The kitchen door swung open, its end smashing against the wall. Lester stepped away from it, watching in horror as several knives came flying out of the kitchen. The floating knives all turned, their sharp ends pointing at the homeless man's heart and began to move toward him very slowly.

Lester turned, trying to run for the stairs, but something grabbed him and hurled him to the floor. Slamming against the floor, the homeless man looked up and saw a shadow slithering along the ceiling. There was a sudden loud crack, and several words appeared on the walls.


"You won't kill me!" Lester screamed, rising up off the floor. There was a sudden loud crunch behind him. Looking down, the homeless man saw one of the knives had impaled itself in the floor, inches away from his foot.

He ran forward, but suddenly tripped over something unseen in his path. Lester fell to the floor again, smashing his arm against the floor. More knives raised above his head, slowly moving towards him.

Lester looked up at them. He gritted his teeth, and found that tears were running down his face.

"Well?" He yelled at the unseen Shadow. "DO IT! Just get it over with, you sadistic monster! Kill me! Don't draw it out, just do it!"

One of the knives swung downward, but didn't stab the homeless man in the heart. Instead, it sliced off his thumb on his right hand.

Lester gave a horrid scream of pain. He raised his hand, staring at the stump where his thumb used to be. Blood dripped out of it like a waterfall. He tried to speak, but all that came out was more animalistic howls of pain.

Another one of the knives swung downwards. This one cut off his middle finger. Lester screamed louder, pain dominating all his senses. He tried to get up, as blood spewed from his severed fingers. But the force shoved him back to the ground and held him there.

The homeless man began to cry, hot tears running down his face. "Why are you doing this?" He cried, a puddle of blood forming on the floor. "What did I ever do to you? I DON'T DESERVE THIS!"

In response, another of the knives came down and stabbed Lester through his left ankle.

The homeless man didn't scream this time. He stared at the knife sticking out of his leg for a few moments. Just staring at the tool. Then, he gave a bloodcurling howl of pain and anguish, the scream echoing through the abandoned house.

It was then Lester realized that the Shadow was not going to kill him right away. It was going to take its time, enjoy itself, make him suffer one last time before it delivered the killing blow.

The homeless man looked down at the knife sticking out of his leg.

"I had so much to live for…" He muttered, reaching forward and grabbing the end of the knife. "But if I die tonight, I'll die fast."

Lester then pulled the knife out of his ankle. He screamed as the knife came out of him, but held the scream down. Looking outside of the window, the homeless man's lip trembled. But he looked back at the knife in his hand.

Gritting his teeth, Lester closed his eyes. He raised the knife high and swung it downwards, slicing his own throat.

Lester's eyes went wide as the knife cut through his neck. Blood spilled through the open wound, and the homeless man gurgled. After a few moments, Lester dropped the knife to the floor and his eyes rolled back. Giving one last gurgle, he fell to the side, slumping dead against the floor.

It was quiet for a few moments. Lester's corpse lay there, his own blood around his body. Then, there was a loud creaking noise and something grabbed Lester's arms. The force dragged him across the floor, to the basement door. The basement door swung open, and the homeless man's body was flung forward into the darkness. The door slammed behind him, and all was quiet again.

Outside, the sun had begun to rise.