Author's Note: Decided to post this as I haven't posted in a long while so here's a short story I wrote. I'm working on another interpretation at the moment and I'll upload that too ^_^


"Mommy I'm cold!" the little boy whined as they walked out through ten inches of snow. Despite her heavy jacket the cold winter breeze seeped in and chilled her flesh. She turned and watched her son just as he straightened up from a near fall. She was careful with her own steps and slowly made her way through the snow filled, icy path. There wasn't much more should could do except keep on going, winter was a tough time for most people but they didn't know the half of it. The poor mother did all too well.

"Honey what are you doing?" she asked but her husband gave her the usual 'I don't have to answer to you' look. It was two weeks before Christmas and the presents were already down in under the tree. She stared at them and smiled, her husband scoffed and walked away probably for another whiskey or something. The woman sighed and walked over to place the gift her mother had given to her son on the floor next to the others. Despite the fire she'd always felt cold even in summer when the sun was blazing down she felt cold. It was hard to explain but the cold seemed to just be a part of her life and she'd come to accept that.

Every doctor she'd seen said that she was perfectly fine and that while her temperature was 'a little below normal' there was nothing to fear. She told her mother who seemed to be hiding something when she said that it was probably just nothing. The woman whose name was ironically enough Sharon Winters stared down at her seemingly normal hands and watched them turn blue. This was a regular occurrence when she was alone, no one ever saw this happen except her son who always asked her why they were that colour. It'd usually be followed by a hearty joke then they'd return to normal straight after.

Sharon didn't know if it was a curse but she did know she'd passed whatever it was onto her five year old son. His hands would often turn blue for no reason then magically vanish again. On occasion he complained about being cold which always enraged her husband. But what could she do other than deal with it as she had dealt with her own problem, nothing worse could possible happen. She was wrong.

"Just a little further," she told her boy as the snow started falling from the sky again. They went on leaving their tracks behind, the cold was unforgiving as the blizzard increased pressure and she was forced back a bit. She tried desperately to keep from falling but her efforts were futile. As she fell to the floor all she could hear were the voices of regret in her head. Why had this happened to her? Her husband and everyone else were gone. Just because of her one mistake.

It was two months after Sharon had found out her son had the same 'gift' as she had, things had died down and she herself hadn't experienced any 'cold spells' (that's the name she gave the instances her hands turned blue) for a while but that could change within a second as it was often prone to. Her little boy remained the same as ever happy, Sharon was glad about that. A chill went through her at the thought of something terrible happening to him, shaking her head Sharon got up and went to check on the dinner.

Three months later everything changed, Sharon didn't know what had happened. The day before everything had been normal and sunny but now… She looked around and saw only ice and snow in her room, the noise of a fierce looking blizzard could be heard from outside. Sharon went to the window and saw nothing but white. Her husband was nowhere to be seen, she called for him countless times but she got no reply. Sharon started panicking frantically. What could have possibly caused this; her house looked like the ice palace of The Snow Queen. She called for her son and the little boy came out hugging himself from the cold.

Sharon almost blanked out, why did things have to be this way? In a despairing attempt to remain calm she took several deep breaths before explaining that everything was going to be fine and dandy, that this was just a bad dream. Deep down she knew that was bullshit and as she looked at her son shivering by the ice covered door, her choice had been made.

This was it, all over. Her son was scared but she knew it was hopeless to go on, it was cruel but the reality was that it'd all been for nothing. No one else was here; they were trapped in an endless, icy wasteland. As the snow fell on her face she was able to reflect on her life up till that point. If she'd made different choices, would things have turned out differently? Her son was huddling up to her, the final snowflake fell and she closed her eyes with a smile that would be frozen on her face for eternity.