"Don't worry, sister," Usagi said as she held her sister's hand in hers, "It won't. Have faith, Shira. Just have faith."

Kazuki opened his eyes suddenly and sat up in his bed. Sweat clung to his bare chest and brow. His breath was coming in rapid gasps and he couldn't get himself to calm down. He had had a vicious nightmare. Beasts of all different shapes and sizes had drawn closer and closer until they all simultaneously attacked him. He had had nowhere to run. He reached over to his bedside table and grabbed his shirt, throwing it on over his head. He had no desire to go back to sleep, so a walk would have to suffice.

"My liege," a simple soldier pronounced on bended knee, "My brigade has the target in his sight. The guards are successfully unconscious and my scouts are ready to strike. Give us the order and their champion will be assassinated."

A wicked smile pulled at taut red lips and stretched them incredibly wide. "Well then," she purred, "I guess it's time to officially wage war then, isn't it. Keep your troops at ready, knave. We attack at dawn."

Kazuki looked up into a foreign sky. Not even the constellations were the same here. He began to feel incredibly lonely. He had been here all of four days and the question he had been asked on the first day still plagued him. Could I be their champion? I would have to kill people… Kazuki wasn't entirely sure if he could do something like that. Bruising and battering a few fellow soldiers was one thing, killing someone was another. A cold chill ran up his back and he shivered.

Feet scuffled in the near distance and stopped next to him. He looked over to see Kurei in fluffy pants with white bunny prints and a ruffled black shirt. "Can't sleep?" She asked. He nodded lightly. Kurei sighed. "I know what you mean. Azalus's boys scouted some red troops near our border the last couple days. It worries me." Kazuki didn't know what to say, so he simply nodded. She smirked in response and sighed again. "Can I let you in on a little secret?" she asked quietly. Kazuki furrowed his ink black eyebrows but nodded all the same. She leaned into him and said quietly,

"I've never killed anyone. I don't even like fighting. I'd be living in the countryside right now, farming if I had the choice."

Kazuki's furrowed brows raised in confusion. He thought she loved fighting. She seemed violent enough and she loved sparring matches against her squad. "But you always seem so content with your tonfa at your side." She laughed lightly and pulled away from Kazuki and stretched.

"I guess. I like peace better though. It was nice when everyone was at peace and we didn't have to worry about civil unrest or fear one of our own would be kidnapped from right under our nose. They're never the same when they come back…" She flicked her flaming hair back and yawned. "I'm going to get some milk, you want some? Maybe some cookies. I need some chocolate…"

Kazuki laughed and nodded. "You seem to really love your sweets, Kurei."

"Hey," She responded as an angry vein protruded from her forehead, "I work out every day, so—

Soldiers burst from the rooftops and back alleys of nearby buildings, surrounding them quickly. With honed reflexes Kurei summoned her tonfa and assumed position. Kazuki was too scared to do anything. She backed into him in a protective manner. A man in blood red suit stepped forward and laughed. "One bodyguard against all of us? And a girl with silly arm blades. How pathetic. When our Queen usurps your kingdom's throne, well, I'll make sure to make quick work of little girls playing warrior quickly afterwards."

"Shut the hell up!" Kurei responded, "What do you want with us?"

"Us?" He responded, "Us? I want nothing with you. I only want him. Now, hand him over like a good little girl and I won't take you captive."

Kurei smirked evilly. Her blades glimmered in the moonlight thirstily. "Bring it on, you Jubjub trash."

The man in the red suit grew angry and summoned his weapon. A black claymore came forth from his chest and he assumed position.

"Men, kill them."

Weapons were drawn and Kurei grabbed Kazuki's hand.

"Run, stupid!"

The two slammed through the loose circle and dashed for a nearby alley. The ducked into the quite black corner and took several sharp turns. "This place is like a labyrinth." Kazuki mused. Kurei threw a glare in his direction but kept running with his hand in hers. She let go of his hand and lifted herself onto a high crate. She could hear soldiers getting closer so she grabbed him by the wrist and yanked him onto the crate with unnatural strength. Together they climbed onto an adjacent crate and together they climbed onto the nearest roof.

"And you made a comment about me eating sweets. You run as fast as a caterpillar! Get your swords, stupid!"

Kazuki laughed airily and put his hands over his heart. He cleared his mind and left them there. Nothing happened. He grew panicked and tried again. Again, nothing. He tried happy memories, sad ones and ones that made him especially angry. Nothing. "Kurei," he squeaked, "They're not coming out. What do I do?" Kurei looked back with panic in her lime eyes. The first foot soldier clambered onto the roof and righted himself. He held a silver rapier in his deft hands.

"Just stay close behind me then, Kazuki, and if anything should happen to me, don't fight. Just run and find Azalus, alright?"

Kazuki nodded shakily and the soldier grinned. "Done talking?" He asked in a slithery tone.

"You're a rookie!" Kurei replied as she dashed rapidly towards him for the first attack, "I could beat you while having tea with your Queen herself!"

One tonfa met her opponent's blade. He attempted to knee her at the meeting of blades but Kurei was too fast. She put her tonfa in his path. He was too close to stop. His upper leg met with her bladed tonfa and blood spurted all over her bunny pajamas. He screamed in agony as she punched him in the neck, slicing his jugular vein. His blood spewed forth and painted the roof. Then he fell to the ground dead. His body convulsed and began to dry up and shrivel. After a few mere seconds, his body was a mere outline of ash.

"These were my favorite pajamas…" Kurei whispered sadly.

Three more soldiers clambered onto the roof with weapons drawn. A gun, a bladed boomerang and a scimitar approached her slowly, hoping to intimidate her. Kurei's mad grin replaced her sad expression and she rushed towards her opponents. The gunman fired rapid shots at her. His aim was impeccable. The bullet fired travelled quickly—and stopped an inch from her face. She wiped away the bullet and drove her tonfa through the scimitar wielder's stomach. She retracted her bloody fist and jumped into the air, landing on the gunman. He lost hold of his gun and it skittered away. She cut a main tendon on his right arm and jumped away, leaving him incapacitated but alive. The boomerang wielder renounced his weapon and put his hands into the air in surrender.

"Please don't hurt me…"

Kurei readied her tonfa but allowed it to drop. "Get out of here, then, and never return to the White Court." The boomerang wielder needed no other words. He leapt onto the nearest roof and jumped down onto softer ground. Kazuki could hear his footsteps retreat into the night. Six more men hopped onto the roof as well as the man in the red suit. Two held nunchaku and grinned wickedly. Kurei relaxed a little bit at seeing them as the red suit man grinned wickedly.

"Go get him, boys. Our game of cat and mouse are over."

The boys smiled back and kicked off the roof. They seemed to be even faster than Kurei. She looked from one nunchaku to the other and leapt onto the nearest one. The force of her attack threw him off the roof with a sickening crunch and the other managed to get his hands on Kazuki and began suffocating the young man with the chain. "Tick tock, Hatter. Tick tock!"

Kurei turned her back on the red suited man and attempted to approach Kazuki. The red clad man's claymore sliced though her side and she toppled over in pain. "Tsk tsk, girl. Never turn your back on an enemy…" Kurei dropped her left tonfa and stifled the bleeding with her hand. She ripped off the bottom of her shirt with her tonfa and tied it across her slim waist like a bloody cummerbund. With shaky legs she stood and faced her opponent.

"Let. Kazuki. Go. NOW!" She hissed.

He approached her, his pearly teeth glinting. The sun began to rise and light blue and tangerine colors bounced off his wild eyes. He grabbed her by the shoulder and leaned in. Kurei was frozen in fear. She was so scared that, even at close quarters, she felt as though she held the disadvantage. She tried moving and even managed to shakily put her tonfa in front of her in defense. He laughed huskily and leaned into her ear. She could feel his breath on it and felt disgusting.

"Make me."

Kurei's eyes bulged as his claymore met with her stomach. He twisted it around for good measure and then pulled it out. She toppled to the ground and began coughing blood onto the rooftop. "Come on, men. We have the champion. Our job here is done." The man with the nunchaku let go and Kazuki could breathe again. His vision returned to him and he could feel his heart pounding in his temples. He looked around for Kurei and found her bleeding on the ground profusely.

"Kurei!" He cried as he raced towards his, what? Teacher? Enemy? Friend? He couldn't be sure anymore.

Kurei looked up at him with those light green eyes of hers and frowned at him. Through a blood pasted mouth she whispered, "Run" and collapsed from blood loss. Hot tears sprang into his eyes and he whipped his head to face the man in the red suit.

"You," he growled dangerously, "You killed MY FRIEND."

The man in the red suit raised a quizzical eyebrow at the boy. "And," He asked, "What about it?"

Kazuki growled in response and ripped at his chest. In his hand sprung not two swords as he had been practicing with, but a white kite shield and a barbed purple blade. "You BASTARD!" He yelled and ran at the man. He raised his claymore to defend and Kazuki met it with his amethyst sword. His claymore fell back into him and cut through his lapels.

"This is my favorite suit!"

Kazuki smacked the man with his shield and shoved him back. The man defended with his claymore and fell back. The younger boy was on him in an instant. He bashed the man's face again and twirled around, slashing the man's tie off and giving him a surface scratch on his torso. Kazuki was relentless and kept on him. Most of the hits Kazuki landed were small and insignificant but his relentlessness and the man's wounds made him sluggish and unresponsive. Finally the man dropped his claymore and put his hands up in surrender as the man with the boomerang had.

"Just let me go, okay? Just give me some of that good guy mercy. Please?"

Kazuki's green eyes widened and anger took over once more. He rested his blade at his side and approached the man. None of the other six on the roof tried to stop him. He approached the man and stopped in front of him. Kazuki looked up with a smirk on his face and leaned into the man. He was a breath away from his ear and chuckled into it. His blade twitched in his hand and he whispered as the man had.

"Make me."

The purple blade entered the man's stomach and, instead of twisting it as the man had, he repeatedly took out the blade and stabbed the man until he slumped onto Kazuki's shoulder. With his once white shield he pushed the man off his sword. He bent on his knees and began wiping his blade off on the tailored suit his victim wore. Kazuki looked up with a blood splattered face.

"Is one of you a healer?"

No one replied. No one even moved.

"I said is one of you a HEALER? Surely you have healers in this messed up world I was dragged into.

One man with a bald head and a scarred face raised his hand shakily. "I-I am." Kazuki stood up and dropped his weapons. They separated into a blue and red light that was seemingly sucked back into his heart.

"You best make sure she lives then, healer, because if she doesn't I'm killing all of your men like I killed your boss. Do you got that, soldier?"

The bald man gulped audibly and nodded, running over to his now patient.

Kazuki walked to the man's charge and held guard over her. He eyed the other five warily and said, "Well come on now. You all sit down where I can keep an eye on you. If you even try escaping know I that I will leave you in the hands of the Hatter unit. I hear a few of them are rather sadistic." Two of the men shivered visibly, obviously having experienced the Hatter unit first hand. Those two sat down first and the other three followed suit, sitting closer to Kazuki so he wouldn't view them as a threat.

What just happened? He asked himself. First I know is Kurei and I are running and next I've got one sword… Oh my God I killed someone. Oh my God Kurei's dead! What do I do? Who can I call? I killed someone! What do I do with that guy's goons? Kazuki thought this as he glared angrily at the healer. He knew he couldn't afford to think now, because with thinking came memories and he couldn't afford to think about what he had done now. Not now when these men, the only ones who could save Kurei's life, were only doing so because they were afraid of him and what he could do. Kazuki sighed and wiped at his face. He sighed lightly in the early morning light.

It had been so easy to take another man's life.

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