Marching into Chaos

I'm marching to a different song, sung by men in positions of power
Holding my rifle, rockets, and weapons of misery and destruction
I'm marching into a cold frontier, or the hellfire of the month
I'm storming into the middle of a nightmare and getting lost
I'm trying to find my way out of the darkening maelstrom
Mixed faces of enemies and comrades hidden in the wind
I shoot into the black madness in front of me and hope for a miracle
I close my eyes before the bullet hits me in the back

As my crimson life slowly leaves my body I see my past
Growing up as a small child in a small, forgotten town
I stare in awe at the faces of the brave, uniformed men on TV
I hope to grow up to be as strong as them someday
A few years have passed and I stand before them
My newly-buzzed hair glistening with the nervous sweat appearing on my head
I stand at attention as I await my first assignment
And I salute with a fierce grin and a light in my eyes

In the weeks before I leave I start to question my decision
Have I thrown myself into the middle of a heated political game?
Have I sacrificed my soul for a few campaign promises?
I shake my head, making these crazy thoughts disappear
The day of my destiny has finally arrived – I'm being sent abroad
I step onto the plane, turning around to wave and say my goodbyes
The tears I see falling from relatives' faces will always be flowing
I will never know that because I will never see them again…

Just a few hours ago I was anxiously awaiting the start of the battle
I stare at my fatigues and wish my hands would stop shaking
I look around at my fellow heroes, the same nervousness on display
I am ready to defend, fight, and live for my homeland
The heavy door of the airplane slowly starts to open
Smoke starts pouring in as I realize I'm in the middle of hell
The power, the fury, the sound of bombs dropping around me
This is not what I imagined, what I saw on the screen

I look to my left and see my best friend from college
I stare into his scared eyes as he begins to silently cry
This is not what we signed up for, what was promised to us
This is the Apocalypse, this is the end of the world
As I look around everything seems to move in slow motion
Silver flying by and penetrating into breathing flesh and bones
I hear muffled screams and see bodies hitting the ground
My vision and hearing failing as it all becomes a confusing story

I find myself in the present again, and I can't believe I'm dying
My heart beats slower, my breath taking a bit longer
This is the reality of war, marching into chaos, into the madness of it all
This was not the beautiful picture painted for me as a child
This is the dark reality of a world gone violent and insane
My last thoughts before I die make me cry and scream out in sorrow
I wish my family was here to comfort me in my darkest hour
I die alone on this battlefield, another lonely statistic in the news