True Friends are people who trust you

They are always there when you need them

They never ignore your problems

True Friends are those who don't exclude you from the group

They will always tell you when something happens

No matter what it is.

True Friends always talk to you and make you feel welcomed

They love you for the weird fruitcake you are

They love the same things you do

True Friends argue with you about something stupid

Then two seconds later everything is fine

They don't get jealous if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend

True Friends tell you when you've done something wrong

They give you advice for your problems

Instead of ignoring them

True Friends remind you about the good things you have

They help you through the hard times

They care for your happiness

True Friends know you from inside and out.

They remember your birthday

They know what you like

True Friends listen

They see

They know

They love

True Friends are the people that are hard to find.

Friends are easy to find

You can have over a hundred friends

Who pretend to care

Who pretend to be close

Who pretend to know who you are

But really don't care at all

But you can only have a few True Friends

Those who care

Those who are closer then family

And those who your parents are willing to adopt