Everlasting eternal internal hope,

joy is my ray of sunshine. Adventurous,

dreams take me to a place beyond this

small hometown of mine. Born to fly,

my free independent spirit floats on

cloud nine. Taking on the form of a

sunrise, God shows up on the scene.

Serene, love talks about sweet silly

things. I don't belong in a cage, therefore

I spread my wings. Hungry for knowledge,

I draw near to my source of strength instead

of cry and fear the darkness. Traveling out of

town, I drown in a sea of endless possibilities

at dawn. Going my own way, I see the light

of day for once and learn to relay on patience.

Going my own way, I listen to my conscience

and glee consumes me. I don't care what people

may say about me. I pray God's provision may

breakthrough the dark gray clouds surrounding

my world. Stepping away from the "in crowd",

I discover a lover in Jesus who doesn't make

me to be an outcast. I am not the same person

that I used to be in the past. Riding on a separate

different airplane, I can touch the sky knowing God

has a plan for my life.