"On your marks!"

Feet plant on the blocks, one knee on the track and a bridge forming from your fingers on the starting line.

"Get set!"

Butts in the air, gazes down and raspy, deep breathes.

The suspense builds as he waits with his arm up, poised on the trigger.


The gun fades out with a thundercloud and the girls are off. Arms shoot out and legs pump hard to start off with incredible speed. They pass the ref in a blink, leaving him with nothing, but a faint tickle of a slight wind.

The rain splashes on the ground, flying up again when the contact from shoe to track happens. With arms bent, mouths set and toes barely hitting the rubber, two girls pull ahead of the crowd, racing neck and neck around the last bend. With water dripping from their noses and sweat pouring out of their skin, they match each other stride for stride.

One of the girls; the one on the outside, bends slightly at the ankles and angles herself across the ground. Her damp, dark hair streams behind her in a wet clump and her eyes glisten as she takes in her finish line.

Her foot pounds against the track, sending rain smacks her in the face. She closes her eyes, never once breaking form. The sky lightens up her sharp features and shouts loudly to her, echoing the gunshot from above.

Within a few steps of the end her face changes. Her eyebrows raise and the corner of her mouth twitches. The night lights up again and show the world her smile.

She looks up into the clouds, water hitting her face, almost blinding her. She lets out a heartfelt laugh and it soars into the darkness, running with the wind.

She straightens her head and leaps across the finish, her brown eyes widening with the storm's drum. People swarm around her as the second place runner races through the end.

They scream and shake her, but she stands still, grinning into the night. Her earlier shouts of joy wrap around her and send chills up her spine, whispering in her ear gently, You touched the end first!