I'm a complicated person;
I know that for sure.
I'm an unfinished puzzle;
A maze with locked doors.
You could say that I'm humble,
As I'm not one to grumble;
I'd rather be happy,
Then upset and sappy.

I can't talk to boys,
I won't use them as toys,
I don't like my body,
But I don't let that stop me
From doing the things that I want to do,
Or making friends with people like you.

Life hasn't been bad, nor has it been kind,
And I tend to get lost in worlds in my mind.
I'm a cynic of love,
And of the 'gods' above,
But I'm a hopeless romantic
And embark on mad antics.

I'll listen to your fears
And hear your dark secret,
I'll forget over the years,
Though I'll always keep it.

One last thing,
I love to sing.
Or dance with my friends;
the fun never ends.
I'm a creative ol' girl,
with not a hope in the world,
of making something of it,
Or using my slight wit.

Now before you get bored,
I'll stop this one here,
It's over and done with,
So no need to leer.