There are many doors

Where they lead is unknown.

In this dream, I am the key.

I have the power to open the doors.

But I need to decide wisely.

Which should I choose?

The one to the left?

Or the one to the right?

What about the one in the center?

There are many decisions.

"Why not try the first door?"

A voice rings.

All I see is past mistakes on the other side.

"The past is what you hold onto."

I should move on.

The second door

I see a room full of the present.

"This is what is now."

I get chills down my back.

Decisions are to be made.

I look through the next key hole.

The future is all I see.

Life long happiness.

"The future you is what you want."

Don't hold back on dreams.

"Now choose… Which will you hold onto?"

Past, present, future.

Past mistakes to let go.

Present choices to decide on.

Future decisions to think about.

I should let go of the past.

Hold onto the present.

Look forward to the future.

I want to choose my own path.

Let's see where that leads.