The melody of my heart plays as soft and sweet as the instrument playing it.

What is this melody that roles through my heart?

Is it love?

Or is it just a crush that will be gone by tomorrow?

Should I follow this melody?

Or just hope it goes away?

I want to line the pieces up.

Will this feeling go away once I confess?

Or will it just go away once I forget him?

What will I do when this feeling goes away?

Would I be happy when it is gone?

Or will I be devastated for holding it so long?

I'm scared for what I might feel in the future.

Truthfully, I never want to forget him.

I want to spend as much time with him before he leaves.

But do I have an idea on how to do so?

The questions still roles through my head

How does he feel about me?

Does he feel the same way I do?

Or does he just think of me as the friend he can trust?

I trust him with all my heart.

But does he trust me?

Probably not, but maybe he does.

Who am I to belittle what he thinks of me?

I have no place in that.

Those questions still remain.

What will I do?