the subtle rain clouds, precipitation in your head,
those puddles on your brain, drowning your soul in
bathwater because
the fog in your eyes won't clear, vision distorted,
and all you see is a monster, yourself,
a monster yourself,
you are.

and the deprivation's getting to you,
painful white blizzard in your head, sounds of static,
white noise leaking out your mouth like
drool in your sleep, and you ask for
sympathy, poor broken-down body,
i can't help if you're a blind fool.

asbestos skin, you're so flammable,
catching fire like a match when you rub against my
rough edges, sulfuric eyes,
but you just take like paper and burn
every bridge between us, self-saboteur arsonist.
living in a dream,
devouring reality, death and its salty flavor,
you are your own personal grim reaper.

your uprising is your downfall,
rebellion in revolution, evolution,
you were the one with the world at your
throw it away.