Chapter 17

The Mansion's dining hall was just that, a hall. Rina was unable to comprehend the sheer size of the place, even though she was inside the room with a huge meal in front of her.

Five crystal chandeliers hung over the unrealistic table and fine works of art hung between the windows while the colour of deep red added a warm effect accompanied by the dark red carpet and white ceiling. She found it to be a daunting place and she remained silent for most of the meal.

Annoyed with the silence, Rina spoke up. "You can talk you know. I am not the queen who'll chop off your head."

"N-N-No, its okay…sorry." Akina stuttered. She did that sometimes when nervous, although Rina knew her mind was trying to fit twelve words through her mouth at the same time.

"This is amazing. Do you live here by yourself?"

Rina had prepared herself for that question from the moment her friend entered the place. Normally she lived with her parents in a nice home on the outskirts of town. But when her parents moved abroad to work for a prestigious company, she remained and her Manga career took off, providing her with unlimited funds and respect.

She demanded that she remain in Japan and study at school. She proved her worth and her parents finally caved in to her demands. Although she had threatened to run away and come back to Japan, so there was nothing they could really do to stop her.

She looked at her maids and butlers who stood at the entrance and various locations around the hall and rehearsed the perfect answer.

"Well, as you can see, I do have people here who look after the estate until my parents come back," Rina lied.

"I can see that; lots of young boys to be adventurous with."

Rina's cheeks turned cherry-red and she exclaimed in a high pitched tone. "No, no, no, no. I don't. You're a wicked friend. You are almost as bad as the newest maid we have. She's always obsessed with her own body and believes she's a boy."

"Sounds confusing."

"It's a conflicting matter. I hope she grows out of it. Such a pretty girl too, I would hate for anything bad to happen to her."

"So you are close to your staff then?"

"Just what are you implying?" Rina demanded.

"Looks to me like you have a secret club going on behind everyone's back; big house, lots of maids and butlers waiting for your every command. I wonder what happens when the doors are closed?" Akina said gamely.

"I-It's not like that at all!"

Rina looked around the room and saw rosy cheeks on all the servants. She was holding a secret, but it was hardly a topic she could talk about. Whatever Akina made up was much better then exposure of her hobby or project. Rina knew her friend was playing around and it would be very easy to derail the conversation.

"I think it's more important to get down to the subject of your incident. After all, I am the class president and it's my duty to help those who are in need, no matter how small the problem is."

"How can you fix my problem? The whole school knows about the books. But they're not mine. Someone planted them."

"Okay," Rina said objectively. "Who would stand to gain from taking you out of the picture?"

Rina watched her friend analyse the remark for a moment with no sigh on resolution.

"Umm, I don't know. I suppose there's a lot of people I've treated badly in the past."

"Well that narrows it down," Rina replied sarcastically.

"I am doing the best I can."

"Perhaps a bath might clear your mind?"

"A bath?" Akina asked inquisitively.

"Yes, this mansion has a hot spring included. I was going to have one before you arrived, would you care to join?"

The hot spring rolled through the clean rocks and slowly trickled into a deep pool of crystal warm water. An assortment of plants and grass grew around a wooden bamboo fence that segregated the small enclosure to protect the inhabitants from any prying eyes; although Rina had always caught the odd man peering at her through the holes in the fence. She could never identify the culprits so she would punish all the men who worked for her. It never worked.

Steam slowly rose from the surface of the water and Rina could smell the enchanting aroma of fresh scented flowers inviting her in. Satisfied that no one was around to peek, she slipped off her white gown and slid effortlessly into the warm water. The sensation of warm liquid pressing over her body, cleansing the day's grime and worries away, never grew old. Rina always made it a habit to clean herself this way almost everyday. The minerals from deep within the Earth flowed with the water and it had a regenerating effect on her skin. She found it very therapeutic and she could resolve any difficult situations with ease and clarity.

Gentle footsteps patted the wooden floor as she welcomed her friend into the pool. "You made it, come, the water's perfect."

Although she was the strongest woman at school, Akina looked more timid than a small kitten in a downpour.

"Are you sure nobody's peeking? I would hate for my body to be eye-raped by strangers."

Akina did have a point. But the latest security features had not been triggered yet. She knew the area was clear.

"Don't worry, it's safe, the only person here is me and we're all the same," Rina said gamely.

Suddenly a small voice boomed from the trickle of water, startling the two.

"Wait for me!"

Rina and Akina glanced over to the changing rooms as a third woman ran completely naked into the pool and drowned the area in an upheaval of fury.

"Aoi! What the hell are you doing here?" Rina demanded.

"Who's this?" Akina exclaimed, hiding her firm round breasts, sinking even further into the water with embarrassment.

"Just ignore her! She's the maid I was talking about, the one that wants to become a boy."

"That's not right, I want to be a boy, not change into a boy!" Aoi replied cheerfully, eyeing up Akina's breasts, not realizing that her secret had just been exposed. After a moment of pause, she grasped her master's mistake.

"So you are the mysterious person who wants to change sex," Akina interjected.

The young maid stared at Rina. She just exposed the young girl's most sacred secret.

"Is it common practise for maids to enter the hot springs with their masters?" Akina asked quietly, stirring the pot.

"Only if their boobs are the size of yours!" The little woman, sprang forward like a coiled spring, and collapsed on top of Akina and began massaging her breasts like a perverted boy.

Akina yelped in return, "what are you doing! Get off, get off!"

As the minutes passed, Rina grew suspicious of the butlers. There would always be an incident each week involving the young men. Itching for some eye candy, and with three hot women in the spring at the same time, this was one opportunity she knew the butlers could not pass up.

True to her word, half way across the mansion, the trio of men planned their move in secret.

The butlers were recent members from the school who graduated with honours but never ventured away from town. When employment became rare, they jumped at the chance to work with an old friend. The men knew each other well and they participated in the underwear club, before leaving the school. In the age-old tradition with holding up that honour, they had to expose themselves to as many women as possible. The moment of manhood was upon them.

The shortest of the group called himself Ren. The Leader of the group called himself Takumi and the others went by the names of Kaito, Daiki and Shun.

Armed with detailed knowledge of the mansion, and the whereabouts of all the security features leading up to the spring, the men made their move…somewhat subtly, in there own mission control.

"This is a huge problem!" voiced Takumi.

"Awww, I really wanted to see my favourite maid, Aoi, all naked and hot, mixed in with our master and her friend!" cried Kaito.

"And you will," Shun reassured the rest with his quick level of thinking and off the shelf logic. "The new security system she had installed might be state of the art anti-pervert proof, but all it takes is a little will power and we will find a way in."

"So you found a way into the hot springs?" Takumi asked, scratching his head and looking solemnly at the new security feature that had them completely stumped.

"Ammmmm, yeah. Come on men, our eyes are waiting to see some young hot women!"

With a hearty cheer, the group gathered their scraps of paper and slipped into their black ninja outfits to begin their mission.

Life in the mansion would be boring if nothing happened. Rina employed over 20 people and there was hope that her friends would visit from time to time. With this being the first visit, the young lads had to get their bonus, without anyone knowing. However, blocking their way to the young succulent girls and a night of pure bliss was the mother of all security systems. Rudolph the dog!

"Who the hell would name a dog 'Rudolph'?" exclaimed Ren as he appeared out from behind one of the many shrubs that were hidden under the immense canopy of the forest.

"You know how our master's is, she has flare for the dramatic," Shun replied, dressed as a commando with his face painted for war.

"Do you have to be the odd one out? Look at the rest of us. How are we supposed to be the dark force tonight if you're all dressed in green?"

Shun looked at himself, pondered over the question, remained silent for a moment and then forgot about it. No point wasting time over silly matters.

Shun decided it was time to show his stuff. Since he left the mansion with the group, everyone had been interested in what he was carrying in the bag. Its red tint should have been a dead giveaway, but the darkness hid the deadly secret and now it was time to release the deadly weapon that would finally put down the master's security system.

"Now, I don't know how long this will work, but we should get five minutes to sneak past the dog. You all got it?"

Everyone agreed in perfect military unison as the sounds of girls playing and talking behind the bushes puckered their interest.

With a deep breath, Shun reached into the plastic bag and pulled out a huge joint of bloody meat. "I sure hope no one notices that expensive meat missing," Takumi murmurs.

"Don't worry," Shun said. "I made a note showing the meat had been contaminated with a foreign substance. We should be in the clear."

The small group huddled together like a bunch of Meerkats ready to cause mischief. The jet-black dog, drooling at the mouth, twice the size of a small child and claws the size of demolition sheers stood to attention, waiting for any sign of intruders.

Shun edged closer, just inches away from his field of vision. He did not know what would happen. Was the dog trained to stay in one spot and not move? Or would it charge like a juggernaut and kill him on the spot? There was very little he could do about it now.

Standing out in the open, and with two black eyes firmly planted on his body, the dog growled with intense fury as the lone man held the dripping red meat.

Froth began to develop on the dog's mouth and the growling grew louder, but Shun could only stand there solid, unable to move, as if his feet were locked in a trap.

The rabid dog stood on all fours and continued to stare at them. Shun wasn't sure if it was sizing him up or the meat. It was easy for him to throw the meat and make a run for it, but reality hit him like a bus on a busy street. He was terrified. This beast was all muscle and no fat, its legs were the size of construction cranes and its mouth had razor sharp teeth that could cut through anything with ease.

Shun knew he'd bitten more than he could chew and his instinct was to remain frozen on the spot.

Suddenly Takumi snatched the meat from his hand, tossed it at the dog and lead the way. "Come one, females waiting for us."

The philosophy of 'boys will be boys' stood true to this moment. As they approached the bamboo fence, Takumi had to make a few changes to the electrical surveillance system and disable the trip wire explosives and land mines they had planted to ward off intruders. The advantage of working inside the mansion was the access to all the resources used to keep perverts out.

Cheering and splashing grew louder the closer they got. Once over the final boulder, they stopped at the final hurdle, the bamboo fence.

This was probably the most delicate and difficult obstacle to overcome. If they touched the fence too hard, it would rattle and alert the girls to their presence. But it was too hard not to make a noise. This indeed was a conundrum. So with all eyes on the construction of the fence, they hunted like a dog for a hole to peek through.

Moments later Daiki, a red haired individual with green eyes and a slim figure, spotted a small hole that allowed access to the eyes' most sought after medicine.

Peering through the hole, Daiki could almost make out the shadowy outline of a body. "Oh, you guys should see this, they are naked behind here…"

Kaito scurried to the opening and attempted to shove the first guy away from the hole. But that hasty action alerted the girls to their presence. Fearing for the worst, the group slowly turned their eyes towards the tiny hole. There was no more laughing or giggling, no more splashing, just silence.

Peering closer to the horizon of the hole, the silence on the other side filled the young men with terror, as well as mixed emotion of pleasure if the women were indeed up to some sexual act. Staring back at them, the hole offered wonders of delight and horror, but the group could not wait, they could not stand down. They moved forward, peeked into the hole and then…

The angry eyeball of one Rina roared with unbearable anger as she bulldozed her way through the bamboo fence, collapsing the whole structure on the trio of lads who fought valiantly to escape.

Outfitted with disguises that hid their identities, Kaito enjoyed his moment with the girl he liked so much, Shun battled his way past Rina and Akina handed down her justice in the form of punches and kicks.

It might have been a painful experience, but being beaten to a pulp by a group of naked girls was a memory they would never forget. Girls touched them. Hand and foot, goddesses touched them!

With an opportunity to escape, the group legged it through the woods and out of sight, but they were lucky. If the girls had been dressed, they would have been chased all the way to hell.

Beaten, bruised and full of pride, the group lounged around their base, enjoying the experience.

"I don't believe it. I was touched. Rina touched me. I fell over and felt her tender breasts, this is a dream come true," Kaito muttered as his mind drifted into the world of dreams, just so he could escape the painful reminder of reality.

Shun licked his own wounds as he felt the kick and punch of Rina, but in the end, he was the one that felt the proudest. He was the one that hacked Rina's highest level of security and demonstrated that men were, once again, a force to be reckoned with. He could only imagine what the women were doing once the dust settled. His primary mission in proving to the women that men were needed to protect the grounds was too important to dismiss. Perhaps now, Rina would acknowledge his request to stay on the grounds and perhaps she would take his advice fatally. After all, Shun had often helped Rina through the hard times and good, even when no one else was around to help her.

With a smile on his face, he hung up his ninja uniform, painfully slipped back into his butler uniform and returned to work.