SCOPE stands for "Security Cooperation Operation – Perimeter Expertise". The SCOPE's board – which is just another word for "giant room filled with screens" is on Gliese 581g, a planet in the Libra constellation, and it's not so far from Earth.

There used to be inhabitants there, the Gliesens. They're similar to Humans in many ways, but completely different in others. Female Gliesens become "in heat" when their body is ready to hold a fetus, attracting any type of male, apart from animals or pets, with their pheromones. Male Gliesens, however, are more of a type of workers and are a very strong build compared to Humans. All types of Gliesens are caring, friendly, and very curious of other species. They also look very similar to Humans, but those who came from the dark side of Gliese 581g are very pale, and those who came from the light side are, obviously, tanned. There are many types of Gliesens, much like there are many types of Humans. Except, these guys don't fight each other.

Can you imagine how hurt these guys would have become when the Humans started pulling them off their home planet, and putting them on Mars and Earth? Humans separated families, children from mothers, wife separated from husband. They were also forced to take an implanted translator, so that Humans and Androids could understand what they were saying.

There was, naturally, a war between the Gliesens and the Humans – the "Glieman War". Androids were, obviously, on the Humans side, merely because Humans created them. The Gliesens lost because of their lack of resources, and almost a third of their population on Earth were killed. Those on Mars were safe, and did not attempt to avenge those whose lives were lost. Instead, they requested that the Humans and Androids find them a new planet. This request was denied. So, to make sure that the Gliesens didn't get any ideas of attacking anyone or anything, the Humans and Androids developed SCOPE, a Security cooperation operation they called "Perimeter Expertise". The "Board" is just a very long and very big complex with a heap of screens, which are connected to billions and billions of security cameras on Mars and Earth put together. Because Humans can't seem to live very long on Gliese 581g, so Androids man the stations. There is one Human supervisor, and he is half Cyborg – otherwise he wouldn't be able to live there very long and under those conditions.

Almost ten years, the first Human Gliesen child was born. It was the first symbol of Trust and Respect between the two races. I'm sure you can guess the "shock" the Humans felt when that child was killed when it was on its way to Earth.

Well, my name is Neela Vaalan. I am, by Human years, 26 years old. I don't want to know how old I am in Gliesen years, because a Gliesen year is almost less than 37 days. I lost both my husband and my child during the Glieman War. I am part of the Resistance, a group of Gliesens, Humans and Androids alike to escape Earth and Mars and away from SCOPE. If we'll succeed, I'm not entirely sure. If we don't . . . well, we died trying.