My mom tried to kill me.

Yes, my mom.

When I was brought home as a newborn, she set my crib on fire.

Thankfully, my brother, who was five at the time, rescued me.

When I was three, she tried to bathe me in bleach.

My father saved me by saying he already cleaned me up.

When I was seven, she put rat poison in my grape juice.

My brother, Flynn, threw it out before I could take a sip.

And the last time before she went to jail, when I was 14, she stabbed me in my sleep.

Flynn called the cops and once I was stable, we went to court and our dad's sister got us.

Right now, I'm 19, and I live in Dallas, Texas.

My name is Adana Jones.

I go to Dallas High School.

"Class Dismissed." Mr. Puck waved us off.

I jumped up, my black curls bouncing around my face.

"Adana! Stay!" Mr. Puck told me.

I looked up at him, I could not get in trouble again.

"I don't have to stay." I said in a soothing hushed tone.

His dark brown eyes drooped, he got a milky tone to his voice, "You don't have to stay."

I rushed out of his classroom before he thought about what he was doing.

Instantly, like every day, I ran into the new kid, Alex.

He was extremely attractive, with his wavy black hair and his usual one blue eye and one brown eye.

I just wanted to kill him, gosh darnit!

Because he's always stalking me or staring at me!

When I walk home, he follows me until I run into my yard, he just stares after me for a moment, then walks off like nothing happened.

It's like he wants to meet me, but thought it was better to lurk.

I brushed past Alex with a quiet, "Excuse me."

He looked after me, then decided to follow.

I clenched my books, then turned around.

"Why are you following me?" I sputtered.

He blinked and gave me a dazzling smile that melted my heart, "I'm in your class?" He offered.

I blushed, "But you always follow me!"

"Well, if you don't want me to, I won't." he said.

I was about to object, but he walked off.

"That was awkward!" I whispered as I rushed to class.

After school, I was picked up by Flynn, which surprised me.

As we drove home, he looked at me, "How's this new school?"

I shrugged and said half-heartedly, "I guess it's fine, no friends yet."

"Adana, you have to make friends."

I opened the window and let the wind whip my curls around.

Flynn stared at me, hard.

I looked at the road, and I saw a boy walk onto the street, not seeing our car.

But Flynn wasn't stopping.

"FLYNN STOP THE CAR!" I screamed.

He looked at the road and slammed on the brakes.

But it was too late.

The car hit the boy, sending him back like ten feet.

Once the car came to a halt, I jumped out and ran to the boy.

I kneeled by him, "Are you ok? What's your name?"

His eyes were open a little, "My name's Dylan." He whispered before passing out.

I screamed at Flynn to help me get him in the car.

"Where should we take him?" Flynn asked once Dylan was laying the backseat.

"Auntie Grace is a doctor." I pointed out.

"Hopefully, she's home." Flynn said, pulling off the curb and speeding us home.