"James." Emma's voice cracked nervously as she twisted a strand of her auburn hair around her recently manicured finger. She was standing in the busy hallway of the high school the two shared. Her boyfriend turned around, then smiled, happy that his girlfriend was at school. She had been absent for the past week and wouldn't answer his texts.

He hurried over to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist, his brown bangs covering his emerald colored eyes, which sparkled happily. "Yeah, babe?" He asked, kissing her cheek.

Untangling herself from James, she grasped his hand. "We need to talk." She replied sternly, leading him away from the crowd. James followed, grimacing. 'That's not a good sign.' He thought. James followed his girlfriend up the first, second, and third floor stairs until they reached the roof.

Emma finally stopped, still holding James's hand. She began to panic. 'Should I tell him?' She wondered. But it was to late; she was already reaching into her purse. Pulling out the stick, she whispered loudly, "You're going to be a daddy."

James froze, and for a moment, the worst thoughts and scenarios flooded her head. But by the time she reached the scenario of being a single mother with thirty cats, she was surprised to find James hugging her, a big smile decorating his face.

"That is awesome!" He shrieked happily. "For a minute I thought you were dumping me!" He rattled on; unaware that Emma was ready to slap him. Suddenly, she snapped.

"It's not great, darn it!" She yelled, a flock of pigeons on a nearby flittering off, jittering angrily.

James's face was hurt. "It isn't?" He asked sadly.

A pang of regret lurched her stomach. Resting her head on his shoulder, she mumbled, "No, I'm happy that I'm pregnant with your kids", she glanced upwards," It's just going to be difficult."

James smiled softly at his grey-eyed girlfriend. "Of course it will be." He agreed with her. "But you won't be alone."

/Ten months later/

"I'm calling them!" Emma threatened, anger rising at the brim of her throat. She clutched Daniel and Juliet. The month year olds were wide eyed, their gray eyes alert and attentive.

James snarled. "I don't give a damn! I didn't want this!" His hand slammed against the table, and the glass vase went flying in Daniel's direction. Pulling the infants to her breast, she crouched, forming a perfect shield over the babes. With a loud, cracking sound, the vase shattered against Emma's head, pieces of glass sticking into her head. With a gasp, she collapsed onto the hardwood floor, dropping to her knees. Her sister, Sara, ran into the room, gasped, and closed her fingers around the cordless phone. James charged at Emma, his eyes aflame.

"Jared! Eddie!" Sara hollered. "Get James!"

Emma gasped as Sara hung up the phone. She shoved the babies towards Sara.

"Never." She whispered. "Tell them." Curling up into a ball, she allowed the sharp, broken glass to sink into her head as her abused body shut down for the last time.