Carnivals Aren't Always Bad

"Piper! Come on! Let's go!" Adriana yelled unbuckling her seat belt and running out of the car. Vita also ran out from the back of the car, screaming out of happiness. I sighed and leaned my head back on the leather seat, slowly unbuckling my seat belt and opening the door into the night. It was warm, around seventy degrees, and it would be pitch black, except the carnival lights illuminated the dirt ground. "Piper! I want to go on all of the rides! Come on you lazy butt!" Adriana screamed into my ear as I groaned.

"Adriana, we're twenty five. Not eight," I said slapping her lightly on the arm. "I just want to go home."

Vita piped up. "Oh please. We both know that all you would do is sulk about Josh breaking up with you, and eat chocolate. We're not going to let that happen," I sighed. She knew me too well.

"I would have let you guys take me out, but a carnival? Really?" I asked snorting as we started walking towards the booths.

"It's fine. Who knows. Their might be hot guys here," Adriana hinted smiling, and raising her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, and someone will find me attractive in this," I said sarcastically, pointing to my Nike shorts and my Wisconsin University tee shirt, with no makeup.

"You look fine, you silly goose! Now lets get going, I want to go everywhere!" Vita yelled, giving me an athletic butt slap as we walked towards the carnival.

I shuddered as we were finally at the booths. Carnies. Freaky. I don't know if it was the odd features, like the bearded lady, or just the stereotype. I moved closer to Vita. "Vita, these people are scary," I whispered.

"Your mean. I mean, you did date one of them," She said laughing, as Adriana bought tickets and handed them to us.

"Um, what the hell are you talking about? I never dated a carny!" I questioned, raising one brow.

"Josh, you weirdo," Vita answered as her and Adriana started cracking up.

"Hey. Uncalled for. He was cute, and sweet, and nice..." I started, thinking about Josh, his facial features, his smile, his lips.

"Sweetie, he also cheated on you with a total skank," Adriana said sympathetically, putting her arm around me and half hugging me. "Oo! Guys! Lets do the game where you throw balls at bottles!" She squealed, taking her arm off.

"That sounds a little dirty," Vita mentioned, laughing. "But sure," I sighed. I still wanted to be at home, sulking. We walked up to the booth, little kids crying because they didn't win, and boys winning prizes for girls. I gulped, thinking about the last time I went to the carnival with Josh, and he won me a teddy bear. I shook that thought away, making a mental note to give the teddy bear to Adriana's pittbull, Coco.

"I call going first!" Adriana yelled, jumping in front of Vita and I, handing a carny, with a quote tattooed on his face, tickets.

"Be my guest," I sighed, letting her in front of me. Adriana, not the most sporty girl, more like a girly girl, only knocked down two of the six pins. She shrugged, and stepped to the side and watched Vita go. As Vita was playing, a man stepped next to me, and looked down at me, and my five eight frame.

"Want me to win you something cupcake?" The man asked, grinning like a fool. I rolled my eyes and looked up at him, seeing he was around my age, had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was about six three.

"No thank you. I can handle things on my own thank you very much," I growled, putting my black hair into a high pony tail, waiting for my turn. What a creep. Well, a cute creep, but still a creepy guy all in all.

"Sure. How about we make a bet? If you get all of those bottles down, I'll leave you alone. But if you don't, you have to kiss me," The creepy guy suggested. I gasped.

"Are you serious! What if I don't want to do this bet?" I practically yelled.

"Oh, then I'll just follow you and your friends around until you do the bet," He said grinning. I grumbled.

"Your on," I accepted, sticking out my hand for him to shake. When he looked away, I grinned. He didn't know I played softball in college.

When it was finally my turn, I threw as hard as I could, and I wasn't surprised when I knocked all of them down. I grinned. "See ya!" I yelled at the guy, whose mouth had fallen open in surprise. "Lets go guys!" I squealed, practically skipping off.

"Wait Miss! You forgot your prize!" The carny yelled from behind the booth.

"It's okay. I already got my prize," I yelled back, thinking that I won't have to kiss the man now. Ha.

As we walked towards the next game, Vita squeezed my arm. "Who was that cutie you were talking to?" She asked, giving me a smile and raising her brows.

"You mean creepy guy?" I asked, almost tripping on a pebble.

"Even if he was creepy, damn! He was hot!" Adriana squealed, giving a small hop of excitement.

"Whatever," I snorted, blowing a piece of hair out of my face. "Let's eat. I could really go for some fatty foods right now, considering you wouldn't let me go home and eat chocolate."

"Okay! I could eat too!" Adriana chimed, brushing her red hair out of her face and fixing her skirt. We stepped up to a tent where they were selling food, and I settled on a funnel cake, topped with a huge amount of powdered sugar. We sat down at a picnic table and dug in.

"Hey, guys, do you remember playing truth or dare when we were younger?" Vita asked, sipping her soda. Adriana and I nodded. "Do you want to play it now?" She grinned.

"Oh my gosh! Yes!" Adriana screamed.

"Fine, since you want to so badly, truth or dare, Adri?" I asked, taking a bite of funnel cake and wiping my hands on a napkin.

She thought for a moment. "Dare," she answered smiling.

"Okay. I dare you to go up to -," I looked around for a moment. " - that guy -," I pointed to a man our age, hanging out with friends, with a tattoo of a rose on his left bicep. " - sit on his lap, and start making out with him," I finished, starting to laugh.

"He's hot! Okay!" Adriana squealed again, flounced up and walked over to the guy. She sat on his lap, as he looked surprised, and started the make out session as his friends cheered and whooped. Adriana stopped, smiled, and talked with him for a minute. I could tell he was smiling too. She grinned, and walked away licking her lips. "Best. Dare. Ever."

"It was that good?" Vita asked chuckling.

"We're going out tomorrow!" Adriana answered, still smiling. Vita and I laughed. Adriana was always a flirt. "Well, Miss Vita. Truth or dare?" Adriana asked, glancing over at the guy she had been making out with and waved sweetly.

"Dare!" Vita blurted out right away. Apparently, Adriana had anticipated this answer, and had already picked out a dare.

"Okay. Go over to that hormonal sixteen year old boy, and in the most flirty way you can, give him your number," Adriana said smiling evilly.

"Your a bitch. But fine," Vita scowled and laughed. She did three things to prepare herself. Took out her lipstick, and applied a thick coat. She then took out a scrap of paper from her bag, wrote a random number, and kissed the paper. Finally, she pulled her pink bra up so it was coming out of her tank top, and then pulled up her denim shorts so they were barely covering her. "Wish me luck, ladies."

"How did we become friends with her?" Adriana laughed, and then continued to watch Vita, as she walked over to the boy, leaned over so he could see her chest, and slipped him the number. She then kissed his cheek, and walked over to us, about to crack up.

"Happy?" Vita asked, wiping off the lipstick from her lips. Adriana and I nodded, giggling. "Piper. It's you turn."

"Shit. I'll pick for you. Dare!" I sighed, awaiting my dare.

Vita started looking around, and grinned. She handed me her iPod, as I raised a brow at her action. "I dare you, to go up to him, and start dancing to Hey Ya," Vita giggled.

"No! Anything but that. You know I'm the worst dancer on earth!" I yelled, hanging my head back.

"Hey, all's fair in truth or dare!" Adriana smiled. I groaned, found Hey Ya on the iPod, and trudged over to the man. I stepped to the picnic table the man was sitting at.

"Oh fucking shit!" I yelled when I realized who the man was. It was Creepy Guy. "Okay Creepy Guy -" I started.

"I'm Reese," Creepy g- I mean Reese said.

"I'm Piper. Those people I was just sitting with," I pointed to my friends, who waved and then cracked up when they saw who it was. "we were playing truth or dare, and I have to start dancing. So excuse me while I show you the worst dance moves anyone ever saw," I hit play, and started to the music, doing the worst dance moves I could do. Like the sprinkler, running man, and others that you would most likely see Tina Fey dancing. What surprised me next, was that Reese got up, and started dancing with me. By the time the song was done, Adriana and Vita were literally on the ground, laughing.

"Well, thanks. Bye," I said, snatching the iPod, and walking away.

"See you later cupcake," Reese laughed. I shot him a glare, and went to my friends.

"Looks like you had fun!" Adriana giggled.

"Let's just get going," I growled, handing Vita her iPod. We threw away our stuff, and I let out a sigh of relief, knowing that I wouldn't have to see Reese again.

"Come on guys, just one more ride!" Adriana yelled, running up to a Ferris wheel. We waited in line, and finally got to the front as we all three of us piled into one seat.

"Whoa, Miss. Only two to a seat," The operator said to me, holding my arm.

"Fine. I'll just wait for you two to get off. I didn't want to go on anyways," I told Vita and Adriana, climbing down the steps.

"Wait! I'll go with her!" Someone yelled from the bottom of the steps. I groaned.

"Reese? No," I groaned again. Reese smiled and climbed up the stairs, pulling me into the car.

"Come on cupcake. You still owe me from that bet," Reese chuckled, pulling the handle from above our heads to down over our laps.

"Excuse me? But I won that bet," I yelled into his ear, and looking back at Vita and Adriana, who laughed and winked at me. I sighed. Reese and I were the last car, so the operator closed the gate to come into the ride, and started it up. I scooched to the farthest edge away from Reese, and started mentally yelling at Adriana and Vita.

A few minutes later, as we were at the very top, the Ferris wheel jerked to a halt. I screeched as I held onto my purse. "Folks, we have a problem," The operator yelled from the bottom of the ride. "It will be about two hours until we can get you down,"

My mouth fell open. "Fuck! Are you kidding me?" I screamed down. The operator yelled. I couldn't believe it. I was going to be up here, stuck with Reese.

"Just more time with me, cupcake," Reese smiled and winked. I rolled my eyes.

After an hour of silence, and me playing Angry Birds on my phone, my phone got a Facebook notification, saying "Josh Burks posted a photo on your wall." My heart skipped a beat. Maybe he wanted me back. Maybe, just maybe. I checked my wall as fast as I could, and my heart sank as I saw what it really was. It was a photo, of him and the skank he left me for, kissing. Above the photo, was a post. It said, "Ha. Having much more fun with her than you, bitch." I gulped, trying to stop the tears. I can't believe he posted this. I couldn't stop it. The tears just started falling. I didn't care if I was on a Ferris wheel with a stranger, I just had to. It didn't take me long before I was bawling.

"Cupcake? Are you okay?" Reese asked, moving closer to me.

"No. Just leave me alone," I whispered, my hands covering my face.

"Can't you tell me?" he asked.

"Oh. You want to know what happened? I came home to my ex-boyfriend making out with a total skank on my couch. Oh, did you need to know more? He just posted a picture of him and the girl on my Facebook wall, saying a horrible messege. Now you know! Are you happy?" I screamed, tears falling down my face. "Just leave me alone."

"Oh, cupcake. I'm sorry," Reese whispered. I then did something I never thought I would. I threw myself on Reese and started bawling. He hugged me tight, kissed my forehead, and rubbed my back. "Shhh. It's okay," I looked up to him and he gave a reassuring smile.

"Can I ask a question?" I asked cuddling up to him.

"Of course."

"Why did you come up to me at the booth?" I asked, waiting for an answer.

"You were gorgeous. Even in athletic clothes, and with no makeup, and I knew I had to have you," Reese answered, and I could tell he was smiling. I felt myself break into a smile. I had never felt this beautiful, and wanted.

"I'm going to tell the truth," I said straightening myself up, and looking him straight into the eyes.

"Yes, cupcake?" He smirked. I laughed.

"I really wish I would have lost that bet," I admitted, as Reese broke into a grin from ear to ear. He then grabbed my face, and pulled me towards him. I knew what was going to happen next. I slipped my arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately for at least a few minutes. We both broke away, and grinned. I cuddled up to him again. I could deal being with him for another hour and a half now.

"So Piper. Are you going to let me take you out?" Reese asked, looking down at me. I laughed, and kissed him again.

"As long as it's not another carnival."