A/N: Just an extremely short one-shot that came to me late one night. I'm trying to use present tense in this story, so please forgive me if it's not very good..or if the story in general is not very good..



As she lay there in the dead of the night, she could feel the cold, unforgiving metal bands constricting around her heart, tighter and tighter. Nothing but the steady beat of the rain outside could be heard. Soft sobs escapes her lips as silent tears fall down from her blood-shot eyes, the only physical evidence that she is hurting inside.

She silently contemplates what good she has done. Nothing but reminders that her friends, her friends that she thought she was equal to, are achieving their goals, greeting each day with a smile, flashed through her mind. This only makes the bands constrict tighter around her broken heart until she can no longer breathe, suffocating from deep within.

She's being left behind. She's hopeless. She's a failure. She's nothing but an extra, an unimportant dead weight. What's the point of her existance? This question is answered with the howl of the wind, the rain coming down heavily against her window pane.

Her eyelids slowly droop down, her wet lashes coming to stop at her cheeks. Sleep had finally come to claim her vulnerable soul and mind, allowing her to drift further and further into the cold, dark corner of loneliness and pain.

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