The Battle of the Seasons

Here is Autumn; turning leaves red and golden brown as she passes.
She tells the flowers to hurry and hide,
Winter is coming soon and she'll cover them all in frost.

Winter comes on and pushes past Autumn,
banishing her to Winter's icy castle.
She turns the flowers to ice and drapes the trees in mantles of snow.
She freezes the lakes and fills the air with frost.

Spring, in his wake, comes, warming the earth,
pushing the flowers up, greening the trees.
He scrapes off the snow; he melts the lakes,
and turns Winter in her path.

He pushes on, only to tripped by Summer,
freeing Autumn, as he rushes on to warm the sands of the beaches,
to beckon on the sun, so he can dry the grass.

Then Autumn in her ecstasy of joy, breaks forth,
pulling the leaves until the trees are bare;
Leaving Summer to ponder the cycle,
and to feel rejected, as Autumn revels in the beauty of nature.