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Chapter 16: Michael

I Discovered

My feelings for another man

The beginning of my senior

Year. I realized it when I started

To pay more attention to the guys

In porn, more than the girls. At

First I denied them, and tried to

Force them out of me. I slept with

Women that I had no feelings for,

I watched lesbian porn constantly,

And tried to pray the gay away. I

Tried that for two months, but my

Feelings wouldn't go away.

I Slipped

Into a depression that lasted for

A month. I bought some anti-depressants

From a drug dealer at my school,

And those seemed to work for a while,

But then I ran out of pills, and money.

I couldn't go to a therapist without

My parents finding out, and if they

Did find out, they would keep

Pestering me until I would tell them



I ran out of pills the depression came

Back. My grades were slipping, I was

Becoming distant from my friends, and

Myself. I contemplated suicide a couple

Times, but when I thought about all of

The sadness that that would cause my

Family, and friends, I couldn't bring

Myself to do it. I even figured out what

Time and day I would do it, but when it

Was time to do it, I couldn't bring myself

To swallow the pills.

My Girlfriend

Didn't seem to notice a change

In my behavior. That was when

I finally brought myself to see the

Truth that was staring me in the

Face. She didn't care about me,

She never did. She only cared

About herself and her image. If

I killed myself she wouldn't care.

I started to become happier, and

Back to my original self. Realizing

That my girlfriend was a heartless

Bitch helped, but what did the most

Good was meeting him. The man who

I would fall for.

It Started

When I heard someone slip

His name into a conversation

Of out gay and lesbian kids in

My school. I heard his name

Before, but never in that context.

I didn't know much about him,

So I did some research. After

Seeing his picture, I remembered

That I had a couple classes with

Him before. We never talked

Before, so I knew that it would

Be hard for me to get close to

Him. I didn't know why I was

Trying to find him, I didn't know

Anything about him, but I wanted

To know him. I think the main

Reason was that he didn't seem

Like all the other out gay guys

At my school. He seemed 100%

Straight, except for the fact that

It seemed that he liked dick.

The First Time

I met him was during lunch one

Day. I didn't plan on talking to

Him, or even get close to him,

But sometimes life goes in my

Favor. A fight broke out between

Two underclassmen while lunch

Was going on. He happened to

Be the first one to respond and try

To break it up. I ran over to try and

Help, because he was not doing well

By himself, and in the process I got

Myself punched in the face. When

That happened a bunch of other

Guys got up and separated the two

Kids, while he came to my rescue and

Took me to the nurses office.

My Hand

Was covering my nose, which was

Bleeding badly. He got me some

Napkins to try to stop the bleeding,

But they were now stained red.

"Don't worry, we're almost there,"

He said.

"That was not one of my more

Finer moments."

"You tried to help, which is a lot more

Than I can say for all the other people


"Yeah, but I got myself punched

In the face. If I knew that would

Happen, I may have not decided

To lend my services to the cause."

"Hey, now at least you can get out of

Class for the rest of the day. That is

Always a plus in my book."

"Yeah, but I may need to spend the

Rest of the day in the hospital."

"Yeah, but now the whole school

Will think you are a hero."

"But you did the most work, all I

Did was get punched in the face."

"True, but you are super jock. Everyone

Will always think you are the hero."

"Well I won't let that happen. I

Will let them know that you did

The most life-saving."

"Thanks, but you don't have to do that,"

He said as we got to the nurse's office.

"I know, but I will."


"Because not all super jocks are the

Same. They aren't all selfish assholes,

Despite popular belief."

"Well maybe you will have to show

Me then sometime."

"Maybe," I said as I went into the nurse's

Office. Upon entering, I realized that I

Survived my first experience flirting

With another man. It felt right. I felt

Like I didn't need to keep fighting my