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Azriel's P.O.V

I sat there in our car next to my father Watching all the students walk into the school tempted to ask my dad if I could skip today Usually I'm not this shy but you have to understand this is my first time in America...I'm Romainian and Irish I've spent most of my life going back and forth between the two countys but now we live here in America now my english is pretty good I can understand everything someone says to me but speaking it is a diffrent story so when I can't find the words I know Sign language I learnd that first before I learnd to speak it so now when I can't find the english words to reply I just use sign language

"are you going to go in?" my father asked suddenly

"I'm not sure about this..." I told him truthfully we had to move here because that's what the rest of the family was doing and when I say the rest of the family I mean my mothers and fathers side...

"you can do it...you are very strong young man even when that bully called you out on being gay you didn't flinch...not to mention you are beautiful not even your sister could compare...now go before you are late" he said pulling my head over to place a kiss on it that's what I loved about my family almost everyone Accepted me and when I say almost everyone I mean the only person who doesn't is my sister Hope she told me I was a disgrace to the family Nothing ever hurt me more in my life then that

"alright I will see you after school then" I told him opening the door of our new BMW and stepping out as soon as I did all eyes were on me. but I was used to it so it didn't really bother me most people did stare it was hard not to I had my mothers natural Fire red hair that my mother and I both keep long and my fathers Purple eyes that changed with a very strong emotion they turned a very light lylac color when we are very happy or serprised and a very dark violet if we are scared or shocked people who are around us to see the change say that it almost as beautiful as the seven wonders of the world and my fair clear complexion not to mention I was unusually small for my age I ranged at 4'11 with a slight feminin build small hips and a slim waist but I Ignored it and just kept walking into the school I had to get to the school office inorder to know what and where my classes were

"Hi there I'm Lizzy and you are?" asked some random girl next to me I jumped at the question and my hand flew over my heart she laughed at my reaction oh yes because scaring someone who is new to this country is the funnist thing someone could do

"Hello I am Azriel" I told her once I'd finally calmed down I looked her up and down she was taller then I was by about 5 inches had bleached blonde hair that looked dead and dull blue eyes

"OH MY GOSH! is that an Accent?" she suddenly exploded I only nodded then a guy walked over he was about 6,3 had dark hair that framed his face and deep brown eyes

"oh really? where you from kiddo?" he asked my eye twitched at the nick name I was sixteen not twelve

"oh he's russian" she said with a smile obviously flirting with him I only looked at her like she was insane

"I'm Romainan" I told her as I walked away shaking my head I had to find that Office I looked around for a few minutes before I found it and walked in

"uhhm Hello I'm new and I was told to come here" I said looking over the desk at a middle aged woman who was faily attrctive she looked up and saw me and her eyes went wide

"oh my word if you arn't just the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on! what's your name hun?" she asked obviously taken with me

"Azriel Hila and thank you very much for the complement" I said nodding in her direction as she went about getting me the stuff I would need

"you know I absuloutly love your hair! My word is it long and healthy not to mention that shine! so tell me why do you keep it so long?" she asked writing some stuff down on a peice of paper

"well my mother is Irish and in the family it's bad luck to cut red hair so I don't" I said with a shrug as the bell rang and she looked up at me sympathically

"well that is a wonderful story how about I walk you to class you won't get in troble if they find out your new and had some trouble getting around come on!" she said getting up and walking around her desk we walked in silence for a while until we came to the class room and we walked in as she whispered something in the teachers ear when she was done he looked over at me and smiled so I smiled back at him he was a handsom enough man with dirty blonde hair a tanned complexion gray eyes and a build that would put most men in my family to shame alright I'll admit it he was in my eyes sexy he stood and walked her to the door seeing her out then turned to me putting his hand on my back and leading me to the head of the class oh boy I was hoping he wouldn't do this

"alright everyone this is Azriel Hila and he's new here so I expect you to be nice and help him around the school if he needs it any questions?" he asked and I saw ever hand in the class go up I pointed to one girl with curly brown hair

"what hair dye do you use?" she asked I only blinked a few times before replying

"uhm...this is my Natural hair color" I told her looking away more people raised their hands I pointed to a boy with neardy glasses

"if you don't mind my asking what ethnicity are you?' he said quite inteligently I smiled at the question as least he didn't call me russian

"my father is Romanian and my mother is Irish I look more Irish then my sister and she looks more Romanian and vise versa with our accents" I told him simply

"alright anymore questions can wait until after class you can take a seat next to uhh Lisa which is right there" he told me pointing at the seat and girl in question I only nodded and took my seat the rest of the day passed un-eventfully untill that lisa girl came up and asked me something that made my blood run cold

"are you gay?" my eyes went wide and I just stood there as a crowd started to gather

"w-what makes you think that?" I asked with a bit of a shaky laugh trying to lighten the mood

"because I was making passes at you all day and you didn't seem to notice you seemed like you were more interested in our hunk of a teacher" she said her eyes narrowing into mine as if she could get her answer that way I just looked at her she was taller then me but that's not hard to do and she had very fluffly looking brown hair with light brown eyes to match she was slender at best with barely an B-cup a talent I picked up from my sister

"well for your information I am gay and I'm sorry I was ignoring you but you still are a very beautiful woman and any man to be with you would be quite lucky!" I told her smiling something I learned can soften the blow of finding out your love intrest plays for the home team

"well stay away from Mr. underwood he's mine and if I even see you trying to get in his pants I swaer I'll have my brother beat you within an Inch of your life understood?" she suddenly spat at me I only nodded and she turned and walked away my only thoughts were 'what a bitch' I then walked out and saw that my mother was the one to come and pick me up I smiled and walked over to the car pulling open the door and sliding in

"good afternoon mama how are you?" I asked setting my bag in the back seat and turing to her with a smile

"I'm doing well thank you we have to go to the store for a moment and pick up stuff for dinner do you mind?" she asked fully preparid to take me home and then go to the store I only shook my head I loved going places with mama

"alright then off to the store we are...Driving in America is so diffrent..." she said turing into the parking lot of the supermarket I only nodded as we got out and started to walk in the looks we got made us both smile and laugh after the trip to the store we went home and started to make dinner which was a simple stew that we both knew father would love we slowly cooked the beef for it to be tender then we added the vegtibles and it finally came togther we both set the table for the four of us then we just sat and talked about silly things untill the door opened and in walked father and right behind him was sister and right behind her was some man that I had never seen before he was tall 6,5 maybe he had platinum blonde hair and the most beautiful sea blue eyes

"Hope Is é atá an fear seo?" my mother asked standing up and looking at my sister

"ah mother this is Nathaniel he works at the local church and speaking diffrent languages makes him uneasy" my sister said leading him in

"that doesn't change why he is here forgive me for my earlire rudness but this is my home and I had no Idea we would be having guests over Azriel darling please go set the table for another person while I have a word with your sister" my mother told me with a look that said 'please go lead our guest out before I explode on you sister'

"yes Mama" I replyed quickly going over to our guest and asking him to politely follow me as father headed up the stairs under the guise of washing up before dinner by the time we got to the kitchen/dinning room my mother and sisters fight had become a shouting match

"please forgive my Mama she does not like very many serprises and she values family time above everything else" I told him reaching up into the cabnet to grab everything I would need for his place at the table

"oh no that's fine" he said stepping closer to me

"you know we wern't properly introduced my name is Nathaniel Cartwright and you are?" he asked a bit to close for comfort

"Azriel Hila it is very nice to meet you" I said and then there was more screaming in Irish "Again forgive My Mama the move has put her under stress..." I told him still trying to reach the pesky bowl that was just out of my reach

"oh that's alright...besides there are MUCH more intersting things in here" he said reaching up and handing me the bowl

"Thank you" I whisperd now fully noticing how close he truely was

"oh your very welcome" he whispered into my ear as his hand snaked around my wasit I gasped as I felt it go under my shirt rubbing at my chest Pinching at one of my nipples roughly then he backed up and walked into the dinning room "I can choose any seat right?" he called back to me

"y-yes" I shouted into him I grabbed the stuff and quickly set his seat that he so disired noticed that it was right next to mine I sighed shakily setting it up the same the others were

"you know...if you liked that then I can give you more later" He whispered into my ear his hot breath ghosting over my cheek I only shook my head no that's all I could do

"Azriel why are you setting his place there?" my sister snapped suddenly I spun around to look at dark blue eyes that were narrowed in my direction

"that's where he wanted to sit" I told her while fiddling with the placing

"well then you can sit in my seat tonight" she said smiling at Nathaniel I only nodded relieved

"well now are we ready to eat?" asked my father walking in and sitting at the head of the table my mother right behind him and sitting to his right and nodding

"alright I'll go get it then!" I said smiling to my mother but I could tell by her face she knew something was wrong earlier when we were cooking dinner and at the store she had told me how she loved to make me happy to see my eyes the shining Lylac they were and now I knew that my eyes must of become dark I walked into the kitchen and turned off the stove tasting the stew to make sure it wasn't burnt then grabbed the pot by the handles and carried it into the dinning room setting it in the middle of the table my sister handed me her bowl and I began to fill them when all was said and done we all sat down and started talking

"oh my Nathaniel I've just realized that we havn't been properly introduced I'm Ashlyn Hila though people mostly call me Mrs. Hila mother or in Azriel's case Mama" she said with a smile to him

"and I'm Alexandu Hila and most call me Alex sometimes by my full name and then Papa by my children i do not like being called 'Mr. Hila' because that is my father" he said with his big smile to Nathaniel

"alright and I'm Nathaniel cartwright Pleased to meet you all" he said with a big smile to everyone

"well then Azriel how was your day?" asked my mother in another insatnce my sister would have seethed over the fact that I was asked first but now she did not seemed to mind

"well it was fine I met a few people no one I can call a friend yet but other then that the day was uneventful...oh! I also got called out today" I said while looking down at my bowl playing with the chunks of beef

"is that so? by whom?" my father asked seemingly worried

"by some girl named Lisa...I sit next to her in 's class and she said that she had been making passes at me and that I was ignoring her so she just kind of guessed...and then she told me to stay away from the teacher or she would have her brothers beat me within an Inch of my life I just walked away" I informed them with a shrug

"I'm so sorry to ask this really but what might I ask did she call you out on?" asked Nathaniel and my eyes went wide I had almost forgotton he was here!

"oh well you see Nathaniel Azriel is gay" Hope told him with a smug look on her face and my head just dropped as I took a bite of my stew

"Gay? oh you poor boy I had no Idea that you had been tainted by the devil! I will have my church pray for your quick recovery!" He said looking at me like I was something to be Pityed I just stayed silent my head hung lower and I took small bites of my food until nothing was left in the bowl

"May I please be Exused from the table?" I asked my mother and father looking up at them I could tell my mother was going to ask my help to clean up but she looked at me and told me I could then I looked over to my father and he simply smiled that beautiful big smile of his and nodded his head I got up and took my bowl to the sink and quickly after went up to my room and closed the door I laid on my bed for awhile before I heard foot steps coming up the stairs and to my room I heard the door open and close then foot steps walk over to my bed I didn't move to see who it was I figured it was my mother coming to see if I was alright which I wasn't then I felt my bed dip where someone sat

"you were really cute down there you know that?" my eyes flew open at the sound of Nathaniel's voice I whipped my head over to see if it was just my imagination but sadly it wasn't

"t-t-thank you?" I stuttered as his hand travled over my back rubbing it in a soothing motion

"oh my your back is so tense here let me take care of that for you" he whispered into my ear as he grined slightly I couldn't put my finger on it but that grin had shivers running up and down my back his hands moving all over my back he then moved off the bed and I relaxed a little but it seems that was a bit to soon as he got back on the bed potisioning himself to where he was sitting on my thighs rubbing my back

"w-what are you doing?" I said trying to squrm enough to where I could get out but that seemed to work against me as he just slid up to where he was sitting on my hips and there was something poking me...and there was no mistaking what that "somthing" was

"ah Eager are we? don't worry I'll definitly be riding you in no time with how stupid and trusting your sister is of some man who works in a church heh she was practically handing you to me on a silver plate but I don't really think she cares though I bet if your parents were out of the way she would let me have you even if I told her that I would fuck you senseless every night" he spoke in my ear and I just stayed silent I could have defended my sister but I knew that what he was saying was true my sister could care less about what happens to her gay little brother and then he got off of me suddenly and was sitting next to me again

"please let the lord save you Azriel! if you keep up with this way of life you will forever burn in the fires of hell! and I can't let that happen to such a sweet innocent boy as yourself!" he cried out suddnely griping his hand on my shoulder in what would have been a reassuing way had he not just told me that if he has his way I would be his sex slave and then my door opend and there was standing my mother with a look of confusion on her face she then looked down at me and her features soon turned from one of onfusion to one of concern

"I'm so sorry to say this to you Nathaniel but I'm going to have to ask you to leave it's nothing personal but it is getting late" my mother said with a gentle smile and he only got up and left My mother stood there until she heard the door close and then she rushed over to my side calling for my father he was soon up the stiars and standing in my door way

"fiul meu ceea ce este problema?" he asked as he saw my face I sat up and My mother sat next to me and he was soon on my other side both with their arms around me

"Nu-mi place ca om! el mi-a spus toate aceste lucruri pe care nu doresc să audă!" I said bursting into tears my mother and father soon were encasing me into a very tight hug while I cried I knew they were having a silent conversation above my sobbing head right now but I did not care

"Tá mé chomh brón orm a chloisteáil go bhfuil mo mhac le do thoil lom le sé beagán níos faide a dhéanann sé do dheirfiúr sásta " my mother spoke softly I only nodded into her chest we stayed like that for awhile before they left then after a few moment I heard my mother and sister yelling at each other about Nathaniel but I just laid down and quickly fell into a deep sleep that night I dreamed of Nathaniel as a demon coming to steal me away in the night

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"Hope Is é atá an fear seo?"~ Irish for "Hope who is this man?"

"fiul meu ceea ce este problema?" ~ Romanian for "my son what is the Problem?"

"Nu-mi place ca om! el mi-a spus toate aceste lucruri pe care nu doresc să audă!"~ Romanian for"I do not like that man! He tells me all these things I do not wish to hear!"

"Tá mé chomh brón orm a chloisteáil go bhfuil mo mhac le do thoil lom le sé beagán níos faide a dhéanann sé do dheirfiúr sásta"~ Irish for "I am so sorry to hear that my son but please Bare with it a bit longer he makes your sister happy"

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