Willingly Trapped

"Can't you stay the night at least?" I asked him, hoping that for once he would do something I wanted him to do. Without even pausing in putting his clothes back on, he glanced over his tattooed shoulder and shook his head.

"Nah, can't. She will be getting in early in the morning, and she hasn't given me an estimate. So I don't wanna risk the chance of not being there," he said. He finally turned to me as he buttoned up his blue stripped shirt over his solid chest, giving me the intense urge to rip it off him. I looked up into his light blue eyes, not liking the disinterest I found there. Not a look a woman wants to see on the man she just had sex with, really. More and more I was starting to hate the little arrangement we had.

"Tell me again why I continue to do this?" I asked, anger quickly making me forget the last two and a half hours we had spent in bed.

"Don't start with this, Ella. I really don't have time. I want to get some shut eye before she arrives," he replied impatiently as he tied his black dress shoes, but then he quickly flashed me one of his wicked grins and added, "You've worn me out, baby."

"Told you to not call me baby," I whispered as he disappeared into the bathroom. Louder, wanting to have him hear me over the running water as he brushed his teeth, I said, "This is the last time."

One second, two seconds, and the running water stopped. He stepped into view. "What?"

I swallowed, and repeated, "I said that this is the last time. After tonight, no more."

He strode all the way into the bedroom. I sat up in the large bed, holding the blanket up to cover my breasts. Quite ridiculous, seeing how he has had three months of clear viewing. Still, it was automatic. Like bringing up a shield. With him, I was going to need it.

"Do you really believe that?" he asked as he leaned forward on the bed bracing himself on his tightly muscled arms. For a moment my gaze fell to his lips. He was close enough to kiss, and my stomach turned with the mere thought of it. Still, I brought my eyes up to his and nodded.

He chuckled, and gave me a quick peck, then retreated to the bathroom. I sat there wondering if I finally had freed myself, but his deep voice came to tear me from that thought.

"Baby, you know as well as I that you'll be asking me back into your bed next weekend after work."

The arrogant bastard, I thought. When did it happen that I let him be that sure of me? A one night stand had turned into a three month affair; not being a girlfriend, not being exclusive. He was a man that couldn't be tied down, he repeated over and over. He offered me amazing sex and some degree of companionship, but beyond that we were free to do as we wished. Sadly for me and my twisted sense of loyalty, I couldn't possibly sleep with or date anyone other than him. Which left me with nights spent wondering if he was in another woman's bed. Never would have believed myself the jealous type, but on those nights I couldn't deny it.

"No. We are done with this little game," I snapped back, surprising myself at the steady, angry tone I used. When he came out of the bathroom this time, he looked pissed off. I couldn't help but cower.

"I thought we were clear on this from the beginning. So what is the problem now?" he asked, or rather growled. He leaned on the door frame, arms crossing over his chest and legs the size of tree trunks and just as hard crossing in at the ankles. He was the very picture of annoyance.

"You are the problem. Your arrogance is frankly a turn off," I bravely said. Where did I get the courage to say this to him? I could see my reflection in the mirror behind him. I didn't look particularly courageous, with a mess of curls about my face and brown eyes slightly smeared with the evening eye makeup. I definitely looked like I had a long rump between the sheets.

"Is it?" he asked. I didn't like the purposeful look he gave me. As if he knew precisely just how much I wanted him back in bed. "I don't think that is it at all. My arrogance isn't the issue here," he paused. "The other women are."

I couldn't keep my face from showing he had hit the mark. It was out. Now what? He'll simply walk off and bid me farewell, right? Exactly what I wanted, no? It was what all my friends had been advising, to end it. My silence didn't do much to disprove his deduction.

He remained in the same spot, his face unreadable. "You could have just asked me to stop seeing other women."

"Would you have?" I asked with some doubt.

"No," he shrugged. "But I would have lied about it."

I couldn't help but laugh at that. I bitter laugh, mind you. I was not at all amused by his callousness. "Leave."

"Now, now, baby," he cooed as he pushed himself off the door frame and came towards the bed, the wicked grin back in his lips and eyes pleading. "We can figure this out without going for the extreme, can't we?"

"Leave," I said again, though this time I lost the conviction to back up the order. He kept coming, unbuttoning his shirt and leaving it hanging open to act as frame to the picture of his chest and flat abs, hiding the small hint of love handles he was so self-conscious about. I didn't move when his hands found my ankles between the rumpled blanket and sheets.

"You really don't want me to leave, and I really don't feel like going. Not just yet," he said and gave one hard tug of my ankles, making me slide on the bed towards him. Damn satin sheets! I still held on to the corner of the blanket covering me, not willing to make it easier on him.

I glared at him, wanting so badly to tell him to go to hell. Instead all that escaped me was a moan as his hands roamed up my legs and disappeared under the bunched up blanket.

Willingly Trapped II

Next morning I braced myself for the tongue lashing I was sure to get from Sabina. "Ella, you aren't seriously considering staying with him after last night, are you?" she challenged angrily. I couldn't help but look away to hide my doubts from my best friend. "You are crazy!"

"What would you like me to do? I am unhappy about it, but not having him in my life would make me down right miserable!" I hissed back, conscious of the other people dining around us. The booth was by far not private enough to have this sort of conversation. It was obvious that Sabina had no such worries as she glared at me with accusing hazel eyes.

"But he is such an asshole! Good sex does not make up for the treatment he is giving you," she said, pausing long enough on her tirade to take a sip of her cider. The pizza sat cooling in the middle of the table, yet untouched. "Besides, knowing you, you aren't even seeing that there are other men who would treat you like a queen if you stopped this affair with him."

"I still go out and party!" I tried to defend myself, though it seemed rather futile since I knew how right she was.

"Yeah, and at the end of the night you go home alone, or wait for him to text you and ask you to come over."

I took a slice of pizza and laid it on my plate, trying to give me some time to respond to that. Nothing came to mind as I burned my tongue on the first bite. "Damn!" I mumbled as I huffed and puffed.

"I still think you should give him the door next time," she added while tucking her short brown hair behind her ear so she could take a bite of pizza.

I grimaced, but coolly I was quick to point out, "So says the woman with a devoted husband."

"Hey, well, you could get the same thing if you let this idiot go," she said waving her hand absently.

"Is not like I can say he is cheating. We never said that we were exclusive to one another," I sighed, "which he is quick to mention often enough."

Sabina's long, hard stare didn't improve my mood. I took a drink of the cider and tried to change the conversation. "So, are we going out tonight?"

"I don't know. I didn't hear back from the other two, and I haven't even asked my husband. He knows just how crazy we get when we go out, and he's probably not going to be happy about him not going."

"Isn't that the point of a Girls' Night Out? No men?" I laughed. I could just imagine why exactly her husband would like to be around. How a socialite like her ended up with a recluse like him was pretty incredible.

A melodic beep came from my purse sitting beside me on the booth. She frowned and I stared at the offending purse. Before I reached for the phone I knew who it was. Apparently, so did she. I watched her as she got out of the booth and headed for the ladies' room, long legs carrying her gracefully across the restaurant's floor in an enviable way.


"Where are you, beautiful?" Came the voice on the other end. I was smiling before I could help myself.

"Having lunch with a friend," I said trying to sound curt. Don't think he bought it hearing him chuckle.

"I can just imagine who you are with. Say hi to her from me," he teased, knowing well enough how much she disliked him. "How long are you going to be?"

I glanced back to see if she was coming back, "We just got the food, so it will be another hour probably."

"I will be at your place in an hour and a half, then." he said and couldn't help but hold my breath.

Finally, I said, "I am going out with the girls tonight."

"That's cool, we still have enough time. I am meeting some business partners later, but wanted to see you before I went."

"You mean you wanted to have sex before you went," I was able to say. There was silence at the other end of the line. When his voice broke it I was startled.

"Why are you making it complicated, Ella? We have a good thing going,"

I laughed at that, "For you, it is!"

"I don't hear you complain-"

"Oh, don't even say it!" I interrupted him. Sabina returned at that moment, giving me a surprised look. I must have been louder than I intended. "Look, I can't see you today. I am sure you'll be able to find another one tonight."

She almost clapped at that.

"Fine. Whatever you want," he said to my utter shock. Next thing, the line went dead.

Willingly Trapped III

Blinking one, then twice, I still couldn't believe what I was seeing. His car sat idling in my driveway. Not something I expected to see after returning from the restaurant.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him when he came out of the car, suit perfectly pressed and his grin ready for me.

"I wanted to see you, so I came over," he said like that was the most obvious thing. "I've been waiting for half an hour. I almost thought you were standing me up."

"You can hardly say I stood you up if I did not make plans with you," I said testily. I made it to my front door, realizing he was following me. "I am not inviting you in."

"Why are you angry with me? Ella, I never played games with you." This brought me up short. I turned to look at him, key in hand. "You know I never lied to you, I was straight up about what we were both going to get out of this."

Grinding my teeth I opened the door, paused and exhaled. "So sex is all you want, right?"

He looked as if I wounded him deeply, and with something close to a pout he answered, "Don't put it like that. I enjoy your company, baby."

"Do you?"

"Yes, of course I do!" he insisted.

"Then explain why you refused every invite to go out? Why you could never meet me unless it was your place or mine?" I challenged, crossing my arms and in doing so successfully blocking the door so that he stood out on the porch. I wanted my answer, damn it!

For a long minute there was nothing. He looked uncomfortable and unsure. I couldn't help but enjoy it.

It was short lived though.

Stepping up right under the threshold, within inches of where I was, his hand went to my nape. The familiar thrill, followed by the delicious warmth spreading quickly all the way to my toes, my stomach doing its usual butterfly danceā€¦this man knew how my body responded to his. Entirely too well. I held my place for a heartbeat, then I could not keep my lips from parting, awaiting his kiss.

"I dislike sharing your attention," he murmured right before he took that last step that brought him all the way in to the house, pushing me right along with him. He had the afterthought of shutting the door behind him as we tumbled to the floor tearing at each other's clothes.

I awoke hours later, thankfully tucked in my bed with him next to me. My cell was ringing. Without a doubt it was one of the girls wondering what the hell had happened to me. I considered letting it ring until the voicemail picked up for all of a second, but my guilt won out.

"What the fuck? Where the hell are you?" screamed a familiar voice, and from the boisterous noise going on in the background, Sabina was already at the bar. I winced at the angry tone of her voice. I guess it was a really bad thing to ditch your best friend.

"Look, tell the others I am sorry but I won't make it out tonight. Something came up," I whispered trying not to wake him.

I could almost see her taking a deep breath to calm herself, and then the loudness of the bar almost banished. She had stepped outside, "Yeah, I see. He is there."

"I will talk to you tomorrow, ok? I'm really, really sorry, Sabina," I tried again.

"Fine, but I really don't want to hear any more about this shit, Ella. He is a dick and fucked up for doing what he is doing to you," she said with all her anger behind it. "But whatever, what would I know. Have a great night."

"You too," I began, but she had already hung up. Shit, this was really starting to mess me up.

I put the phone back on the night stand and turned over to find him staring at me. "You think I am an asshole now, don't you?"

"I never doubted it," I told him without pause. He raised his head from the pillow, propping it with his arm and he chuckled. Did it always have to be a battle of witty or sardonic comments? I couldn't remember when we ever had a normal conversation with the sole purpose of finding out more about one another. I guess that should have been one of the big hints that this was never going to reach anything above a "fuckbuddy" relationship. Despite any hope I might had put for the contrary.

"Didn't you have a meeting with some partners from work?"

"Nah, I rescheduled," he said, his hand lazily tracing my naked navel and hip. It was a distraction, but I wasn't about to make him stop. "I had something more important to tend to."

"What was that?" I asked, half fearing his answer.

"A beautiful woman who was unhappy with me."

"Was?" Couldn't stop from raising an eyebrow at that.

His hand dipped lower and he kissed me on the shoulder, "I am certain I have made a very good attempt at making her happy once more."

I had a witty retort for that. I honestly did, but he was quick to make me forget all about talking, or at least anything that would make any sense.

When I checked my cell next late the following afternoon, I had missed three calls and gotten five text messages. My best friend had the patience of a saint for putting up with me and all this drama.

Willingly Trapped IV

A month later, I clutched my cellphone as if I could just strangle him through it. "I'm such a gullible idiot!" I screamed at the fogged up mirror in the bathroom. I wished I had the kind of temperament to throw or break things when angered. It would have helped immensely, but unfortunately I was too much of a neat freak. "Fool!" I hissed at my mirror image. I had stepped out of the shower to find a missed call from him, followed by a text message. He would not be visiting me this evening after all. He had decided to drive two hours to visit some friends out of town and would most likely stay there till the weekend. Why was I surprised? Not like he hadn't done this in the past. Dinner plans, movie plans...nothing was good enough to keep him from breaking them. Especially if he had to be in my company. I angrily stormed into my bedroom and came to a decision. For weeks I had been marinating and agonizing over this, but I had just been pushed to the brink.

"Yeah, what's up?" Sabina answered after just two rings.

"I'm taking it." Not missing a beat, I heard her long sigh. "I know this is the only way I will have to get away from him. I'm not strong enough to simply turn him away. I have fallen in love with the bastard, can you believe it?"

There was no surprise in her voice when she replied. "Honey, you were in love with him long before he came between your thighs for the first time. You were simply too stubborn to admit it. Your passion will be the end of you if is given to men like him."

"Well, aren't you the wise old crone this evening," I said dryly.

"I've been reading 'An idiot's guide to been a wise philosopher' and thought to share my enlightenment," she laughed. "Will you tell him, or simply leave?"

"I doubt he would miss me at all. More and more he keeps going out of town lately. I do believe he's found a replacement for me already."

Silence from the other end. "If I were smarter I wouldn't ask this, but I've already proven my idiocy time and time again," I say, feeling my stomach begin to sink, my insides tightening into awful, painful knots. "You know something, don't you?"

"Will it change your mind about taking the job?" She asked instead. It gave me my answer. He had met someone and I was no longer in the picture. The fact he kept the little bit of contact with me was simply to save face. Soon I would be getting the friendship speech.

"I'm going. He had been the only thing that kept me here since you moved. Now he is the reason why I must get away. Ironic, isn't it?" My humor was quick in its death, and I could hardly swallow the lump in my throat. I looked up at my rather bland white ceiling to keep the tears from spilling over.

"Oh, sweetie! Don't do that, he doesn't deserve tears from you. He deserves nothing from you, you hear?"

"Yeah. I know. Listen, I'm going down to the bar to have a drink. I can't stay in." I said quickly. At least I wasn't sobbing.

Another pause and I knew I had worried her. "Are you sure you want to do that? I wish I still lived there."

"No, you don't, you love it there and you know it. But I miss you, too. I'll be alright. Just need something to keep my mind off of this for the night. Will call you tomorrow."

Another two hours and I was firmly planted on a stool at the nearly empty local Irish pub, a strong Jack and coke at hand, chatting with my bartender friend. I was there for less than an hour and two drinks into it when in walked the rowdiest bunch that could be found on a Tuesday night.

"Really? I so don't need this tonight," I mumbled as the large group of men came storming into the bar, singing at the top of their lungs, arms drunkenly about one another's shoulders. I shared a bemused look with the bartender and watched the men spread out over the two booths directly behind me. One of them dislodged from the group and approached the bar. Wide smile, laughing green eyes and nearly six feet of tanned muscle. I could hardly keep from staring. He noticed and stared back as he leaned on the bar very close to me and yelled at the bartender, "Oy! Beer. Lots of it! Keep 'em coming, too." I'll be damned! It would seem I had just found myself amidst a hoard of Aussies. As he turned to face me, I couldn't help but smile. Freckles covered his face from cheek to cheek, giving him an almost childlike innocence that belied his extremely masculine character.

"Alo, there! You are drinking alone, or should I be worrying about some bloke coming any second?" He asked outright. He even looked over his shoulder towards the front door and then towards the bathroom. I had to laugh, he look genuinely scared.

"No company tonight. Just me and the good ol' Jack," I answered, the ice clinking in my nearly empty glass.

"Now, that's a terrible thing! No sheila ought to be drinking alone," And without further ado, he lifted me off my stool and, to my mortification and much to the delight of his mates, brought me to their table.

"Listen up, you rotten lot! This here Sheila is gonna sit and drink with us. Let's not lair it up and frighten her away, clear?" He yelled at them as he sat me down. I introduced myself to them, trying hard to keep up with all the new names being thrown at me in between the barely understood compliments.

"Don't mind the lot of them, darling. One would think they've never seen a beautiful sheila before," he whispered in my ear. I could hardly mind having all this male attention. One didn't get that often.

The hours and the drinks passed by and I liked this green eyed sweetheart more and more.

"Why were you alone tonight, darling?" He suddenly asked. His seriousness caught me off guard and I answered without thinking.

"I came to get my mind used to the idea of moving away from here and its sordid memories."

"Ah, were these sordid memories attached to a man, then?"

"Isn't that usually the case?"

"Indeed, it is." I respected the fact he didn't give me a pitying look. Instead, "Nothing a drink and good company can't make you forget," he said. I felt the giddiness of a buzz kicking in.

"And where is this job you are taking going to place you?"

"Two years in our sister company in England."

He looked pensive, then looked me straight in the eye and asked me, "Does your company work out of Australia as well?"

"I think so. Is a large enough company but I never really asked." The bar was closing and his buddies were none-too steadily filing out of the place. I forgot all about his question.

"Shouldn't you be going with them?"

"I have you to take home first. I'll meet up with them at the hotel. They are drunk but I don't have to worry about them." He looked down at me and smiled, "You, I wouldn't leave you out of my sight for a moment."

"Aren't you chivalrous?" I jabbed him on his ribs as we headed towards my car.

"And you are very charming, Ella," he said and tucked my arm under his. Then I almost missed a step when he asked, "Any chance I could see you again tomorrow? Lunch maybe?"

Woah! Was I heading this direction again so quickly? Not mere hours ago I was feeling heartbroken over that asshole. But here I am now, considering a date with a virtual stranger. Did I need a man this badly in my life?

Noting my hesitation, he went on. "I know I'm only here through the week, but I would like very much to see you again and you really ought to give a block a fair go."

Looking at him, I couldn't see any reason why I couldn't meet him again. Why I shouldn't just take him for who he appeared and see where it would take me. Didn't I earn that? "I would enjoy seeing you again, too. " As soon as the breathless words left my mouth, he leaned in and kissed me hard and deep. There was no shyness here. The force of his passion matched my own and I found my hands rising on their own accord and burying themselves in his thick brown hair. He pulled me closer until our bodies were flushed against each other. Damn but it had been a long time since I had kissed someone different. I had forgotten the thrill of a first kiss and the consuming heat from a man's passionate embrace when he is desperate to have you.

"I will drive you home and take a cab to the hotel, will that be alright?"

"Yes, of course."

I handed him my keys and we drove the twenty minutes to my place holding hands over the gear shift, our fingers interlacing and at every red light, he would lean over and kiss me. Sometimes sweetly and slowly tracing his tongue over my bottom lip, or catching it gently between his teeth. But sometimes it was with such a hunger that my lips would feel raw and swollen afterwards. By the time he pulled up to my driveway I had no intention of letting him catch that cab back to his hotel.

I pulled him inside and somehow managed to reach the bedroom, stumbling over ourselves as we peeled off each layer of clothing. Naked we fell onto the bed, a tangle of legs and arms. His kisses grew deeper, longer. He held my face between his hands, trapping it there to better access every recess of my mouth. Having him beneath me, allowed my hands to roam freely over his wide shoulders and thickly corded back. Freckles dusted the skin over his chest and shoulders, and I traced my hands over them as if trying to connect the dots and draw something. My roving fingers traced lower and lower, over abs that I could count, following the thin trail of tightly coiled hair to the end. When I enveloped him in my hand, he gasped and pulled back from our heated kiss. Oh, yes! I have definitely earned this.

"Ah, Ella, you are going to be the death of me tonight with those hands of yours," he whispered against my mouth.

I laughed softly, "Wait until you feel what I can do with my mouth, then."

He threw his head back and moaned as I slid down his body. But I didn't get far down, before he stopped me and flipped me on my back and pinned me down with his solid weight.

"Oh, no, darling," he says teasingly. "Ladies cum first."

Not one to put up an argument with a gentleman, I closed my eyes and allowed my senses to drown in sensual delight.

Willingly Trapped V

I came awake the next morning to find hooded green eyes gazing sleepily at me. I stretched lazily and his large hand splayed possessively over the curve of my hip. I could definitely get used to this.

"G'dye, dahlin'," he said with a thicker accent than I had heard from him so far. Sleep apparently made his tongue a bit lazy. I smiled and was rewarded with a sweet peck on the lips.

"Good morning. Hope your friends aren't worried that I kidnaped you."

He sighed dramatically and with a pained look he said, "I'll have to report how you attacked me and took advantage of my helpless body. They'll never let me live it down."

"Well, you should never trust an American woman. We are quite the vicious lot." I rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. "You can nap a little longer or you can join me in the shower. Gentleman's choice."

"How about you let me make you breakfast," he said. Well, so the man had talents that extended beyond the bedroom? This I was also eager to enjoy.

I felt glorious and surprisingly happy. Happier than I have been in months, it seemed. Could a good one night stand do this much for a heartbroken girl? It would seem so. I wrapped myself in a tower and with my hair still dripping wet I left the confines of the bedroom in pursuit of the delicious smells coming from my kitchen. What I found instead made my knees buckle under me, falling with a thud on the soft carpet.

The Aussie was the first to reach me on the floor, garbed still in only his boxer briefs. Not two feet from where he had been, in a perfectly pressed business suit stood the man I had gone to the bar to drink away. He was angry. But hell, I was pissed!

"Are you alright, darling?"

"Yeah, why is he here?" I realized who I was mistakenly asking and I faced the guilty one, "What are you doing here?"

"Obviously intruding," he said, sparing a glance to the Aussie. "I came because I heard about that job offer they gave you."

"Sorry, Ella. I shouldn't have let him in," Green Eyes whispered as he helped me up.

"No, I'm alright. Thank you," I assured him.

I saw the small banquet he had prepared for us, and I realized how screwed up my life had been, that the man preparing me breakfast for the first time was someone I just met the night before. I had fallen for the wrong man indeed.

"Leave my house. I'm taking the job. We will be free of each other from now on. We both will be much happier this way." I said, staring him right in the eyes. He tugged at the tie in his collar and ran a frustrated hand through his short hair.

"That's it? You fuck this guy you picked up in a bar and suddenly the months we were together are out the window? That's a bit cold, don't you think?" He asked staring now at the man in question. I felt him tense next to me, and I stepped in between the two of them. I had intended to break the line of sight, but I realized that I was much shorter than the two of them and they could easily continue their eye contest over my head. I was not about to have a brawl in my own home, damn it!

"How dare you!" The nerve of him, I thought. "You have no qualms about making it clear to me that you are fucking other women, but when I...you know what?" I shook my head and pointed at the door. I must say that having to grip my towel to keep it from falling ruined the Strong Mature Woman image I was striving for. "Get the hell out of my home. Don't make me tell you again."

He came towards me, eyes hard and mouth drawn to a thin line. I unconsciously stepped back, right into the new and seemingly protective man in my life. His hands came to rest on my still damp shoulders. "I think she was pretty clear, mate. Shove off!"

"Shut the hell up! This is between her and me," he said coldly.

"Well, I really think I just got involved."

With that instigation, old lover boy fisted his hands and stepped closer still. "You will be if you don't move aside."

"Is that a threat?" The Aussie asked, his grip on my shoulders getting tighter as he got angrier.

"Are you deaf now, too? I said get the hell out of here!"

"It isn't for you to order me out. And I believe she asked you to leave first." Well, wasn't the Aussie getting smug?

How the hell did this come about? I just wanted to savor my one night, breakfast included, without the drama that had been following me since I set myself up as this man's lover. Now the drama was developing into a full out soap opera, right in my living room!

"No, no, no," I yelled at them both. That caught their attention. I shrugged out of the Aussie's tight hold and stepped up to what had suddenly become a testosterone contest. "You will not start this shit in my house. Both of you, out of here this instant!"

In unison they argued this decision. Neither clearly wanting to leave, both astonished I had asked them to. Silently I marched into the bedroom, gathered up whatever stuff the Aussie had sprawled on my floor, as well as any items Mr. Wrong had left in my place during our whatever-hell-of-a-relationship-you-wanna-call-it, and stormed back out making a bee line for the front door. And I smirked as both followed me, just like puppies wanting their toys.

"Darling, what are you doing?" The Aussie asked. I was not going to state the obvious. He will see for himself once I threw all their crap on my front lawn for them to pick up. Right after my door was firmly locked behind them, of course.

"You don't want to do this. You know I want you in my life, and that I care a lot about you." Those words that had made me melt after any fight with him in the past, sounded so empty and hollow now, meaningless words meant to manipulate and avoid further confrontation. A fool with her heart on a sleeve, that's what I had been.

"Fetch now, boys!" I said as I strew all of my armload across the dewy grass. I was mildly surprise that the Aussie wasn't the first to dive for his stuff. He gave me one long look that could have said a thousand things, but none would have been anger. Damn, but I did regret not meeting him during different circumstances. But I shook my head, and with a sad smile and a wink he followed the other one onto the lawn.

Calmly I walked back inside, closed the door and threw the bolt. Breakfast was waiting.

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