with a clang back down. I gave up with a small sigh, I'd been trying all morning just to lift that stupid ash tray.

When I walked into the kitchen I saw mom had already laid out my breakfast. I was the only one left at the house since my high school started at ten.

Not long after I was finished eating there was a knock on the door.

"Oh, who ever could it be?" I asked sarcastically.

"Come on Cassia, open the door."

I pulled open the door and there stood Nate, pale, blue eyed, blonde haired Nate. He smiled at me, and gave a mock bow

"Your carriage awaits m'lady."

I pushed by him slamming the door behind me. His 'carriage' was Plymouth Dart. It was a pretty nice car since Nate's dad had fixed it up for him.

"Okay, whatever your mad at you don't have to take it out on the door."

"Nate I'm really not in the mood today."

"Is it your powers? Their still not back?" He asked

"No, they've been getting worse. I can barely even lift anything."

"I told you, it's probably just temporary." He said calmly

Some how his calmness just annoyed me even more.

"Yeah, but it shouldn't be this bad."

"Your powers could be evolving," he replied

"Well it's about time but I wish they'd hurry up, I'm sure Mandy has found out by now."

Mandy and I were sworn enemies since kindergarten, when she made fun of my dress and I'd shocked her with my magic.

"I doubt she'll be idiotic enough to go for you after what you did last time." He laughed at the memory.

I smiled too, the last time she made fun of me was two years ago. My powers were slow to develop and up until three years ago I was very weak. Anyway I'd had enough so I caught a rat and put it in her locker. I was grounded for five weeks but it had been so worth it to see the look on her face.

"Maybe," I said "but don't underestimate her."

The ride to school was a quick one, but when we got there Nate didn't get out, instead he took my hand.

I didn't know what he was doing until I felt a rushing feeling coming from his hand to mine. I gasped and pulled my hand away, he was sharing his magic with me. There were so many reasons that was wrong, one it was dangerous for him if I took to much it could kill him and second…it was supposed to be a very…intimate thing. Sharing your power with someone else requires a lot of trust. Trust that they wouldn't miss use it because all magic leave's traces like a fingerprint and if you have someone else's magic it will leave their trace not your own.

"I was just trying to help." Nate said averting his eye's.

I paused trying to form the right words, but when nothing came I opened and crawled out.

"I'll...see you tomorrow Nick." I said then turned from the car.

Clutching my bag tightly I pushed my way to my locker.

"Hey Cassia!" said a perky voice.

"Hey Elli."

She seemed oblivious to my sulky mood and went on,

"Did you know there's a new guy today? Yeah, he's a looker too, he's got these eye's to die for and his hair…" she trailed of dreamily.

"Someone's in love." I said, rolling my eye's.

"I didn't say that I just said he was hot." Elli said defensively.

I held my palms up in a sign of peace.

"Oh will you look at that, their so cute together aren't they?" A snobby voice said from behind me.

I sighed and turned to see Mandy standing a few feet away with some of her friends on either side.

"Hello Mandy aren't you just as beautiful as ever." I said, with a sweet looking smile.

She glared hatefully at me.

"So is the rumor true? Did a Dimore truly lose her powers?" A few of her friends snikered.

"Why don't you come over here and find out?"

She smirked and walked over to me.

"Well I'm waiting." She loomed over me.

"So it is true, your poor mother must be so disappointed in you."

My blood boiled, I gritted my teeth. I couldn't get into another fight, not now.

"Mandy, shut up." Elli said coming to stand next to me

She turned her cold gaze on Elli and laughed in her face.

"And I suppose your going to make me." If Mandy loomed over me, she towered over Elli who was only Five three. "Butt out." Mandy said threateningly.

My fists clenched and I wished more than anything that I had my magic back so I could teach her a lesson. In a split second I decided that I didn't need magic to do that.

"Mandy," I said getting her attention "Don't ever talk to Elli like that again."

My fist smashed into her noise before she knew what had happend. She stumbled backward holding her noise shrieking "SHE HIT ME! SHE BROKE MY NOISE!"

Faster than I would have thought possible there were teachers on either side of me, taking me to the front office. I did get a glimpse of Mandy's noise before I left though, there

was blood gushing out and it was twisted into a odd position.

"Sit here Miss Dimore." said the vice principle with a sigh.

I took my seat, I was so shocked I felt numb. I had never punched someone before. In the magic world it was considered dirty to physically punch or kick someone. With magic you had a little time to think before it happened.

It wasn't long until I was taken into the principle's office. Mr. Halfacer sat behind his desk pinching the bridge of his noise.

"If you continue on this road I'll have to get you your own chair." he said tiredly

"I'm sorry, Mr. Halfacer, I didn't mean to-"

"hit someone in the face." he shook his head.

"I-" He held up his hand to silence me

"I have to much to deal with this week to have to deal with you too. If you put so much as a toe out of line I will be forced by law to have you expelled. You may go to class."

I stood, I was surprised he had never talked to me like that before. I suppose that I would get tired of me after a while too.

I stalked out of his office, slamming the door. The sound echoed off the tile floor. Half way to I heard a clinking sound came from behind, I turned and saw that one of my glass necklaces had fallen on the ground. I reached down to get it but another hand beat me to it.

My gaze shifted up and the first thing I saw was a pair of big green eye's looking back at me. Both of us stood up at the same time. He had shaggy black hair and tan skin, he was a few inches taller than me.

"I think you dropped this," He said holding the necklace out.

"Thank you." I said grabbing it "um…you're the new kid?"

"Yeah, I'm Davin ." He held out his hand for me to shake.

I shifted my stuff to one arm and shook his hand

"I'm Cassia." I smiled at him.

He grinned back

"Would you mind showing me to my class, I got lost." He said.

"Sure, who do you have?"

He showed me a slip of paper.

"Mr. Godwin, you'll just love him." I promised sarcastically.

We made our way to Mr. Godwin's class, me showing him his other classes along the way. It was no surprise when Mr. Godwin yelled at me and Davin for being late. The rest of the day passed by much too quickly for my taste. I know I was going to be in it deep when I got home.

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