-This play has a lot of characters. There's a huge cast of major and minor characters, but most roles are principle speakers.

-It's kind of like many different stories in one. It takes place in the mind of Terrence or on the pages his writes. But in the end, it combines into one large story.

-Knowledge of the character's story is needed. Each character has a unique tale and occupation, so stage business and setting the scene in a novel world is needed.

-Open-mindedness is key. This play definitely plays along side with a variety of viewpoints that seem slightly mature, such as homosexuality, cheating, and all the crazy like. Actors and crew must be open to all ideas.

-Distinguish between the novel world and the real world. Get creative and find some way to distinguish the two apart from each other. There's going to be a lot of moving back and forth between them.

-Be ready for anything~ This play calls for many situations that occur throughout the story. Whether it's singing, dancing, action, romance, or anything like that; the actors and crew have to be willing to shape to what the script calls for.


The Real Life Scenario:

Terrance is a striving young author with the ultimate dream of creating the perfect novel. He's coming up with unique ideas to write about, but never seems to develop the right tale. His boss, Dan 'The Man' VanDame never seems to help the situation, giving him deadlines to meet up with, new propositions and things that seem impossible.

But when Terrance's previous novel, The Adventures of Mags the Magnificent (and Kristoph), flops over, his older sister decides to give him a proposition that puts his career and dream on the line.

The Show Must Go On Scenario: Drama, Comedy

The soap opera, My Burning Passion, finally auditions for its first cast, young actress Regan Newton gets the role as the main character! Excited about this new profound job, she fails to realize that her co-star is the most arrogant person in the entire world. With their clashing personalities, will the show be ruined or will even more trouble occur instead?

Paper Chains Scenario: Drama

Ein had always wanted to pursue a career in photography for the tabloids and news. Being the assistant for a crazy doctor did get boring after awhile, after all. But after hearing about a job opening, Ein decided it was his chance to go after that dream job. The only thing standing in his way is an over-worked editor who won't accept help from anyone.

Crisis Scenario: Comedy

Carson and his roommates have lived a decently crazy life that has just gotten worse and worse. With their house foreclosed, a funeral coming up, and a wedding about the happen, things couldn't possibly get worse. Oh wait, they can when Theodore confesses to Carson that he loves him!

Cast List

Males: 14

Females: 9

(Sydney can be cast as male or female.)

Real Life:

Terrence Sunset: Also known as Terry. Age 26. He's a young man yet a very intellectual and sarcastic writer trying to come up with a story of his own. He clashes often with his bosses as he tries to pursue his ideas for the perfect book.

Yolanda Hayes: Also known as Lonnie. Age 23. She's a young lady fresh out of college and ready to work. Instead, she ended up being roommates with Terrence and Akira still. She's often a source of inspiration for Terrence when it comes to his novels.

Akira Takashiro: Age 24. He's an exchange student currently striving for a career in some form of artistic form. He's noted (literally) to be homosexual. But despite the awkward tension at moments, Terrance uses him as a big source of inspiration as well.

Dan 'the Man' VanDame: Age 43. He's an extremely ego-centric man doing things mainly so he can get money, appreciation, and all things greedy. He and Terrence get into fights often, but Dan reluctantly puts up with Terrence's antics.

Leanne Myers: Age 30. Terrence's older sister who is in politics and often antagonizes Terrence for not having a 'professional' occupation.

The Novels Characters: [Ages can vary depending on the contexts of who you wish to cast.]

Regan Newton: (The Show Must Go On) A proud young woman who inspires to be an actor. She's temperamental, headstrong, and a complicated girl who seems to give everyone a hard time.

Evan Raptis: (The Show Must Go On) Regan's main antagonist, co-star, and love interest. Evan is a condescending and arrogant young man with a superiority complex. He finds it intriguing that Regan challenges his authority.

Kumari Darzi: (The Show Must Go On) A very tiny young lady who works as a crew member. She's loud and very opinionated, thus meaning she'll voice out everything on her mind.

Aria Bradford: (The Show Must Go On) Evan's current girlfriend. She's meek and quiet and extremely contrasting to Regan and Evan's personalities.

Jace Jordan: (The Show Must Go On) Often mentioned by Kumari when talking with Regan. He's a mute athlete, but he is must more devious than he appears to be.

Ein Carlyle: (Paper Chains) A striving & happy-go-lucky young man who is currently working as the assistant for a doctor. He always wanted to go into the photography and paparazzi business, but never find the right moment to.

Atticus Cole Greyson: (Paper Chains) A man feeling trapped in his job due to the expectations his father had set. He's a sad figure and often consumes himself in his work to relieve his negative emotions, but that just leads to more stress for him.

Jackson Marsing: (Paper Chains) Or Jack as most people call him. He's Cole's assistant and best friend. He's not one to really argue, but he personally finds his job to be annoying.

Erica Walcott: (Paper Chains) Ein's odd friend and ex-girlfriend. Ein used to have a strange stalking issue with her just to annoy her, but it comforted Erica in an odd way.

Dr. Felix Cameron: (Paper Chains) Ein's boss accused of having necrophilia. He has a liking for musicals and organs (both contexts).

Carson Rendon: (Crisis) An ex-military man who eventually went into the tattoo industry. He still has that military discipline in him, but shows it in a more fatherly style to his roommates.

Theodore Hollander: (Crisis) A teacher's assistant who adores art and literature. He's a Shakespeare fan and loves reading new things. He's witty and has a hidden type of humor in his language.

Gunther Acker: (Crisis) A musician in a band with his roommate, Karen. He's a definite player and gets all the ladies (and men) to himself. Despite being a guitarist, he's more skillful when it comes to the piano.

Karen Warren: (Crisis) A musician in a band with her roommate and boyfriend, Gunther. She's cocky and energetic, ready to take on the world. But when the world decides to give her a hard time, she definitely throws a tantrum.

Lucia Larson: (Crisis) A recent addition to the roommates. She's got the mouth of a sailor and the anger of a bull, but Disney movies and ice cream seem to calm her down just fine.

Sydney Rendon: (Crisis) Carson's sibling who seems to be going through a gender crisis. They are a boy, but apparently dress like a girl... Or is it the other way around?

Louis Bonefaye: (Crisis) A bartender and Gunther's apparent 'friend.' It's unknown really if these two are having an affair, but judging by the random costumes and things lying around…

David Hopkins: (Crisis) A relationship counselor who is often talking with Lucia about her anger management. He's a 'way-out-there' cross dresser, but does good as his job despite the appearance.