A/N Another chapter and stuff. This one turned out really short, I wrote it in school, so it seemed long at the time. I liked what I wrote, so when I typed it up I didn't add anything. I don't really have much else to say, so onto the chapter!

Chapter 27: Angela


To one of his many friends

He went to go get a drink

And they haven't seen him

Since. They weren't much

Help, but that was the only

Lead I had, even though I

Could see the drink station

From here and could tell that

He wasn't there.

I Was Confused.

If he loved me, why

Would he leave me

Alone on Prom Night?

Could he be cheating

Again? He told me he

Never would again, but

Everybody lies.

I've Told Lies.

Big ones, small ones,

Little white ones. No

One can go their whole

Life lie free. Samuel

Told me lies, he always

Told me lies. I couldn't

Trust him, so why was

I still with him?

It May Seem

Stupid, maybe even childish,

But I love him. I don't know

Why, it's unconditional I


I Think

I'm stupid for caring so

Much about someone who

Hurt me before, and continues

To hurt me. I just can't help

It, he has me under his spell.

I am trapped by his charm, his

Smile, his looks, everything. I

Don't think I could escape if I

Wanted to.


The sex is no longer good.

I don't get turned on by him

Anymore. Did I ever get

Turned on by him? I don't

Know, I can't remember.


About all of this took

The happiness away from

My soul, and seeing him

Walk out of the door of

The gym with another girl

Replaced my happiness

With rage.