Dark Arts: Coiled secrets

Chapter 1

The house stood silently quite far back from the road. The windows were smashed and the shattered, glass lay underneath. The exterior walls were wooden and old, and a few holes here and there looking like it could fall down any minute. It didn't look homely or comfortable, warm and dry; in fact I didn't look like a place where someone would live. The wind blew the smell of gin and sweet wine sailing like a boat of the Capiteria Ocean. The Capiteria Ocean if you don't already know is a strange ocean with a rapid change of weather and climate and is avoided by working sailors. Sailors that lived on limes, worked hard in the day, get drunk and are startled by the waves at night. It was no place for a drunken man. Abundant men have tried and failed to cross or travel the ocean, but simply a way of seeking early death. The trees around the mansion whispered in the wind 'The death curse, the death curse' for they are the only spies of the night. It was late at night, not the place to be around at these hours, when death lurks around you like you're their prey, ready to strike. You cannot help but feel paranoid. The darkness was cringing and the thought of someone watching you. It was as if you were in a court room with thousands of eyes looking at you, as if you were a murderer, scandal, villainous person but you hadn't even done a crime.

Inside lay a beautiful hallway lit by four candles scatted around on grand furniture, unlike outside which was totally the opposite, like in Doctor Who where the tardis is big on the inside and tiny on the out. At the end of the long corridor was a girl in a white dress knelt with her face in her hands. Her raven black hair spread around her like a shadow and stood out from her pale white skin. Her eyes were a blue but they were very red from crying. A whining sound was coming from her mouth and she was obviously way too scared to move. She wasn't alone.

"Child, kneeling and crying won't get you anywhere", an echoing voice said coming from the room beside her. A women, quite skinny and tall, appeared through the kitchen door, striding with an edging smile."You shouldn't be afraid, I killed your parents, isn't that want all teenagers wish for, to be alone for once without bother. I did you a favour now you need to pay me back". The women stood in front of her and crouched down to the same level as the girl kneeling. The girl was trying not to make a movement. "look at me when I speak girl", the women pulled the girl's head up by her hair and then dug her fingers nails into her skin on her face and the girl screamed. "you're weak and I don't see much potential. Look at your parents, oh no their DEAD", she turned the girls head to her parents. Blood was stained on the corpses clothes and they were both lying of the floor. It wasn't done by a weapon, not exactly physical either. To see your parent's dead would be a wave goodbye to a perfect childhood. Occasionally children talk about how horrible their elder ones are and how they wish to be left alone, no chores or work, but they would never wish for them to me murdered. Unless you were pure evil or you were being abused but that's a different matter. You just could never face them leaving this world especially with no goodbye. Tears streamed down the girls face, she was angry, sad, weak and terror-stricken. Then the woman let go and stood up.

"Who…are you" the girl managed to whisper. Her breath was ice cold and her eyes were red full of tears, fear of death and no hope throughout. The girl closed her eyes and took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly out opening her eyes looking straight at the women's. She was scared, weak and tired and the thought of nowhere to go, to sleep, to actually feel safe from the bad was lost. Her parents had just died and she was with a woman who was stood in front of her in a ridicules black dress and deep blood red hair. A situation like this is like a 'what the hell" or a 'HELP ME' moment but I guess no one would do that just in case the person decides to stab you or shoot you because they pretty much annoyed with you and your useless to them anyway. She wanted to run but there was nowhere. The women didn't want to kill her and she knew that inside but what had her parents done to deserve their grave.

"Does my name matter to you, child? I know your scared and frightened but listen, your parents were bad people, that's why I killed them" She vexed her with no pity what so ever. She chuckled evilly, this is what she does, plays with people minds and make the situation a hundred times worse for her victim.

"My parents weren't …bad" she was very courageous in asking. "What harm does it…make, if I know your… name" Some people wouldn't dare to open their mouth at that horrible witch. She was very daring. Surely she would stand a chance with her cheek.

"Your parents killed people, my friends and work companions. You don't know what bad is, girl, I'm glad you don't because you'll probably be arguing if you did", She sighed and walked through a door to the kitchen. She stepped over the bodies as if death was her friend and she was used to it. She walked over to a bowl of fruit and grabbed an apple. "My name is Marcia Le Sage" she had an accent while saying her name 'Marcia Le Sage', She sounded French and so did her name. She took a bite out of the apple and then chucked it at the girl treating her like she was her peasant.

"You idiot…" the girl gasped at her mistake like all her chances have gone and the women had had it. Marcia's face went cold and she gave her the evils and stride to her scrunching her face up at her.

"Don't you dare push your luck, I have had it with you", the girl looked around for protection but there was nothing, she had to think quick before Marcia got to her. She was coming closer within a meter with anger written all over her face and she was ready to strike and kill the family line of magic. The girl hand slipped down her white ankle sock, just as Marcia got her hands on her shoulder and she whipped out a metal dagger and she slammed it at Marcia leg and she screamed.

Marcia stood still, it had no impact on her, and her leg wasn't cut nor scratched.

"What", the girl had her mouth gaping open staring at her hand for it was frozen. Her arms were shaking, she tried pushing the dagger further toward her, but she just couldn't. It was like two magnets repelling each other."Impossible", her mystic blue eyes gazed at Marcia's hands with disbelief.

Something heavy was coiled tightly around her arm and it felt like it reached inside her, searching her insides. Her eyes became blured, her body slowing down, heart beat decreased but became a thumping in her ear. A soft Celtic flute played dreamily inside her head and her body fell from a kneeling position onto the floor laying flat, the dagger fell from her women laughed, her eyes fluttered and she slowly became unconscious.