A Magical Night

Make a wish,
Hold it tight,
Make it come true,
On this one special night.

A night where everything,
Seems to fall into place,
Where everything is spinning,
And your heart dances with grace.

This is a magical night,
When all dreams will come true,
When the stars are shining brighter,
Right down on you.

The moment you've been waiting for,
Has finally arrived.
When magic is in the air,
And the world has come alive.

Sparks are flying,
All around.
And the crickets are making,
Their sweet chirping sound.

But what makes this night so special,
What makes it better than the rest,
What truly makes this night,
Like one of the best.

This is because,
You are here next to me,
Making everything perfect,
The way it should be.

All my wishes,
Have came true,
Because I'm right here,
Next to you.

So, make a wish,
Hold it tight.
Because someone may be with you,
On this one special night.