January 9th, 2011

I won't promise to write every day. I tend to be a little forgetful that way. I'll probably forget to write for a week, a month, hell, maybe even a year.

I actually got this journal a long time ago, like, last year from (fairy) my god mother. Long story.

So any way, school starts tomorrow. HUMPH. High school is pretty cool but sometimes I do miss my elementry school and my old friends.

Well... Not much left to say so...

Yours truly, Camellia S.

February 8th, 2011

I already told you I won't be writing daily, but who cares?


OMG Emilie is getting annoying. She's such a control freak. For the Shakespeare play (yeah, I'm writing something that happened, like, two weeks ago or something) I didn't show up for my first practice (it was only the first practice!) and she was going on and on about how she "can't take it anymore!" ANYMORE? It was only once for christ's sake! ONCE!

And then she told Miss Stevenson, and hence forth, Miss Stevenson got me in trouble with my parents! I mean like, WTF?

Even her friend from elementary school is starting to dislike her. (and I don't blame her!)

Also, Karin, my friend from (or since, whatever floats your boat) kindergarten is really getting a tude! We see eachother every weekend at Karate and she's forgetting to say please and thank you! My four year old cousin knows better then that!


Camellia S.

- Note from January 29th-

Karin's getting better! And Emilie too! But she's still annoying!

May 13, 2011

OMG! Friday the thirteenth! AHHHHH! (Alright guys, let's not over reaAHHHHHH!)

Alrighty! I've decided to make a B4 I turn 20 "bucket" list! (Yes, yes, I know bucket lists are for before one dies, but I chose it because it has a nice ring, not because I intend to die at the age of twenty. Hence the "")

Well, moving on, here's my "bucket" list

B4 I Turn 20 "Bucket" List

Go zip lining

Go gliding

Go scuba diving

Go to France

Drive a car

Become black belt -Note from March 2, 2012-almost there!-

On the other hand, there's also a little more secretive b4 I turn 20 bucket list:

"Secretive" B4 I turn 20 "Bucket" List

Have first kiss

Kiss romanically in the rain

Pull a major prank that everyone will look back at and laugh and leave my great great grand children gaping at their history textbook

Do something so amazing and awesome that will leave anyone who saw it awestruck (I'm not sure what, but it will happen!)

Become a ninja prince who fights crime with a candy cane! (Just kidding... or am I?)

Needless to say I'm a secret hopeless romantic, though mark my words, I will NEVER admit it to a breathing being, and if I do, said being won't be breathing for long.

Other then that not much to say so toodles!

-Camellia S.

May 14, 2011

This might seem a little depressing but for some reason I find myself feeling like a sad puzzle that could never be completed because one of it's pieces are missing.

I feel like I'm searching for something but I don't know what. Will I ever find what I'm looking for? Is it someone to love, or is it peace? Cripes, I sound like an eighty year old poet or something, but it's a lonely feeling like I hope no one ever would feel.

What exactly am I looking for? Will I ever find out? Am I going to feel like this for the rest of my life?