A passionate kiss to build to dream on,

compassionate romantic love endures a journey

of longsuffering. Dying to be noticed, love desires

to be wanted and cherished. Full of grace, love can

be found in a very tight embrace. Love is oxygen to

the soul and serves as a source of comfort, life support.

Merciful, love is forgiving even during times when there may

be a lack of faith and hope is blind. Kind, love is able to

look beyond race, disability or cultural differences. Love sees

beauty in the world even if it is not present at the moment.

Endless, joy chases away the darkness and brings serenity

back to life. A piece of heaven wrapped up in peace, harmony

lives on through the power of team work. Dying to be held and

treasured like gold, love is a shield protecting its beloved one.

Living through the unity of a family, Jesus' love brings a little

bit of heaven down here on earth. Excited expectant parents

prepare for the birth of a new dawn, the arrival of a baby angel.