Down the hall a song is heard

It sounds like a bird

But yet it is pure

Played by something that is acoustic

Walk down the hall and follow the music

A room full of light

During the night when the moon shines bright

Only you and a boy in a room filled with memories

You want to call out but you can't

You listen to the playing of a piano

When the boy is done, you speak

"Will you play that again?" you ask.

The boy looks at you and smiles

You walk across the shining room floor

Where you are no longer near the door.

Sit next to him and he plays again.

You hear the song

As long as the night stays with you

But will the light of the shining night sky stay?

You are positive that it will

The beautiful light shines in the room

On to the night covered floor

Where you see the shadows of the two people in the room

The moon shows on the floor

And you feel the magic of the night sky.