The sound of smashing wood, steel, and glass echoed through the small village of Arano. Inside the schoolhouse there was a commotion that the entire village could hear.

"Calm down!" A woman screamed at a red haired boy. He turned away from her and grabbed a wooden table with one hand. He lifted the table and threw it across the room, barely missing the other students. The result was a splintering explosion of wood against wood. "This is the last straw!" The woman screamed at the top of her lungs. "You'll never set foot in this village ever again!"

The next day, an eerie silence fell over the village, one that hadn't been heard since the red haired boy had appeared in their midst. Now he stood at the edge of the village, staring blankly at the gates. Anger flared in him. In an instant, his eyes and hair became a blazing red and the letter he clutched in his hand turned to ash. It was his official banishment letter. He unclenched his fist and the remains of the letter were caught by the wind.

"I'll show you..." He whispered to himself. "I'll show you all..."