What Should My Wish Be?

By: Krissie Ana Maureen © April 29th, 2012

"Do you see the stars?" She asked sweetly. "Those little streaks of light? Those are shooting stars. When you see one, you can make a wish." She pats my head softly. "So what do you wish for sweetie?"

This was a question to witch I had a lot reply too. I was full of so many wishes. "But which wish should I wish on the shooting star?" I pondered. I became silent as I began to think all of the possibilities over.

I could wish for a new toy car. One bright, shiny, red color with black spinning wheels. One which I could drive from this bed with a remote control shaped like the continent of Australia.

I could wish for a new pair of shoes. Even though I can not walk any more, I still miss the sound the Velcro made as I fastened my shoes. I miss the feeling of walking on the ground and the squeaky sounds the shoes used to make on the polished floor.

I could wish for a giant pizza. I would love to eat it with those Italian plumbers from the video game I love to play when I can. We could talk about our favorite dishes and have some fun. Later, we could go around and save the princess.

I could wish to meet my favorite heroes. We could hang out all day. We could play card games or go outside. Maybe? I would like to be able to arm wrestle some of them. I would love to have him teach me how to swim. I would love to see their lairs. I would love to get to know them to help them save the day.

I could wish to go sky diving. I hear it's amazing. I've seen them all having fun on TV. I want to do that do. But the doctors all say I'm too sick to go. I would love to be able too. It would be so exciting. I don't think anything could match that thrill. I could see the clouds fly past me. I wonder if the clouds taste like cotton candy too. It would be great if I could taste some on the way down.

I could wish I could have a pet dog. I've always wanted a great, big one that I could hug and snuggle. One that was soft and gave me kisses. One that would protect me. I don't care if I'm allergic. I think I would still wish for a dog. And when he comes, I'll name him Scooby-Doo.

I could wish I could go into space. It would be great! I could be a space pilot and talk to Huston on a built in radio. I could meet alien life forms. I would if they speak my language? Or is it something totally different? I wonder if they're tiny, green men? Or if they're something completely different? Do they have tentacles? Do they have multiple eyes? Or do they have just one eye? Do they have legs? Do they look like me?

I could wish for so many things. As I contemplate the possibilities, I see another star stroll by in the sky. She's looking at me expecting an answer. I'm not sure what to wish for. There are so many things I want to wish for. I look at my nurse and smile.

"How do you make a wish?" I ask curiously.

"Like so." She clasps her hands to together and touches her knuckles with her forehead. "I wish may. I wish I might. Have this wish I wish tonight. I wish…" She brings up her face to stare me in the eyes. "And then you say what you wish for." She tells me. "There are plenty of shooting stars tonight. So what is it you want to wish for sweetie?" She asks again.

I think a little more. Which wish will be the best to make? I'm not sure. They're all so good and there are so many more that I want to make. I doubt there are even shooting stars in the sky to grant them all.

The door swings open and in comes my best friend, my nurse's child. "Hello!" She sings as she skips up to us. "I brought a book home from school. Can I read it to you?" She asks me happily.

I smile happily as I nod. "Let's make a wish first though." I point to the shooting stars outside the hospital's window. She smiles happily as she hops up and down happily. I envy her. I wish I had energy like that. She climbs up into my white bed and crawls up to the window.

Placing her hands on against the glass to stare at the stars, she pulls back a little. "The window is cold." She whines.

"It's okay." The nurse comforts her. She rubs her back like a caring mother. I'm reminded of my mother in that instant. I can see us in the window's glass. How she and dad were here with me before I got so bad. Now they're always working to take care of me, but I never see them anymore.

"Youngest makes wishes first." I state as I smile down at the little girl on my bed.

"Okay!" She cheers. She closes her eyes as she clasps her hands together. "I wish I may. I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight. I wish that _ will get better soon that we can go to the park and play!" She opens her eyes and looks over at me. "You're turn." She smiles.

I close my eyes and clasp my hands. "I wish I may. I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight. I wish that mother and father could come and visit me more." I make my wish and hope it will be granted soon.